Plea To Politicians about Ivermectin

Made a plea to a couple of politicians today about Ivermectin.

Just for them to read about it and then do something to make it available to us, the people.

For it is a harmless drug used for treatment of parasite infestations and yet sworn by many , many doctors to be efficient in both prophylaxis and treatment of Covid.

But you can’t get it.

Because it is prescription only.

And the doctors I approached had initially never even heard of it.

They googled it.

And then turned away from it.

I gave one links to a bunch of other Doctors  who were publicly pleading for Doctors everywhere and the authorities, the politicians, the opinion makers, the journalists, anyone and everyone to have a look at their data, their studies, their testimony of their own treatments on their own patients and:

He wouldn’t even look.

Now how good is that?

Here’s an elderly population facing what they’re told is a horrible disease that might even kill them and the chance of life saver that at the very worst would at least be a harmless placebo is denied them!

Denied them with a flick of the wrist.

Denied them to save the trouble of a mouse click and a disinterested couple of minutes screen reading.

How good is that?

What’s that like for a commentary of the state of things today.

Remember Barry Jones? ‘Sleepers Awake’?

Yes, well.  Wake up.

Isn’t it time we all woke up?