Fluvoxamine.. go get it…

I don’t know where/how you can get it but it’s beginning to look very much like it is something we should have.

That’s for the people who believe in doing something to help themselves and their own Immune Systems rather than sit at home doing doing nothing but wait for a dangerous vaccine to kick their immune systems into flawed premature action against an enemy that might have already mutated into something different.

Here: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/nih-is-still-unsure-whether-fluvoxamine?token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxODgyNTU1NSwicG9zdF9pZCI6NDU4OTIyODMsIl8iOiJIQ0lsOSIsImlhdCI6MTY0MDIzMTU1MiwiZXhwIjoxNjQwMjM1MTUyLCJpc3MiOiJwdWItNTQ4MzU0Iiwic3ViIjoicG9zdC1yZWFjdGlvbiJ9.czAGDXjGx_edZ84b2g0yXfZ6dWlGt6KJ9iJAQGe1ho4

Just When You Think it Can’t Get More Insane

How about shades of Communist Hellhole the USSR !

Using mental hospitals as de facto prisons without charge, without trial, without sentence… We used to talk of stuff like this as evidence of the total horror of life in the USSR. Now it is our ‘norm’.

And don’t forget – all of this because of the fear of a virus we are more than 99% protected against. WITHOUT any vaccines. And maybe (they claimed in the beginning) 99% plus 0.1% WITH the vaccines.

All this madness and utter trampling on everything that is honest, decent, democratic, lawful and proper in the name of the 0.1% which we now find today is completely unproven. Because of the presence of associated risks. Because of the quick fading. Because of the mutations ‘avoiding’ the vaccines. Etc.


Why Isn’t Anything Happening?

On Steve Kirsch’s Substack page recently a commenter asked why nothing was happening? Meaning why hadn’t all the efforts to enlighten the unenlightened, to educate, to inform, to spread the word, the truth, the facts – come to nothing apparently, so far?

And this was an answer:


Dr Fauci’s Blessing On The World

From R.F. Kennedy’s Book: “The Real Anthony Fauci

Cost of Quarantines—Deaths
As Dr. Fauci’s policies took hold globally, 300 million humans fell into dire poverty, food insecurity, and starvation. “Globally, the impact of lockdowns on health programs, food production, and supply chains plunged millions of people into severe hunger and malnutrition,” said Alex Gutentag in Tablet Magazine.27 According to the Associated Press (AP), during 2020, 10,000 children died each month due to virus-linked hunger from global lockdowns. In addition, 500,000 children per month experienced wasting and stunting from malnutrition—up 6.7 million from last year’s total of 47 million—which can “permanently damage children physically and mentally, transforming individual tragedies into a generational catastrophe.


Collateral Damage


Perfect example, perhaps, of the damage these measures wreak.  And people still vaguely claim benefit for the vaccines and thereby weakly encourage and legitimise the full extent of the coercions which are destroying everything.

I’d like to see the exact extent of these ‘benefits’ to set against the demonstrated destruction.

And to compare with the figures that demonstrate negative efficacy down the track.

It is often forgotten – always forgotten along with the fact that it is all about the Immune System really, not vaccines at all  – that infection and vaccines are time related.

i.e.  you get a vaccine today that kicks off your immune system.  But now to see the benefit you have to wait until you get the virus.  Else your ‘protection’  (which is simply an immune system on a false alarm) slowly wanes.

To where when people get an infection there’s clearly no benefit ascribable to the vaccination.

This is in a world where expected benefit is of the order of 0.1% in any case. So we’re largely playing with illusions in a world of vague definitions of ‘cases’,  ‘ICU needs’,  ‘infections’, ‘covid deaths’.

But despite the available slack in the figures they find themselves unable to claim any success whatever for the vaccine – and, of course, they would dearly like to and avail themselves of all available slack, headroom.

So they say we need to give a ‘booster’.  Which simple means ‘do it again’,  ‘kick the immune system again’.

To whom  To the people with an infection?  No. It’s useless to them.

To the people without an infection.  The people who are sitting around waiting to be attacked by the virus and then expecting to fight it off spectacularly courtesy of this miracle vaccine (which has merely prodded their immune systems into a premature start).

They want to kick all their Immune Systems again.

Now it is clear that this  kickstarting is not 100% effective.  It fails in some way to mimic the real thing. There is something wrong with it.

And it carries risks because of its nature.

Yet their answer to seeing it fail for him is to do it again to you.

And then again.

And then again.

I think they’re up to their fifth shot in Israel.

And never a mention of the real danger being faced – less than 1%.

Never a mention of the hero in the story: the immune system.

And therefore never a mention of how best we can help that hero: immune system aid and enhancement.

The word has been thrown around a lot. Cheapened by overuse. We see it and ignore it, for it has been used so much.

But what other word can we find?  It is insane.


Will They Cure or Kill in Hospital?


We should all be clear on just what treatment we’ll get at our local hospital for Covid.

Shouldn’t we?  But who is?  Who knows?

I asked the Department of Health and they don’t even bother to reply.

What could go wrong?

Well you could be – almost certainly will be in Australia – prohibited use of Ivermectin for instance,  Hydroxychloroquine or in fact ANY proven anti-viral.

You may well – almost certainly –  be prohibited visits and/or contact with friends and family.

You could even be sedated with Midazolam if old, badly stricken, in pain/distress for that’s scandalously been a favoured treatment apparently in the UK where it shuffles those patients quietly off into death.

Historically it seems you could be intubated and damaged from the intubation when a mere postural change would have been enough – this another well known, well documented scandal that gets no mention in these days when  murderous scandals are common.

You think not?  I’m talking sheer bloody nonsense?  Nope.  Just check, in many places, including Australia,  patients  with covid were forced out of hospitals and into care homes where all the frail elderly susceptible were crowded together in conditions of chronical staff shortage even to give normal care – that’s always and everywhere the plea in a care home which constantly has to function somewhere between the unfortunate necessity to be seen to be caring for patients and the driving happy desire for maximum profits.

So many died from this.  Many. We are talking tens of thousands.

You could find yourself disliked and shunned.  Hard enough at any time to get personal attention in a hospital isn’t it?  Imagine if you are vociferous about wanting Ivermectin and Vitamins and sunshine and, for instance, the whole FLCCC protocol or somesuch ?  Can you imagine that?  How popular would you be?

You would think we would have a right to know how they’d propose to treat us.  You would think they would want us to know.

But that’s in a sane society.  Ask and see what you get.



Anyone For Truth?


Not much demand for truth these days is there.  In fact there’s demand it not be told and demand untruth be told.

And that’s fair comment isn’t it?

My truth is that my govt will happily kill me and the proof of that is the gratuitous Ivermectin ban.

My truth is my govt will kill me as quick as look at me.  How’s about them apples?

Here’s the old Tom Woods with some pure honest facts.

And here’s a couple to precede Tom:

. There is no emergency and never was we’ve dealt with worse than this before with committing hari-kari.

.  If there was an emergency this would be no way to deal with it.

.  But there is a disaster and it is wholly constructed by government.

.  Every single govt measure has been prejudicial to our immune systems yet everything depends upon them.

. In normal life everything depends upon them.

. They work constantly interacting with the sea of organisms within which we live – and are mainly comprised of, in fact.

. Yet govt seeks to hide the fact and convince you there’s a massive vicious evil villain – the covid virus – and a caped crusader with a terrible swift sword coming to the rescue and in fact your only rescue, your only hope..

Just how childish are you prepared to be?

Here’s Tom: