Edward Slavsquat on Substack.

Edward Slavsquat writes on Substack and his latest has this in the comments – I think well worth copying and broadcasting:

Why mix apples with oranges? In my opinion, these 2 topics are NOT related at all. I COMPLETELY agree with the commentary concerning the Russian government’s complicity in the WHO’s scamdemic and plandemic. I COMPLETELY disagree with the commentary concerning Russia’s “special military operation”.

So many people have NO vision of the future of what WOULD HAVE happened WHEN Ukraine launched their own “special military operation” in March 2022 and WHEN Ukraine would join NATO in 2025 and WHEN Ukraine would let NATO store a nuclear weapon arsenal on the borders of Russia in 2028 and WHEN Ukraine would launch a false flag on the Crimea border in order to take Crimea back in 2030. World War 3 in 2030 would have made the ‘great reset’ happen and many more millions of INNOCENT people would have been killed.

Approximately at least 10,000 Ukrainians have been killed in 8 years (2014 to 2022) during Ukraine’s “anti-terrorist operation”. How many more Ukrainians would have been killed when Ukraine launched their “anti-terrorist operation” in March 2022? Does ANYONE seriously think the Ukraine was going to let ALL their shiny new weapons rust and collect dust?

ANYONE who disapproves of this “special military operation” does NOT know the history of the Russian Empire and does NOT know about the the evil communist 1917 gifts to make Ukraine a country. The country of “Ukraine” was NEVER a country until after the western funded 1917 communist revolution.

ANYONE in 2014 who loves Russia (NOT the government), will continue to love Russia in 2022. ANYONE in 2014 who hated Russia, will continue to hate Russia in 2022. Russia’s “special military operation” did NOT change the calculus either way.

Russians have every right to protect the Russian language, culture, and heritage in my opinion. And all nationalities have every right to noncomply with tyrannical restrictions on freedom and every right to refuse injections in my opinion.

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