This Is What We Have in Australia: And Fail To See


Now this is pretty horrible.  The picture it paints.  The things it evokes.  Talk of ‘tyranny’  and ‘treason’ and all that goes with all that.    Virtually no one will believe it.  Will credit it.  Will give it any time. Will worry the slightest about it.

That’s because we don’t  believe in horror. We don’t believe in pain.  We don’t believe in injustice.  We don’t believe ‘it can happen to me’.

Most of these thing we learn as children and we learn by experiencing it. We can’t be told. We have to experience it.  Hot things burn.  Unsafe things hurt.  All sorts of things it seems we can only learn from experience.

Well there’s a thing that often we don’t learn as children because fortunately our lives are generally too safe,  too pleasant for any occasion to arise where we’d learn.

We don’t learn we can be imprisoned and beaten and robbed of every thing.

There’s an old joke in the military pertinent to this.  It’s a convicted person at the door of a cell saying  “You can’t lock me up ! ”  and the joke is:  “Mind your fingers…’Clang’  ”

Well that’s it.  The airy fairy fancy notions of liberty, justice, freedom all are as nothing until you learn from experience and are deprived of them.

Until the cell door goes ‘clang’ and there you are: caged as an animal, kenneled as a dog,  ignored and unhelped by the whole world, powerless entirely, stripped of everything and in particular personal dignity.

You can’t believe you can be ‘locked up’ not even when it happens.  It takes time to sink in.

But eventually it does and ever after there’s a change in your psychology.  You know something that most of the world, most of our world anyway, doesn’t know.

You are no longer rosy tinted glasses naive.   And ‘freedom’ now has a meaning. ‘Justice’ now has a meaning.   And so on.

So that’s why these kinds of texts get nowhere, do nothing, mean nothing, because people are naive and don’t know and can’t believe.

But it IS true.  Freedom IS a thing you can lose in an instant.  Justice IS a thing that can disappear in that same instant.  Rights ARE something you can be stripped of.

The world DOES contain deep fundamental evils.

Your fellow citizens around you DO contain those who would happily bash you, lock you down, steal everything you have, lie you into deep trouble, reduce you to a nothing.

This is reality.

This is the nature of human reality.  And it is only by careful and persistent and intelligent effort that we are protected against it all and a relatively fair, just, safe and sensible existence is able to continue.

In other words it has to be worked at, worked for, worked to maintain.

And it all can be undone by one line of writing.

Sounds impossible? Histrionic?  No. Think.  Of course that’s the way it is.  Whole Wars that will kill even millions are initiated ‘legalised’ by one line of text in some document.  The ‘declaration of war’ document.

Given that one line of text thousands and thousands, even millions, take up their weapons and go about the deliberate murder of whole populations and smashing of their whole civilization if possible – and of course those on the other side do exactly the same thing.  On the basis of their ‘one line of text’.

Now here’s the thing: On that one line of text people change from being people to being mere ‘functionaries’.  Performers of functions. Like machines purposed for a certain task.

Imagine two neighbours living each side of national border.  One of the one nationality, the other of the other.

Before that line of text declaring a war is written those two neighbours may communicate freely and cooperate well – interact as equal and complete humans.

After that line of text they will kill each other on command under ‘protection’ or ‘guise’ or ‘necessity’ of their ‘function’ : ‘soldier in a war’.

Point?  That simple single lines of text are important.  In times such as the complete and utter disaster and raving madness of war you could say they literally define the whole of reality.

And there’s one line of text has defined reality for nearly the whole of the world recently and even right here in Australia.

And that line of text has changed reality utterly, has slammed the prison door with a ‘clang’ and revoked everything you thought was true and right about your existence.

Because that line of text was an effective ‘coup d’etat’ that conquered your democracy and replaced it with a dictatorship

That’s what this article is about, what it describes, what it explains.

And the line of text we are talking about?  The line of text in Hansard where it says the Parliament has voted a ‘State of Emergency’.

And the simple, obviousl, starkly plain, utter and complete proof this is an evil ‘coup d’etat’ and not some desperate last ditch measure we had to resort to?   There is not, was not any emergency.  Search the records, deaths, hospitalisation, ICU beds, any and everything and I defy you to find anything that you can point to and say ‘this is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced or ever could cope with and hence it constitutes an emergency’.

You won’t.  You can’t.

And to declare Emergency and suspend democracy and seize dictatorial power improperly in that manner is literally an ‘attack’ on our democracy.

And such an attack is, as this article points out and quotes the Canadian constitution in support:  simple treason.

So.  No one believes.  For they don’t know.  They haven’t been burned by this fire yet. They still think ‘You can’t lock me up..’

Living in fairyland.  Believing in Santa Claus.

But here is the truth:



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