Guess Who..?

For two years someone has been:

Lying to me about the presence of an ’emergency’

Denying free speech

Denying right of assembly

Promoting house arrest without charge, trial, representation or term.

Denying treatments approved by thousands and thousands of doctors.

Denying my doctors their right to treat as they see fit.

Hiding true data regarding efficacy of:  masks,  lockdowns, distancing, sterilizing.

Failing to provide any helpful advice for self help.

Promoting measures – mandating measures – ALL of which prejudice immune systems.

Spending OUR money recklessly to where beginning in the black we are now ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in debt nationally.

Penalising thousands of Aussies at random whim, closing borders,  blocking trade, commerce, travel.

Denying knowledge of treatments that will be meted out in hospitals to those that may suffer from them.

And that list is merely the beginning.  Not mentioning at all, for instance, the thousands suffering from medical care they couldn’t get…

Yet for two years they themselves been enjoying a highly paid, high status position.  Looking after themselves.  Not looking after anyone/anything else but rather destroying everyone and everything in sight.

And now they want me to guarantee them another four years of it.

Guess who?

And guess what I’d do if I had my ‘druthers’ ?

So Here’s What’s Going On In Ukraine…


So this is very interesting.  Turns out Ukraine is nothing more than a money making machine for Soros and mates,  has untold wealth beneath its soil,  has been kept down by Soros and Western Interests for decades whilst being systematically plundered.

And all that would be why they don’t want Russian influence in the place.

All this about the Ukrainian people would be an irrelevancy, simply mantras trotted out on cue to support one side or the other’s claim.

Well having seen what our side did in Iraq and Syria and Libya and Afghanistan, etc.  etc, and what we’re still doing in such as Yemen and so on..

I’m inclined to think let Putin and Russia have a go.

Seeing it’s either them or this time-tested proven malicious, duplicitous, lying, thieving mob.



Robert Malone Cheers Us Up.


Dr Malone doesn’t just try to explain the dangers of the technology he invented – he tries to cheer us up, too.  Did you know?  Weekly ‘funnies’.

This is a good one I think, maybe:

What Does This Sound Like To You?


Because it sounds like plain, honest truth, to me. Frankly.

Not something I am accustomed, this last two years, to hearing/seeing.

Confession:  I have not read it all.  I have dashed into print with it about one quarter to a half read, perhaps, not sure.

Got just past where he listed all those crimes: Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.

Totally convinced by that much.  But sooner or later he’s going to get to his justification for troops in Ukraine and the injuries and deaths commensurate on that.

I don’t know if I’m going to be so favourably impressed by that bit when I get there. But like, what I mean,  which Western politician ( most especially including Aussie ones ) do you think I could read and get anywhere near one quarter to one half way through their text and be convinced of their authenticity, honestly, clarity?

Get the point?

And now, is Aus, they want you to re – elect them.  I reckon it doesn’t matter a damn how you elect really, but whatever you do simply do not elect any single one of the existing sitting members.  Not one.

Pay for a wall of infamy.  And get their names inscribed on it.

I’ll read the rest of Putin’s speech.

edit:  Well I read it.  Virtually all of the rest of it is an argument that NATO expansion and Western (US) policies are constantly threatening, harassing and unsettling Russia.

With an added point that nowhere in the West do they really consider ‘people’ but Russia is doing just that.

Well I think he’s right.  In his arguments.  In the points he makes. Whether it was necessary to take a military action at just this time in just this way and in the absence of any other actions, I don’t know.

But I can well believe it was/is.

If he holds true to his stated intention to not expand further than the Russian identifying people’s areas then I think it’s virtually a slam dunk.

As he says, he’s giving people a chance for self realisation.

But okay.  It’s arguable.

But it is unarguable that  Putin and his actions are not the wild, insane, monster the West is hysterically trying to make out.  Not. At. All.


Yep. This Spectator Article Has It Right.


The evil of it all just keeps growing and growing.  Now we see the CDC has actually been hiding the truth.

That is: they haven’t been acting in ignorance of the truth. They knew it all the time.  But chose to hide it.  That’s culpable to the extreme, isn’t it?


Now This Is What We’ve Got Right Now In Aus.


Every despicable thing Malone and Cole talk about here is condoned and even current right here in Aus. even South Aus – while the politicians who’ve been party to this for the last two years ask us to re elect them.

Whilst our money bill piles ever higher and they forget to mention it our health bill of people who were denied and overlooked treatment and hurt and damaged during those two year also piles higher.  And they don’t mention their complicity in it either.

Malone and Cole:

And our money bill:

And none of that mentions those thousands who lost jobs and small businesses and holidays and thousands of dollars in enforced quarantines, etc.  and couldn’t get into/out the country/the State…

The agonies and the injustices were just piled one on top of the other.  For an emergency that never existed.

Out of nothing they’ve built a mountain of crap.  A mountain.

And established the precedent: that democracy can be thrown away at the drop of a hat.  There’s been a coup d’etat not by a foreign country but quite simply by the forces of power made greed that exist within every politician and probably every govt. department head and corporate boss.

And even today there’s thousands compromising their own health, their immune systems, their respiratory efficacy by breathing through sodden cloths thick with their own respiratory detritus.

But what they’re doing to their physical health is as nothing compared to what they’re doing to their psychological and spiritual health. Broken in mind and spirit.

Walking analogies for the state of the nation.

Parading before our children as object lessons.  Something to look up to !! ??

And the babies – those little creatures in the imprinting stage?  That even goes well into primary school life, actually, imprinting, subliminal adopted of understandings – what do they perceive?

That human beings are foul, dangerous, dirty creatures to be avoided, walled off, kept at arms length….

How bloody  insane and disgraceful is all that?  It beggars belief…


Yep. They Want Us To Re – Elect Them.


I said they would.  They have mismanaged and destroyed people, lives, careers, businesses, the economy, democracy, medicine, everything and anything they could touch – and now they want us to re – elect them.

Got my email from South Australia’s Steven Marshall.  Spouting that we need him to make a ‘stronger democracy’.

I was moved to reply like this:

dhawcroft <>
To:Steven Marshall
Thu, 24 Feb at 4:53 am
A stronger future means a stronger democracy.
That means more democracy – not ’emergency’ dictatorship.
Declared and redeclared again and again in the absence of any emergency.
It means strengthening free speech, free choice,  free action,  not the demonising and curtailing of them all.
It means promotion of truth, logic, science and not brutal stupid unjust insistence on that which is without logic, truth or science.
It apparently means every you don’t stand for and have not championed and have not delivered in the last two years.
Just how stupid do you think we all are?

And I’d guess they – and he – think we’re immeasurably stupid.  Immeasurably.  Else why would we have worn this last two years?  Why would we still be wandering around like docile meek little lambs wearing completely unscientific and useless masks against a threat that isn’t even there?

And ignoring the immense damage done over the last two years?


I think they’ve got our measure.  Or think they have.

And there’s a new player:  UAP.  But do they talk any different?  Do they say anything about all that? About the steamrollering into the ground of democracy and the rape of the State’s coffers,  the destruction of education, medicine, businesses, etc..  ?   Nope.  Not that I saw.

Looks to me like they’re just lining up for what they hope will be their turn to use draconian dictatorial powers whenever the fancy takes them.

We need a real ‘new’ and ‘alternative’ govt.  One that is real and tells the truth and uses the truth.

Anyone see any signs of one please let me know.  For I don’t.


This Is What We Have in Australia: And Fail To See


Now this is pretty horrible.  The picture it paints.  The things it evokes.  Talk of ‘tyranny’  and ‘treason’ and all that goes with all that.    Virtually no one will believe it.  Will credit it.  Will give it any time. Will worry the slightest about it.

That’s because we don’t  believe in horror. We don’t believe in pain.  We don’t believe in injustice.  We don’t believe ‘it can happen to me’.

Most of these thing we learn as children and we learn by experiencing it. We can’t be told. We have to experience it.  Hot things burn.  Unsafe things hurt.  All sorts of things it seems we can only learn from experience.

Well there’s a thing that often we don’t learn as children because fortunately our lives are generally too safe,  too pleasant for any occasion to arise where we’d learn.

We don’t learn we can be imprisoned and beaten and robbed of every thing.

There’s an old joke in the military pertinent to this.  It’s a convicted person at the door of a cell saying  “You can’t lock me up ! ”  and the joke is:  “Mind your fingers…’Clang’  ”

Well that’s it.  The airy fairy fancy notions of liberty, justice, freedom all are as nothing until you learn from experience and are deprived of them.

Until the cell door goes ‘clang’ and there you are: caged as an animal, kenneled as a dog,  ignored and unhelped by the whole world, powerless entirely, stripped of everything and in particular personal dignity.

You can’t believe you can be ‘locked up’ not even when it happens.  It takes time to sink in.

But eventually it does and ever after there’s a change in your psychology.  You know something that most of the world, most of our world anyway, doesn’t know.

You are no longer rosy tinted glasses naive.   And ‘freedom’ now has a meaning. ‘Justice’ now has a meaning.   And so on.

So that’s why these kinds of texts get nowhere, do nothing, mean nothing, because people are naive and don’t know and can’t believe.

But it IS true.  Freedom IS a thing you can lose in an instant.  Justice IS a thing that can disappear in that same instant.  Rights ARE something you can be stripped of.

The world DOES contain deep fundamental evils.

Your fellow citizens around you DO contain those who would happily bash you, lock you down, steal everything you have, lie you into deep trouble, reduce you to a nothing.

This is reality.

This is the nature of human reality.  And it is only by careful and persistent and intelligent effort that we are protected against it all and a relatively fair, just, safe and sensible existence is able to continue.

In other words it has to be worked at, worked for, worked to maintain.

And it all can be undone by one line of writing.

Sounds impossible? Histrionic?  No. Think.  Of course that’s the way it is.  Whole Wars that will kill even millions are initiated ‘legalised’ by one line of text in some document.  The ‘declaration of war’ document.

Given that one line of text thousands and thousands, even millions, take up their weapons and go about the deliberate murder of whole populations and smashing of their whole civilization if possible – and of course those on the other side do exactly the same thing.  On the basis of their ‘one line of text’.

Now here’s the thing: On that one line of text people change from being people to being mere ‘functionaries’.  Performers of functions. Like machines purposed for a certain task.

Imagine two neighbours living each side of national border.  One of the one nationality, the other of the other.

Before that line of text declaring a war is written those two neighbours may communicate freely and cooperate well – interact as equal and complete humans.

After that line of text they will kill each other on command under ‘protection’ or ‘guise’ or ‘necessity’ of their ‘function’ : ‘soldier in a war’.

Point?  That simple single lines of text are important.  In times such as the complete and utter disaster and raving madness of war you could say they literally define the whole of reality.

And there’s one line of text has defined reality for nearly the whole of the world recently and even right here in Australia.

And that line of text has changed reality utterly, has slammed the prison door with a ‘clang’ and revoked everything you thought was true and right about your existence.

Because that line of text was an effective ‘coup d’etat’ that conquered your democracy and replaced it with a dictatorship

That’s what this article is about, what it describes, what it explains.

And the line of text we are talking about?  The line of text in Hansard where it says the Parliament has voted a ‘State of Emergency’.

And the simple, obviousl, starkly plain, utter and complete proof this is an evil ‘coup d’etat’ and not some desperate last ditch measure we had to resort to?   There is not, was not any emergency.  Search the records, deaths, hospitalisation, ICU beds, any and everything and I defy you to find anything that you can point to and say ‘this is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced or ever could cope with and hence it constitutes an emergency’.

You won’t.  You can’t.

And to declare Emergency and suspend democracy and seize dictatorial power improperly in that manner is literally an ‘attack’ on our democracy.

And such an attack is, as this article points out and quotes the Canadian constitution in support:  simple treason.

So.  No one believes.  For they don’t know.  They haven’t been burned by this fire yet. They still think ‘You can’t lock me up..’

Living in fairyland.  Believing in Santa Claus.

But here is the truth: