The Old Rotten Lifebelt Analogy


I like to find analogies.  Helps me think.  Me and millions more. I think it is how most of us think.

So here’s an analogy:

There’s a bloke drowning in the water before you and he sings out ‘throw me that lifebelt’.So you look at the lifebelt and it looks an old  rotten belt to you.

So you say ‘No.  That belt’s no good’  and you won’t throw it.

And he says ‘But I want it.  I believe in it.  Thousands of people have used belts like it and it saved them.’

And you say ‘I don’t believe that.’

And he says ‘well doesn’t matter, I do,  just throw it’

And you say ‘No’.

So there’s someone standing nearby and he says ‘I’ll throw it mate, just hang on.’

And you say ‘You hang on, mate, I’m the law, and I’m saying you are not to throw that belt.’

And he says  ‘But I’m a lifeguard. It’s my job to throw belts’

And you say ‘ I don’t give a damn. I am the strength and the power and I’m saying if you throw that I’ll get you sacked and even locked up’.

So he doesn’t throw it.

And the guy drowning you say to him ‘mate, swallow this, it’ll make you 0.1% more buoyant’

And he says ‘what’s in it? what could it do?’

And you say ‘we haven’t finished checking it out yet but don’t worry, mainly we’re fairly sure it’ll make you 0.1% more buoyant,  just take it.’

So the drowning bloke took it but he drowned anyway.  He wasn’t in the 0.1%.

How about that for an analogy?

Can you figure out what it is about, I wonder?

It’s about the people and Ivermectin and doctors and government.

It is a horror story.

Is there anyone, anywhere, can help us with this horror story?



Maybe it’s Just ‘Us’ against ‘Them’.

Why won’t the mob listen to sense?

They couldn’t possibly be that blind, that deaf, that stupid, surely?

No, I don’t think so. Maybe it’s that they just loyal to each other.  They ARE the people.  They ARE the nation.  They KNOW that because look around.

So they feel they BELONG and therefore we of the different opinions must NOT be of the nation.  Must not be of the mob.  Must not be ‘of them’.  We must NOT belong.

And maybe that’s all that is about.  Those who belong refuse to listen to a word from those who don’t belong and they refuse to change their behaviour or their beliefs not one jot until word comes down to change – and then they will all change, overnight, with aplomb,  with equal certainty that they are correct, right, and doing the right thing.

And if the new beliefs and behaviour is to exactly what we’ve been telling them for two years that won’t faze the a bit.

There’ll be no  apologies. They’ll feel no shame.  For they’ll still know they BELONG,  the ARE the nation and we ARE NOT.

And it is true, isn’t it?

We pride ourselves on thinking for ourselves. For individually looking for truth and facts and reason.

We are what they accuse us of:  Selfish.  We are ‘self’ – ish.

We believe in the ‘self’ as the way to a better society.  i.e. we believe it is for every one of us each to find our own way and make of ourselves reasoning and sensible people.

And as part of that we can see that the team doesn’t move until every member is willing, shares the goals and methods, etc.

We have individual concern for each and every individual.

Just like in aboriginal societies.  Australian at any rate. Rule by consensus, not by edict.

But these now they favour rule by edict.  The mob acts as one. Like lemmings.  Like a flock of a thousands of birds moving as one.  Like a shoal of fish acting as one.

I’ve heard and seen the accusation many times:  ‘Selfish’ and thought it incongruous.  Why would a rabid lockdown vaxxer accuse a non-vaxxer anti-lockdowner of being selfish?  Where is the selfishness?

There’s a crude, a broad selfishness to be seen. If the govt says we can’t be ‘free’ until everyone has complied then you’re selfish if you don’t comply.  We’re all waiting on you.

But I think many times that doesn’t apply.  At least not totally. There’s a deeper selfishness that they’re objecting to.

and it is the ‘selfishness’ of seeking to think for yourself.

to their minds you’ve no business thinking for yourself. Or, if you do, then you should keep your thoughts to yourself and not act on them or urge anyone else to act on them.

It frightens them.  For they don’t want to think.  And they strongly believe we all should do the same.  Like a school of fish.  So if you are going to think does that then mean that they must think?

God forbid.  ‘Does me ‘ed in’.

I would like to get into their minds.  I wonder if they feel that they are such a ‘whole’,  such an integral mass of beings, that they actually come up with theirs thoughts as to what actions to take by some kind of mass ‘groupthink’ on a subliminal level so that magicly they suddenly all share the same though that ‘this’ is the way to go?

Or do they ascribe the directions to some levels higher  above themselves or some nucleus of themselves where ‘difference’  and ‘other’ IS permitted and thinking IS permitted and the thinking is done and is then passed on to them in the form of directives to be obeyed?

Perhaps neither.  Perhaps having either concept would call for more awareness than they care to have.

But there’s the basic thing, I think,  there’s the reason why reason and data and logic and observation, truth, sense just has no effect on them.  Because they don’t play that game.

They only play one game:  do what the mob does.

So we have to find how to manipulate the mob.

Manipulate them into understanding that we ARE with them. That they are with us.  That we’re all one.  That we have common interests.

I’ve no idea how to do that.

It’s all a headspace thing isn’t it?  When in doubt their headspace says ‘do what everyone is doing’ and our headspace when in doubt says ‘figure it out, what’s best’.

Even trickier because we use the ‘do what everyone does’ rule in the beginning don’t we?  Everyone does.  It is natural.  But we train ourselves to look for alternatives all the time.

Like in science they’re still testing Einstein’s Relativity because that’d their mindspace: to constantly test and check.

Well that’s more the kind of space we inhabit.

It is a kind of deliberate ‘otherness’,  a deliberate setting apart from the mob.

But at the same time with no desire to set self apart at all.  More a desire to become a better part of the mob, really.


More Demonstrable Total Barminess.

It’s alright for me to just call it ‘barminess’  like it’s some silly joke.  But it’s no joke.  These mandates are hurting, even killing people. And adherence to the false belief that they do some good is steeping people in madness: false belief is madness in the end.

It really is no joke.  We, being healthy etc., can afford to laugh I guess but for instance the frightened old granny living by herself can’t.  Nor can the starving poor sods in the third world who’re getting hit by the trade halt.

This is a good couple of graphs Tom shows here.  One annotating the ridiculous claims the ‘oh so proper and superior’ snotty nosed experts make and the other from King Liar himself: Fauci.  The first claim a couple of times we’re looking at evidence of the validity of the measures, when time is showing right here the opposite and Fauci is shown yet again to be making another of his specious forecasts.

That’s the Iceland graph.

Then the other graph shows a representative bundle of American States that represent a mix of strategies:  mask, no mask, lockdown, no lockdown,  etc.  and they all follow identical disease trajectories.  You wouldn’t know which is which.

Nothing new here.  We’ve been seeing this for well over a year now.  But always interesting and in itself proof it was always thus and still is.

New Aussie Words.

The Spectator Magazine posted an article today about ‘new Aussie words.

Prompted me to write this comment which I’d like to put up here on my blog:

We’ve got a real opportunity to invent some words now don’t we?
We have leaders that don’t lead but cripple.
We’ve got a democracy that’s in fact a tyranny.
We’ve got an emergency that is no emergency.
We have terrible scourge virus that isn’t a scourge.
We have vaccines that ‘cure’ where vaccines never cure anything: the Immune System does that.
We have medical establishments that are not permitted to practice medicine according to their own skill and conscience.
We’ve got anti-virals prohibited on the grounds that taking them ‘might’ make you less likely to take an unproven vaccine.
We’ve got ‘responsible’ govt. hiding facts and truth and costs and consequences from the people they’re supposed to ‘lead’.
We’ve got people doing things in face of overwhelming evidence they’re not effective.
We’ve got populations believing in ‘95% effective’ vaccines when the immune system is already 98% effective.
We’ve got after two years of non-education, miseducation, censorship and lies a population that believes there’s only one hope: a vaccine and sublimely unaware that vaccines do nothing but provoke the immune system.
Immune systems that have been studiously ignored and abused by ‘leaders’ for two years.
We have a whole nation abandoned the finest social and political principles the human race has come up with in abject fear of a phantom enemy in deference to waiting for a phantom ‘caped crusader vaccine’ to come to the rescue.
We have a diminished, humbled, weakened, gutted, throttled remnants of a nation – what’s the word for that.
We have a bill never before seen, not even in midst of world war: monetary bill, social bill, health bill, education bill, infrastructure bill, social organisation bill…. it goes on and on and on…
We have complicity, a connection, with the rest of the world such as we’ve never had before, being directly responsible for possibly millions – millions ! – of starvation and stillborn deaths in the third world due to the international trade crippling brought about by our hiding in our caves trembling in fear, waiting for the ‘caped crusader’.
We have a press corps has never said a sensible thing in the last two years.
A medical establishment forced to its knees which never found a way to even anonymously grafiti words of protest or encouragement to the masses.
A legal establishment that saw our whole system illegally taken over: surely illegal to turn the whole system sworn to be for our good, in our interest, turned against our good, turned against our interest? without saying a word.
We saw jackbooted armed thugs in the name of the law enthusiastically pepper spraying prone old women.
We saw whole miles of sunlit immune system enhancing beaches banned, off limits, denied us.
Oh, we need a whole dictionary.
But we’re gob smacked.
Just gob smacked.

Stunned into silence.
Perhaps that the first word we need: a word for the covidmadness silence.

And here’s their article:

The World’s Greatest Scam.


Can your doorbell put out a Fire?

Nope.  Can the Fire Alarm Bell put out a Fire?

Nope.  The Fire Brigade puts out Fires.

The best the  Alarm can do is give early warning.

Now if I’m selling Alarm Bells what is a 100% effective bell?

One that puts out every fire or one that always rings?

A 100% effective bell is one that always rings.  Isn’t it?

It never puts out a Fire.  Ever.

A 100% vaccine always Alarms the Immune system.

That’s all.

It NEVER ‘puts out a fire’ – cures, kills, stops a disease.


So there’s the World’s Greatest Scientific Fraud and Scam ever:  to claim vaccines ‘cure’ or ‘prevent’ diseases.

It is quite blatant.  Very, very blatant.  Pfizer argued their vaccine was ‘99.96%’ effective.

At what?  Alarming the Immune System?  Swinging it into action?  NO.   They meant at preventing or mitigating disease.

Whereas it did nothing but Alarm the Immune System early.

And that ‘early warning’ meant the  immune system instead of preventing 99.86% of disease now prevented 99.96%.

Either way,  before or after the vaccine,  the Immune System did it all.  The Vaccine did nothing.

Pfizer’s, anyone’s,  Vaccine should be 100% effective.


Effective at doing what it does: Alarming the immune system into early action.

100% effective at that.  And 0% effective at anything else.

Saying a vaccine is 95% effective and so on, as they’re doing all over the place now is a trick,  a conjuring trick,  a comparing of apples with oranges,  a segue from one place to another.

The vaccines are to be measured as being ‘effective’ at what they do:  prompt, rightly or wrongly, the immune system.

And the immune system is to be measured as being effective at what it does:  defeats pathogens.

The vaccines and the their manufacturers,  their enthusiasts, they stole the credit.  All of it.

A massive lie.  Massive.

If I sold doorbells on the basis that they’d put out fires I’d be locked up for fraud.

If I went around Fire Stations selling Alarm Bells as guaranteed to put out 99.96% of all fires I’d be locked up as insane.

But this is the story the whole world is swallowing and has swallowed since vaccines began.

Telling the story this way when you get sick you don’t  need to get healthy and strengthen your immune system:  you just need an alarm system.

Like if you’re burning you just need a bell.

Having gutted the human being and removed their insides, their immune systems, by totally ignoring them, humans became empty shells with no agency of their own, mere dumb passive spectators of an internal battlefield whereupon vaccines battled viruses.

A total absolute colossal perversion of the truth.  An absolute flagrant misrepresentation of human reality of infinite magnitude.

Told this way there was no need to consider, help and sustain the immune system for it was to be completely ignored.  This meant that in fact everything could be done that would hurt and  cripple the immune system:

keep away from the outdoors and healthy exercise,  from clean fresh uncontaminated air,  from sunlight and Vitamin D, ignore the need for adquate zinc levels, ignore the massive life giving effect of the human spirit of hope to fight back against illness, ignore the positive effect of meeting with friends and family,  of the feeling of empowerment when knowing one can do something and is engaged on doing it…

People were taught, abjured, forced,  to sit and hide passively in sealed rooms weeks on end, confined and locked away with nothing know they could do….   waiting a magic ‘bullet’ that simply does not exist….   a ‘bell’ masquerading as a ‘caped crusader’  to come and save the day.

A embattled and weakened immune system was denied any assistance from anti-virals that would work alongside it and help,  they were actually forbidden by law!

Everything was and is done to defeat the immune system.  The human immune system and the human spirit is being methodically crushed in every possible way while at the same time still being expected to 100% save the day!  And when it does the credit is taken by the ‘alarm bell’ !

This is science fraud on a staggering scale.

It is very simple as all the biggest lies are.  Make a motor car analogy.  ‘You’re having trouble with your car, doesn’t win races?  You need a new starter motor.’

There, see?  New starter motor and now your winning races.

See?  Our starter motor wins races!

Races are won by starter motors!!

Bullshit.  It is all bull.  Deep, deep, total, total bull.




We are talking about the firebell instead of the Firebrigade.

My idea nowadays is we should refuse to talk ‘vaccine’. The real factor here is ‘Immune system‘. we should always couch the debate in terms of the ‘immune system‘.

i.e. ‘why provoke the immune system with an unknown quantity that poorly imitates the real threat and therefore cannot initiate a full response?

or ‘why refuse to allow the immune system the things it needs to strengthen itself? Like sunshine, fresh air, freedom of movement, exercise, company of friends and relatives, etc. etc, etc… ALL the things the govt bans ?

or: ‘why refuse to help the immune system by providing potent anti-virals, chemicals that actually DO fight viruses rather than surreptitiously attack your system while depending upon your system to do the fighting alone ?’

or: ‘why keep prodding and prodding an exhausted immune system obviously incapable of responding adequately and probably due to an inappropriate prodding in the first place accompanied by a total lack of support in the second place?’

That sort of thing. It really is the issue, is it not? Our immune systems is where the ‘war’ takes place. That is where/what it is all about.

We are so hoodwinked, along with everyone else, by the spurious narrative of brain dead politicians and mercenary drug lords we’ve fallen into the trap of discussing vaccines.

I’ve put it this way. It is like the fire bell at the fire station that startles the firemen into action and the Fire Brigade itself.

The firebell is the vaccines. The Firebrigade is the Immune system.

A vaccine is merely a bell.  A warning. Something to prompt into action.

All the discussion and wasted effort is going into the bloody Firebell, the ‘alarm bell’.

No discussion, no help, no effort, no understanding going to the FirebrigadeThe Immune System

It needs help.  Help it and it will help you.

Too Big for LinkedIn. Where’s the Legality?

I tried to make post with the Human Rights Lawyer on LinedIn who seems to be handling single handedly the whole of Australia’s democratically principled response to the current insanity.

But it seems there’s a character limit on posts there and my post exceeded it.  So here it is an I’ll link to it there (if that’s allowed).

The Pfizer vaccine claims absolute benefit of 99.96% as we all know by now, or should,  as against a ‘natural’ benefit of 99.86%.  i.e. it proposed a 0.1% improvement on your chances.

So starting from there we can take a look at what is going on:


99.86 % proof means 9986 survive from 10,000. 14 die.

99.96 % proof means 9996 survive from 10,000 4 die.

So 10 people needed it. But 10,000 were given it.

10 people needed it in the presence of:

forcible lockdowns forbidden light, sun, space, exercise.

forbidden interaction with friends and family.

forbidden available treatments.

forbidden true information about real nature/dimensions of threat.

forbidden freedom of speech.

forbidden meetings and protests.

forbidden even to post on facebook about meetings and protests.

forbidden for a doctor even to prescribe according to his own ethics/training/experience/belief.

forbidden true information about available immune enhancement measures.

total absence of any mention whatever of immune system importance even.

official programme to accelerate and emphasise doubt, fear, uncertainty, worry and panic.

and more.

In the presence of all that 10 people needed it.

so a nation was crippled.

all democratic rights, freedoms, principles were abrogated.

all normal medical care of the populace was jeopardised at as yet unmeasured cost.

emergency was declared in the absence of any demonstrated emergency.

people’s money was/is squandered on an unprecedented scale.

un – time tested injections were mandated for people.

even for children.

education was suspended.

illogicality and evidence-less postulates were made the norm.

And that’s just the beginning of an overlook of it all.

And in all that there’s no clear criminality, overstepping of bounds, dereliction of duty, failure to perform, misbehaviour, malpractice in high office, bureaucratic incompetence?