Now This Is What We’ve Got Right Now In Aus.


Every despicable thing Malone and Cole talk about here is condoned and even current right here in Aus. even South Aus – while the politicians who’ve been party to this for the last two years ask us to re elect them.

Whilst our money bill piles ever higher and they forget to mention it our health bill of people who were denied and overlooked treatment and hurt and damaged during those two year also piles higher.  And they don’t mention their complicity in it either.

Malone and Cole:

And our money bill:

And none of that mentions those thousands who lost jobs and small businesses and holidays and thousands of dollars in enforced quarantines, etc.  and couldn’t get into/out the country/the State…

The agonies and the injustices were just piled one on top of the other.  For an emergency that never existed.

Out of nothing they’ve built a mountain of crap.  A mountain.

And established the precedent: that democracy can be thrown away at the drop of a hat.  There’s been a coup d’etat not by a foreign country but quite simply by the forces of power made greed that exist within every politician and probably every govt. department head and corporate boss.

And even today there’s thousands compromising their own health, their immune systems, their respiratory efficacy by breathing through sodden cloths thick with their own respiratory detritus.

But what they’re doing to their physical health is as nothing compared to what they’re doing to their psychological and spiritual health. Broken in mind and spirit.

Walking analogies for the state of the nation.

Parading before our children as object lessons.  Something to look up to !! ??

And the babies – those little creatures in the imprinting stage?  That even goes well into primary school life, actually, imprinting, subliminal adopted of understandings – what do they perceive?

That human beings are foul, dangerous, dirty creatures to be avoided, walled off, kept at arms length….

How bloody  insane and disgraceful is all that?  It beggars belief…


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