Yep. They Want Us To Re – Elect Them.


I said they would.  They have mismanaged and destroyed people, lives, careers, businesses, the economy, democracy, medicine, everything and anything they could touch – and now they want us to re – elect them.

Got my email from South Australia’s Steven Marshall.  Spouting that we need him to make a ‘stronger democracy’.

I was moved to reply like this:

dhawcroft <>
To:Steven Marshall
Thu, 24 Feb at 4:53 am
A stronger future means a stronger democracy.
That means more democracy – not ’emergency’ dictatorship.
Declared and redeclared again and again in the absence of any emergency.
It means strengthening free speech, free choice,  free action,  not the demonising and curtailing of them all.
It means promotion of truth, logic, science and not brutal stupid unjust insistence on that which is without logic, truth or science.
It apparently means every you don’t stand for and have not championed and have not delivered in the last two years.
Just how stupid do you think we all are?

And I’d guess they – and he – think we’re immeasurably stupid.  Immeasurably.  Else why would we have worn this last two years?  Why would we still be wandering around like docile meek little lambs wearing completely unscientific and useless masks against a threat that isn’t even there?

And ignoring the immense damage done over the last two years?


I think they’ve got our measure.  Or think they have.

And there’s a new player:  UAP.  But do they talk any different?  Do they say anything about all that? About the steamrollering into the ground of democracy and the rape of the State’s coffers,  the destruction of education, medicine, businesses, etc..  ?   Nope.  Not that I saw.

Looks to me like they’re just lining up for what they hope will be their turn to use draconian dictatorial powers whenever the fancy takes them.

We need a real ‘new’ and ‘alternative’ govt.  One that is real and tells the truth and uses the truth.

Anyone see any signs of one please let me know.  For I don’t.


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