So Here’s What’s Going On In Ukraine…


So this is very interesting.  Turns out Ukraine is nothing more than a money making machine for Soros and mates,  has untold wealth beneath its soil,  has been kept down by Soros and Western Interests for decades whilst being systematically plundered.

And all that would be why they don’t want Russian influence in the place.

All this about the Ukrainian people would be an irrelevancy, simply mantras trotted out on cue to support one side or the other’s claim.

Well having seen what our side did in Iraq and Syria and Libya and Afghanistan, etc.  etc, and what we’re still doing in such as Yemen and so on..

I’m inclined to think let Putin and Russia have a go.

Seeing it’s either them or this time-tested proven malicious, duplicitous, lying, thieving mob.



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