See What it Cost the UK and What It Will Be Costing Aus:


See this excellent rundown on the costs to the UK.   Crippling. Astounding.  And all run up virtually ‘in secret’, with the public knowing nothing about it.

Note this paragraph from it:

“To defeat inflation, in other words, interest rates would have to be raised to over 7 percent. The debt repayment would then be close to £150 billion ($201 billion) per year at least. The equivalent, it turns out, to the government’s current spending on education, defense, policing, and transportation. In short, it will not happen.”

This is the kind of hole the world wide coprocephalic epidemic has dug for the British.  A similar hole has been dug and is being dug  for Aussies.

Take A Look And Protect Yourselves !


In this fearsome autocracy we have here people are frightened to take a look, think, ask questions, do anything at all that smacks of self protection.

And authority has no qualms whatever but hides information, refuses information,  outlaws information etc..

How many people actually know what treatment a doctor or a  hospital might give them if they had covid?

How many people actually know that it is quite reasonable to believe there’s risk involved in treatments you might get from a doctor or a hospital?

How many people know that it is estimated that the third leading cause of death in the USA is hospital error?

How many people know it is WELL documented and WELL known that thousands of deaths and illnesses have been CAUSED by inappropriate medical treatment of Covid in the USA – in and out of hospitals?

How many people are aware that almost certainly Australian practice will blindly – BLINDLY – and enforced by authority, condoned, even ‘enforced’ – follow American practice?

How many?

I’d say, effectively, none.  None.  No one at all. To all intents and purposes. As much as makes any difference at all.  None.  No one.

Now read this.  Look. Learn.  You can be made seriously sick, you can even be killed, by doctor and hospital inappropriate treatments mandated simply in the interest of Big Pharms, big profits, regardless of well known proven injurious effects.

Just look at it. Read it.  Robert F Kennedy Jr is not some nobody fly-by-night stirrer conspiracy theorist, him and his friends. They are serious people of status, experience, learning and ability who are trying to tell you a truth that will help you and yours.

Look – here’s a sample paragraph from it referring to remdesivir.  Now look this remdesivir was MANDATED by Fauci as the ONLY acceptable treatment to be given in USA hospitals !


“When the trial, which compared remdesivir against three other drugs, killed more than half (54%) of the remdesivir recipients within 28 days — the highest mortality rate among the four groups — an oversight board forced the NIAID to end the prong of the study focused on remdesivir.”

This is very likely to be given to you in Australia.  As part of ‘follow the USA’.

Note this:  They won’t even reply when you ask them !! Well not to me anyway.  Not the Dept. Health, not the Minister,  not the PM nor local hospital nor local doctors.   WILL NOT EVEN REPLY.

Now how ‘therapeutic’ is that, do you think?  What does that say to you about how much they care for your health, my health, honesty, freedom, truth?

Here, read it. It is terrible to the point where you won’t believe it.  How could OUR hospitals possibly allow such mistreatment as to kill thousands!  But this is today’s world.  Just check it out. They can. They did. They do. They are.

All Vaxxed is NOT ‘The Way Out’ or ‘Safety’

I’ve heard, seen a number of govt ‘leaders’ or quasi leaders ( i.e. health dept spokesmen or whatever ) saying on numerous occasions that ‘ Full Vaccination is Our Way Out’ or ‘Vaccination is Protection’ and stuff like that.

They use these mantras to push for compulsory vaccination.

But they are incredibly, totally, childishly wrong. WRONG. !

How can they say something so totally wrong?

They are saying it like ‘take a vax and there you are: proof against illness and death’

Aren’t they?

Isn’t that it? ‘When we are all vaxxed then we’re all proof against it.’ ?

But that is sheer nonsense.

They are trying to make out we are defenceless and then suddenly a vax makes us totally defended.


The truth is we are all ‘protected’ to some extent all the time of course, naturally, against all illnesses and a vax, hopefully, makes us marginally better protected is all.

That’s it. That’s all.

If they want to say the truth they should say something like: “If we’re all vaxxed then hopefully we’re all a bit better protected.”

A bit better. But you can still get sick. My god yes. And you could still die. Yes. And you’ll run the risk of vaccine side effects, etc.

But maybe ‘a bit better’.

That’s the truth of Vaxes: ‘A bit better’. That’s ALL. That’s IT.

That’s IT. There’s variations in degree of protection across the wide range of diseases and vaccines and individuals but the bottom line is they simply attempt to improve your natural protection which you always have.

Which is, of course: Your Immune System.

A vaccine doesn’t replace it. When it comes to the crunch it is your Immune System does it all. And an Immune System you already have.

The politicians etc. that talk this tripe are brain dead. They must be.

The Vax IS the virus.

Here’s data from Alex Berenson showing in Canada clear total correlation between Vax and Illness.

No vax: no illness. Vax: Illness.

These figures match exactly and expose the truth: vaxing makes them sick.

And the government says that if you get sick less than two weeks after a Vax then it’s like you haven’t been vaxxed at all and they count you in amongst the Unvaxxed!

A total lie turning everything on its head.

And failing to obscure the truth. For if it were really that these people were simply ‘unvaxxed’ then their sickness rates would be sweeping all through the masses everywhere. The figures would show that. There’s be masses and masses of sick people and there’d be ‘never even been vaxxed’ amongst them.

Lots of them. Should be, if the vax does anything good at all, the greatest majority would be unvaxxed, properly ‘unvaxxed’, never ever having had a jab.

But what we get here is overwhelming numbers of people getting sick who’ve had a job. In fact virtually ALL are people who’ve had a jab.

How do they explain this? Well they say your immune system gets hurt by the jab for a couple of weeks. So you are weaker. And the virus gets in and makes you sick.

So, they say, not fair to call you vaxxed because you haven’t had the (unproven) benefit of the vax you’ve only had the necessary harm from it.

So, they way, we won’t call you ‘vaxxed’ and then they wander off and play with their toys.

Completely failing to note that this means the virus must be all around all the time despite all these efforts to avoid it, evade it, block its entry, its existence. I must be there all the time, everywhere, if it immediately gets into these ‘weakened’ systems.

AND all this time it is NOT getting in! The unvaxxed are doing fine until they get vaxxed.

i.e. to all intents and purposes the Vax IS the virus!

There’s a sea of virus within which we all are. The figures, the charts, the graphs show we’re not getting sick. Then they Vax and people start getting sick. ‘Because their immune systems were weakened.’

In other words they take strong healthy people with good immune systems and cripple them so they can make an epidemic so’s they can force people to take a vax which will cripple them so’s they can say there’s an epidemic and force people to take a vax which will crippled them….


This ought to be the final text, I think. Says it all. Makes it obvious it is time to stop. Most folks still don’t know how to stop it though:


That’s how to stop it.

And here’s the text that makes it clear we should do just that. Print it out. Stick it up on every wall. Send to every contact you have. Send to every politician, medico, educator, law enforcer.