Guess Who..?

For two years someone has been:

Lying to me about the presence of an ’emergency’

Denying free speech

Denying right of assembly

Promoting house arrest without charge, trial, representation or term.

Denying treatments approved by thousands and thousands of doctors.

Denying my doctors their right to treat as they see fit.

Hiding true data regarding efficacy of:  masks,  lockdowns, distancing, sterilizing.

Failing to provide any helpful advice for self help.

Promoting measures – mandating measures – ALL of which prejudice immune systems.

Spending OUR money recklessly to where beginning in the black we are now ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in debt nationally.

Penalising thousands of Aussies at random whim, closing borders,  blocking trade, commerce, travel.

Denying knowledge of treatments that will be meted out in hospitals to those that may suffer from them.

And that list is merely the beginning.  Not mentioning at all, for instance, the thousands suffering from medical care they couldn’t get…

Yet for two years they themselves been enjoying a highly paid, high status position.  Looking after themselves.  Not looking after anyone/anything else but rather destroying everyone and everything in sight.

And now they want me to guarantee them another four years of it.

Guess who?

And guess what I’d do if I had my ‘druthers’ ?

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