Alarm and Despondency


I think what governments are doing now could have got them imprisoned when I was a child.

During the war it was an offence to spread or cause ‘alarm and despondency’.

And when you think about what our governments have done it is nothing else but that.

They have most certainly done their best to spread alarm and the natural corollary of that, intended or not, is despondency quite often.

When separated from your family and friends in, for instance,  a care home,  it’d take a strong spirit indeed not to get despondent.

There used to be a concept: ‘morale’.  I never hear any mention of it today.  But it used to be on everyone’s lips for all knew it was important at all costs to keep ‘morale up’.   For the sake of all.

There’s no attempt by our governments to keep morale up nor has  there ever been.

And once a war commenced then a large part of the intelligence effort was always the reports from the front line.  For that’s where they discovered what weapons and tactics worked and what didn’t.

In this scenario we have here the front line is completely ignored or even denigrated, even prohibited to be mentioned.  For the front line is exemplified by such ‘heroes’  as Dr Kory and his peers in the Front Line  Covid Critical Care Alliance  (FLCCC Alliance) where they’ve discovered their best weapon is Ivermectin.

Such morale boosting and heartening news is kept – deliberately kept – from the public.

This is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Outrageous lies are told as a matter of course,  the ‘enemy’ is never clearly described as to numbers and potency but it is always represented as being something like the Black Death.

This is not exaggeration. This is quite clearly the case.

Totally useless practices are adopted and even mandated in the name of combating this awful menace which makes it appear to be imminent at all times and all of us powerless entirely to do anything but obey.

This is spreading alarm and despondency in the clearest possible terms.

Out of morbid curiosity I did a little check and what do you know – I discovered that the Defence Force Discipline Act of 1982,  Section 18 provides for a penalty of 2 years imprisonment for spreading reports intended to ‘create despondency or unnecessary alarm’.

Which is quite clearly what the whole nation has been subjected to for the last eighteen months.

The Defence Force Act of course relates to Defence members or Defence civilians.

It would be my contention that when acting ostensibly to direct the defences of a State or Nation against an enemy such persons are de facto and by their profession ‘Defence Members’ and therefore notionally at least subject to the Act.


Of course, in the common view of the ordinary people there’s  no question:  the governments have been ‘defending’ the nation and the governments have spread alarm and despondency,  have ignored the intelligence from the front line and have been instrumental in a catastrophic attack on the nation’s morale.

It seems clear that both from a technical legal point of view and from a commonplace  point of view our government members are guilty of breaching s18 of the Defence Force Discipline Act.



Face Masks To Damage Our Children

I just hear that when SA lockdown is lifted children will return to school and facemasks will be mandatory.

  1.  Children are at virtually no risk from the virus.
  2. . Children have been shown to not shed virus – no risk to others.
  3.  Facemasks have been shown all over the world to be ineffective in stopping spread.
  4.  Recent authoritative study demonstrates damage to children by facemasks.
  5.  Recent authoritative study demonstrates damage to children by facemasks.
  6.  Recent authoritative study demonstrates damage to children by facemasks.
  7.  Recent authoritative study demonstrates damage to children by facemasks.
  8.  Recent authoritative study demonstrates damage to children by facemasks.
  9.  Recent authoritative study demonstrates damage to children by facemasks.
  10.  Recent authoritative study demonstrates damage to children by facemasks.

Here:   Facemask Danger

Youtube Censorship Again


I posted this link a little while ago.  It points to a long discussion.  So I tried to put a small part of it up on Youtube.  I got censored.  Threatened with being banned.

They are quite shameless, I found.  They tell you straight out that you’re not allowed to say anything at all contrary to the prevailing words and attitudes of the WHO.

That, of course, is virtually the whole basis of our society, our democracy. The right to free speech.  Freedom of opinion. The right to hold whatever opinions you come up with and to be able to express them.

Famous old line, isn’t it – ‘I don’t agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death you’re right to say it.’ ?

Isn’t that right?

Proudest boast of democracy.

Now I find out for myself what many, many have experienced and known full well for quite some time now: that freedom is dead in our society now.


Which is bad enough. What’s worse?

No one seems to care.

Everyone should sit through this, I think:

Send This To Your Politicians – To Anyone’s Pollies


This won’t be very popular because it just tells the truth

The truth is not popular today.  But you gotta try.

Just send the link to your pollies.  To any pollies.  Of course they won’t look at it.  If they look  at it they won’t understand it (because it talks truth).  If they understand it they won’t act on it.

But we’ve got to try.  Don’t we?

Message To our ‘Premier’ (need a new name there)


Got the same email everyone got.  It is below this, my  yahoo mail ‘reply’ response.   I’d like to state clearly how I see it all.  And this just about does that.


Re: BREAKING: Stay at home order from 6pm tonight
From: dhawcroft (
Date: Tuesday, 20 July 2021, 2:50 pm ACST

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Dear elected representative of the people sworn to act in the best interests of the people….
Just like to get an exact measure on this madness.
So: if I drive out of my house and go stand on a hilltop, by my car, by the side of the road
and view this once beautiful country, Australia, without a mask on I can be:
. Arrested and fined for leaving my home outside of ‘permitted reasons’.
. Arrested and fined for not wearing a mask ‘in a public place’, i.e. the public highway.
Just want to get it straight. Once and for all.
This is precisely the insanity you’ve imposed?
i.e. we can no longer ‘go bush’ ?
We can no longer take a walk?
We cannot even stand outside our houses and breath the air?
i.e. we are imprisoned without charge, trial or conviction ?
We are no longer Australians in Australia. We are wee timorous beasties cowering in the
dark for fear of a wisp, a will-o-wisp, a rumour, a phantom that can’t stand the light of
scrutiny ? That’s how you want us to be?
If so I will remember. For sure. I will remember you. You’ll have made your mark.
So tell me, what is the answer – are these things right?

On Tuesday, 20 July 2021, 12:47:52 pm ACST, Steven Marshall <> wrote:

Yahoo Mail – Re: BREAKING: Stay at home order from 6pm tonight…

1 of 3 20/07/2021, 2:50 pm

Dear David

From 6pm tonight, a seven day stay at home order will be in place for
South Australia.
This swift and decisive action is based on expert health advice following the
detection of the highly infectious Delta strain in our community.
The next week will be difficult for many South Australians, but we must go hard
and we must go early to get ahead of this virus.
For the next seven days, we must at stay home. We can only leave home
for five reasons:

1. Care and compassionate reasons, such as taking care of a loved one
2. Essential work

Yahoo Mail – Re: BREAKING: Stay at home order from 6pm tonight…

2 of 3 20/07/2021, 2:50 pm

Steven Marshall MP
Premier of South Australia

SA Liberal Party
104 Greenhill Rd
UNLEY, SA 5061

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Yahoo Mail – Re: BREAKING: Stay at home order from 6pm tonight…

3 of 3 20/07/2021, 2:50 pm

South Aus. Restrictions and Govt Edict

I’m just trying this out to see if this is a way to share emails.  I want to share my thoughts on what the South Australian Premier has just promulgated.   So here’s his email to me (to all of use) and my response.

Doesn’t look at the moment as though it is going to make a very good presentation on the paper. Hope it comes out better than it looks now in the editor.


Re: BREAKING: Increased restrictions from midnight
dhawcroft (
Tuesday, 20 July 2021, 8:16 am ACST

Dear Sir,
thank you for this.
I have a couple of observations. I take you welcome observations from the populace?

1. It is all deeply in error and imposes more harm than the virus would.
2. Example is ‘minimise impacts on business’. Quote me one example in the world where covid damaged business through employee absences rather than govt. damaged businesses overwhelmingly more in a myriad of ways?
3. ‘one chance to get it right’. This statement is nonsense without defining what ‘right’ is.  What is it? Total eradication of Covid from the State? You can’t do that without total eradication from the nation. Total eradication from the nation? You can’t do that without
eradication from the world. Eradication from the world? You can’t do the while ever micro-organisms and mutations exist.
4. ‘Devastating lockdowns’. A Freudian slip, I think. Totally correct. DEVASTATING LOCKDOWNS. The lockdowns devastate.

There is an emergency, there is a terrible enemy and it is the government interventions.
5. Input. A total lack of any expression of desire for response, input, from the people. You do not inspire confidence in the government in me when you issue edicts like this.
6. Information. A total lack of any serious data, information. No graphs or charts or tables of data. Naturally. For world wide they show interventions only harm and virulence of the virus much, much less than hyped and never qualifying for ’emergency status’
7. emergency. Else if 6 were not true we’d have an ’emergency’ every second year. These things are part and parcel of being human.
8. In line with 6 and 7 you mention the Delphi variant in order to frighten but fail to mention the Delphi variant is good news as it manifests as an even less potent form of the virus.
Hence the virus is followed the predicted course on its way to endemic status.
9. You say ‘going hard and going early’ will be ‘challenging’ but gives ‘best chance’ of ‘protecting’ but this is entirely without data. ‘Best chance’ means least harm. You’ve nowhere given any evidence that your admitted hurting and harmful interventions will cause
less harm than the virus. My contention is that they will not. They will and do cause more.
10. Nowhere at all in your edict is there any mention whatever of any therapeutic measures. There is no evidence at all that you have any belief or any knowledge of anything at all that people can or could do to help themselves.


Yahoo Mail – Re: BREAKING: Increased restrictions from midnight…
1 of 4
20/07/2021, 8:23 am
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highly transmissible Delta strain, with multiple cases detected in our community
must take swift and decisive action
to keep South Australians safe,
minimise impacts on business, and
avoid the devastating lockdowns
we are
seeing elsewhere.
We only have one chance to get this right.
So from midnight tonight, for five days, increased state-wide restrictions
will come into effect, including:
1 person per 4 square metre density limit
Outdoor seated consumption only of food and drinks
All non-essential retail stores to close
Masks required on public transport and rideshare
Personal care services not permitted
Indoor gyms/exercise facilities not permitted
A full list of restrictions and more information will be available shortly
I know these restrictions will be very challenging for many businesses and
individuals, but by going hard and going early, we are giving ourselves the
greatest chance to protect our community.
Our priority remains
keeping South Australians safe, the economy strong
and backing business
during these tough times.
Add us to your address book