Otto Carnage spells it out:

On Brian Berletic’s Youtube channel ‘The New Atlas’ today:

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Otto Carnage
15 hours ago

I’m a 72 year old Vietnam Veteran who saw what the US imperial empire did in Vietnam with my own eyes.
I was born in 1949 and was lied to and brainwashed by my government since I was in the first grade.
That was one reason that I volunteered for the USMC in 1969 and why I volunteered for Vietnam in 1970.
But when you see what the US did in Vietnam, you cannot unsee it. That has been what I have lived with my whole life.

And now I’m an old man who understands that the people who have been running the US government since I was born, are generations of vipers, who are responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the planet.

And now the US is in a proxy war with Russia.
I understand the Russia is responsible for invading Ukraine but the US, NATO and Ukraine are responsible for provoking Russia into invading Ukraine.

I agree with you, Brian, that the only way to end this war and stop the killing is for Ukraine to capitulate and sue for peace with Russia.

This war is so dangerous because of the very real risk of a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia no matter if its a miscalculation, accident or first strike. It will be a catastrophe.

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