Dr Malone Tells It All Again.

It is all still going on you know?

And it is worse than it has ever been, you just can’t see it.  Did you know that in China they have an app which shows a QR code on your phone which shines green or red according to your vaccination status or infection status or whatever they want it to do?

And there’s many places you can’t go if your code is red.

Just like there’s many places – like our taxpayer funded and supposedly therapeutic hospitals – that we can’t go without a stupid, useless, harmful  mask on.

Making a parody of health care, science, reason and democracy.

The difference is that masks are under our own control, I guess.  But the QR code is not. It is under the control of the runners of the software and they can switch it red or green as they please.

They can switch everyone ‘red’ in an instant and order everyone into lockdown.

Which, of course, is house arrest.

At the flick of a switch in China they can lock down the whole population.

And you know they are capable of doing it.  For they did it in  Shanghai didn’t they?  Locked down the population of Australia: 25 million people.

And they’ll do it again whenever they want to because they saw they got away with it.

And our insane politicians – and you know we’ve got plenty of them – will be slavering to get a slice of that,  will be straining at the leash to lockdown this whole country on the first pretext they can  find.

That’s how bad it is.  You can’t see that?  You don’t think that’s bad?

Then I’m frightened of you.  You’re part of the problem.  You’d lock me up and even kill me as quick as look at me.

Here’s Dr Malone with some recent truth that really spans the whole thing.


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