Does Anyone Care? We’re Sunk Without Trace…


This kind of says it all better than I can.  But it only says it.  It offers no ways of dealing with it.  No one is doing anything but Australia is holed beneath the water line and will do down.

One day we’ll all wake up in Shanghai.  Don’t you know that? Don’t you care?

What’s PPP ? Purchasing Power Parity. And the Death of the West.


I’ve always thought Russia had an economy about the same as Australia’s,  which makes it very small.

And I’ve always thought GDP was a loony way of measuring the ‘size’ and/or strength of an economy.

But I didn’t know of any alternatives.  Because I just don’t know much.  So I find today there is a measure called ‘PPP’ or ‘Purchasing Power Parity’ which allows for adjusting calculations in order to reflect which things of a nation’s ‘production’ are really ‘things’ of some use and which are mere frivolities of no essential use – like painting fingernails and tv entertainment.

Now I learn this and how it applies to the current fiasco in the Ukraine.

Read this.  It’s very interesting I think:


America Is Dead.

America as a nation run by its people for its people is dead and gone.

We have now an America run by a loose ‘cabal’ of vested interests paramount amongst which are, as we have seen and do see, to our cost: The Big Pharms and the Military Industrial complex.

And they are without conscience or remorse, any shred of concern for humanity.  They care only for immediate dollar profit.

They have had a wonderful time for the last two years with Covid and now they are having a wonderful time with this ‘war’ in Ukraine.

Enough to make us all hate the USA with a total virulent and venomous hatred,  the evil they do, are doing.

But it is not the USA.  350 million people.  And it is not Biden,  stupid puppet.

It is the ‘cabal’.  It is the power these lobbyists have to direct American policy, domestic and foreign.

America is no longer a State with a presence on the world stage.  An entity we could perhaps believe in, interact with.

It is now simply a pack of hyenas ripping and tearing at the corpse of humanity wherever, whenever it can.   One goal in mind and only one:  maximise profit today.

You can’t talk to them.  They’ll look up from their feast wide eyed in surprise, bloody mouthed, wondering what you’re on about – there’s nothing to say, surely ?  They’re eating… isn’t that what life is about?  They’re tearing at the flesh and ripping off great chunks… what could be better?

That’s America today.  A coup d’etat.  This corporate ‘cabal’ of vested interests runs America with that one simple aim: maximise profit.

And right now and for the last two years they’ve been having a ball.

And they’ll continue to have it until the American people wake up and insist upon governance and put these mad dogs down.

And the rest of the world?  Well it’s clear as day isn’t it?  We see the ‘leaders’ hungry to join that pack and those that won’t.  See them clearly.

Ring a Bell with Covid?


$100 Million per day the USA spending on ‘arming Ukraine’.   For what?  There is no ‘war in Ukraine’.  Look at the maps if you can find some amongst this media blackout ‘our’ side is imposing on us.

Putin has ‘occupied’ the Donbas ‘breakaway’ States  that were guaranteed safety in 2014 but which Ukraine vowed to invade immediately prior to all this. States that, I’m told, asked him for help.

And anyone claiming he is trying to do more – to ‘invade and conquer’ the whole of Ukraine is just insane.  We are used to insanity now.  After two years of Covid insanity and here it is again: the same insanity: a phantom danger and a ludicrous ‘defence’ that actually hurts us.

Note this para from the post:

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has previously indicated willingness to discuss neutrality in exchange for security guarantees. Pursuit of this route has, however, been thwarted by the West’s persistent arms transfers.”

Yes. Exactly.  The USA fostered, promotes and insists upon this ‘war’.  They will not allow the duly elected President of a country to make peace.

It’s well said – the USA will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

How can the Ukrainians be so stupid?  Well I’ll bet they’re not.  But that’s the whole point: Ukraine was already corrupt and sick.  At the top it is famously corrupt as a matter of simple governance and money but it also is infested with radical nazi groups, what they call ‘far right’ groups with all kinds of hate filled destructive agendas.

Such as gave rise, with USA help, to the Azov battalions.

It is those extremely violent radical groups that have being steering the country towards madness and keeping it there.

It is they who took control in 2014 and wouldn’t allow the honouring of the Minsk accords and it is they, with the USA, that to this day maintain the slaughter of Ukrainians.

It’s like a Trojan horse with windows:  we can see the enemy within plain as day:  the USA and its lies, lies, lies and insane military kill everything view of everything.   But no one looks.

Crazy you’d say.  If it were that evident you couldn’t hide it. For sure people would see it.

No.  We’ve just seen two years of Covid.  It was plain as day there was no Medical Emergency from a fierce ‘killer virus’.  It was plain as day PCR tests were grossly misused.  It was plain as day CDC figures were astoundingly perverted.  It was plain as day the vaccines were not properly tested. It was plain as day early treatment medications were being with held and thereby people dying.  It was plain as day cramming sick elderly into care homes would kill them all.  It was plain as day masks do nothing and the spread always continued in exactly the same way.  It was plain as day Remdesivir was killing people.  It was plain as day intubation was killing people.

Plain as day means  nothing.  That’s as plain as day.

It is plain as day that any sensible ordinary common place human analysis of this ‘war’ in the Ukraine shows no benefit whatever to the Ukrainian people.

Count the horrors.   Estimate the horrors if Putin had been given what he asked for.  Compare the two.  Where are you? 100% horrors this way.  None that way. None.

Putin didn’t ask for Ukraine.  He asked for them to stop NATO expansion, stop Ukraine join NATO,  stop threatening to invade the Donbas.

They were ‘moving’.  He just asked them to stop.  All he asked was ‘stop’.

All had already been promised.  He just asked:  keep your promises.

Keep their promises and death and destruction = nothing.

Go the American way and death and destruction = without end.

All lies.  The USA,  that cabal of monstrously insane that run it,  seems incapable of anything else. They make you believe ‘protection’ depends upon taking a vaccine and without it you have ‘no protection’ whereas in fact, of course, you are already ‘protected’ by your immune system.

They turn things absolutely upside down.

Now they tell the Ukrainians and the world that they’ll be ‘protected’ by their $100 Million per day and fight, fight, fight when there’s nothing to fight against.  Protection for the Ukraine is STOP.   Putin is not trying to conquer Ukraine.  He doesn’t even call it a war.  He hasn’t even mobilised his nation.

It looks like the world will never wake up.  There simply is an evil, evil, cabal runs America and the Americans don’t know what to do about it and most are not even aware,  they’re just bewildered about what’s happening to their country.

But covid was bullshit and they’re working hard at institutionalising it and the Ukraine war is bullshit and they’re going to try institutionalise it, too, which means after the peace deal when it comes US and NATO occupied Ukraine and a perpetual state of armed tension like North and South Korea.

That cabal needs identifying and rooting out.  Put Americans back in charge of America.   And all the bum licking governments around the world toadying to the USA today, well their record today should condemn them for tomorrow and they need rooting out too.

Check this sorry tale:

A New Voting Method…


How about this for voting…

You log onto a computer site,  like logging into your bank,  and you register your vote.  According to requirements:  i.e. as many different people/parties as required to register your vote for.

And anything/anyone you do not register a vote for counts as a ‘null’ vote.

So that you are not forced to choose between two candidates if that’s all there are – you can ‘null’ vote and vote for neither.  Just like not voting.

And if you don’t turn up and enter your votes into the machine then everything starts off at that ‘null’ state.

And you can access this machine any time you like and alter your vote as you wish whenever you like.

If the govt chose to check the nation’s votes  at any time that would be like an instant referendum wouldn’t it?  They would get instant feedback on important/significant issues for they’d see the votes changing before their eyes.

That would be more ‘democratic’ than what we have now.

Much more democratic.


Absolutely Necessary to Read This !


Here’s a  really great book:

The War Against Putin

That will open anyone’s eyes and teach them things that in all honesty we all ought to know, just so we can talk sense.

And….  it’s now FREE to download the ebook.   Written in 2014, now out of print we now can get the ebook free at  And it’s brilliant!



Indiana Attorney General Lays it all out for us.

Apparently, according to Tom Woods,  the USA Surgeon General asked all 50 States to submit examples of covid misinformation and detail the damage it did.

That incredibly astute and brave and good man the Indiana Attorney General stepped up to the plate and delivered this.  Send it to every one of our pitiful collection of politicians, I’d suggest:

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita acknowledged the harms done by misinformation, and then proceeded to list “the following examples of disinformation from the CDC and other health organizations that have shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair.”


The document then lays out the problems with lockdowns and masks, refutes the claim that the jabs could prevent transmission (the basis for the various vaccine passports and mandates), and criticizes the authorities for overcounting Covid deaths and denying natural immunity.

Then, too, it criticizes the practice of mass asymptomatic testing: “Mass testing of asymptomatic individuals with contact tracing and quarantining of people who test positive has failed to substantively slow the progress of the epidemic and has imposed great costs on people who were quarantined even though they posed no risk of infecting others.”

“Three facts are crucial to understanding why this policy has failed,” it continues. “First, even close contacts of someone who tests positive for the SARS-Cov-2 virus are unlikely to pass the disease on. In a large meta-analysis of household contacts of asymptomatic positive cases, only 3% of people living in the same home got sick.

“Second, the PCR test that has been used to identify asymptomatic infections often returns a positive result for people who have dead viral fragments, are not infectious, and pose no risk of infecting others.

“And third, the contact tracing system becomes overwhelmed whenever cases start to rise, leading to long delays in contacting new cases. At precisely the moment when contact tracing might be needed, it cannot do its job.

“At the same time, quarantining people is costly – for workers without adequate sick leave, absenteeism due to contact tracing means pay cuts, lost opportunities, and perhaps even an inability to feed families. For children, it means more skipped lessons and missed opportunities for academic and social growth at school, with long-run negative consequences for their future prospects. In the UK, an official government review determined that its 37 billion pound investment in contact tracing was a waste of resources. The same is undoubtedly true in the United States.”

Then it takes on the implicit and sometimes explicit claim and goal of total eradication of Covid, even though it bore none of the characteristics of a disease that could be eradicated. The process of trying to do so, meanwhile, would cause incalculable damage:

“First, we have no technology to reduce the spread of the disease or meaningfully alter disease dynamics. Lockdowns and social restrictions fail because only people who can afford to work from home without losing their job can comply over long periods….

“Second, there are many animal hosts for SARS-CoV-2 and evidence of transmission between mammals and humans. One USDA study in late 2021 found that nearly 80% of white-tailed deer in the U.S. had evidence of COVID-19 antibodies. Dogs, cats, bats, mink, and many other mammals can get COVID-19. So even if the disease were eradicated among humans, zoonotic transmission would guarantee that it would come back.

“Finally, eradication takes a global commitment from every country – an impossible goal since COVID-19 eradication is far from the most pressing public health problem for many developing countries.”

So as usual, the real misinformation comes from the official sources, and the statement by the Indiana Attorney General is a rare case in which this problem is publicly acknowledged and countered.