What Does This Sound Like To You?


Because it sounds like plain, honest truth, to me. Frankly.

Not something I am accustomed, this last two years, to hearing/seeing.

Confession:  I have not read it all.  I have dashed into print with it about one quarter to a half read, perhaps, not sure.

Got just past where he listed all those crimes: Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.

Totally convinced by that much.  But sooner or later he’s going to get to his justification for troops in Ukraine and the injuries and deaths commensurate on that.

I don’t know if I’m going to be so favourably impressed by that bit when I get there. But like, what I mean,  which Western politician ( most especially including Aussie ones ) do you think I could read and get anywhere near one quarter to one half way through their text and be convinced of their authenticity, honestly, clarity?

Get the point?

And now, is Aus, they want you to re – elect them.  I reckon it doesn’t matter a damn how you elect really, but whatever you do simply do not elect any single one of the existing sitting members.  Not one.

Pay for a wall of infamy.  And get their names inscribed on it.

I’ll read the rest of Putin’s speech.

edit:  Well I read it.  Virtually all of the rest of it is an argument that NATO expansion and Western (US) policies are constantly threatening, harassing and unsettling Russia.

With an added point that nowhere in the West do they really consider ‘people’ but Russia is doing just that.

Well I think he’s right.  In his arguments.  In the points he makes. Whether it was necessary to take a military action at just this time in just this way and in the absence of any other actions, I don’t know.

But I can well believe it was/is.

If he holds true to his stated intention to not expand further than the Russian identifying people’s areas then I think it’s virtually a slam dunk.

As he says, he’s giving people a chance for self realisation.

But okay.  It’s arguable.

But it is unarguable that  Putin and his actions are not the wild, insane, monster the West is hysterically trying to make out.  Not. At. All.




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