Do You Get a Banner?


Go check this little video from Mark Steyn telling some interesting news about covid vaccinations and covid deaths in the UK.

Tell me, do you get a banner across the screen telling you to go a govt website to learn something?

A banner you’re paying for? That you didn’t ask for?  That is in fact an invasion on your privacy?  That almost certainly will deliver deceiving and dubious ‘facts’?

From the same people that gave us lockdowns, masks,  banned medicine, crippled doctors,  perverted the whole nation.

I did.  I do.



Dr Malone Tells It All Again.

It is all still going on you know?

And it is worse than it has ever been, you just can’t see it.  Did you know that in China they have an app which shows a QR code on your phone which shines green or red according to your vaccination status or infection status or whatever they want it to do?

And there’s many places you can’t go if your code is red.

Just like there’s many places – like our taxpayer funded and supposedly therapeutic hospitals – that we can’t go without a stupid, useless, harmful  mask on.

Making a parody of health care, science, reason and democracy.

The difference is that masks are under our own control, I guess.  But the QR code is not. It is under the control of the runners of the software and they can switch it red or green as they please.

They can switch everyone ‘red’ in an instant and order everyone into lockdown.

Which, of course, is house arrest.

At the flick of a switch in China they can lock down the whole population.

And you know they are capable of doing it.  For they did it in  Shanghai didn’t they?  Locked down the population of Australia: 25 million people.

And they’ll do it again whenever they want to because they saw they got away with it.

And our insane politicians – and you know we’ve got plenty of them – will be slavering to get a slice of that,  will be straining at the leash to lockdown this whole country on the first pretext they can  find.

That’s how bad it is.  You can’t see that?  You don’t think that’s bad?

Then I’m frightened of you.  You’re part of the problem.  You’d lock me up and even kill me as quick as look at me.

Here’s Dr Malone with some recent truth that really spans the whole thing.

Otto Carnage spells it out:

On Brian Berletic’s Youtube channel ‘The New Atlas’ today:

The New Atlas
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Otto Carnage
15 hours ago

I’m a 72 year old Vietnam Veteran who saw what the US imperial empire did in Vietnam with my own eyes.
I was born in 1949 and was lied to and brainwashed by my government since I was in the first grade.
That was one reason that I volunteered for the USMC in 1969 and why I volunteered for Vietnam in 1970.
But when you see what the US did in Vietnam, you cannot unsee it. That has been what I have lived with my whole life.

And now I’m an old man who understands that the people who have been running the US government since I was born, are generations of vipers, who are responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the planet.

And now the US is in a proxy war with Russia.
I understand the Russia is responsible for invading Ukraine but the US, NATO and Ukraine are responsible for provoking Russia into invading Ukraine.

I agree with you, Brian, that the only way to end this war and stop the killing is for Ukraine to capitulate and sue for peace with Russia.

This war is so dangerous because of the very real risk of a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia no matter if its a miscalculation, accident or first strike. It will be a catastrophe.

It was in the comments section.


Edward Slavsquat on Substack.

Edward Slavsquat writes on Substack and his latest has this in the comments – I think well worth copying and broadcasting:

Why mix apples with oranges? In my opinion, these 2 topics are NOT related at all. I COMPLETELY agree with the commentary concerning the Russian government’s complicity in the WHO’s scamdemic and plandemic. I COMPLETELY disagree with the commentary concerning Russia’s “special military operation”.

So many people have NO vision of the future of what WOULD HAVE happened WHEN Ukraine launched their own “special military operation” in March 2022 and WHEN Ukraine would join NATO in 2025 and WHEN Ukraine would let NATO store a nuclear weapon arsenal on the borders of Russia in 2028 and WHEN Ukraine would launch a false flag on the Crimea border in order to take Crimea back in 2030. World War 3 in 2030 would have made the ‘great reset’ happen and many more millions of INNOCENT people would have been killed.

Approximately at least 10,000 Ukrainians have been killed in 8 years (2014 to 2022) during Ukraine’s “anti-terrorist operation”. How many more Ukrainians would have been killed when Ukraine launched their “anti-terrorist operation” in March 2022? Does ANYONE seriously think the Ukraine was going to let ALL their shiny new weapons rust and collect dust?

ANYONE who disapproves of this “special military operation” does NOT know the history of the Russian Empire and does NOT know about the the evil communist 1917 gifts to make Ukraine a country. The country of “Ukraine” was NEVER a country until after the western funded 1917 communist revolution.

ANYONE in 2014 who loves Russia (NOT the government), will continue to love Russia in 2022. ANYONE in 2014 who hated Russia, will continue to hate Russia in 2022. Russia’s “special military operation” did NOT change the calculus either way.

Russians have every right to protect the Russian language, culture, and heritage in my opinion. And all nationalities have every right to noncomply with tyrannical restrictions on freedom and every right to refuse injections in my opinion.

They Want A Long War


They want a long war in Ukraine.  The US.  The financiers. The profiteers.  The bandits.

Here’s my thoughts on it:

What’s desired is a long and expensive war. While ever they’re making profits from it.

We’ve all known that from the beginning.

It is the sole modus operandi of the American State.

Just because time has passed since the height of the Covid madness and you don’t see so many masks and people don’t talk about it doesn’t mean there’s been any change in that intransigently hostile and lying government.

It is still the same hotbed of competing thieves and liars intent on profit above all else and to the exclusion of all else and via war preferably.

There’s a way out. It’s coming. It’ll be when there’s no more profit to be made.

Or: more profit to be made elsewhere.

I think perhaps as BRICS gets stronger and the Rouble etc. perhaps the whole financial makeup of the world will change; well, surely will change, and could change to where the rapacious financiers see more profit in abandoning investment in war in Ukraine and adopting investment in this new growing economy.

Overall the situation is tragic to the point of apocalyptic. But it’s not the Ukraine ‘war’ that is the tragedy, it is the continuing overwhelming evidence that nothing can be or will be seen clearly and sensibly, the population at large will not take an interest in clear perceptions and the villains ‘in charge’ cannot be removed.

Ukraine serves as a bellwether really. All illogical insanities are present in the ‘debate’ and opinion pieces at all times and the soldiers themselves represent quite clearly docile ignorant masses marching to their doom in order to pay homage to a myth.

. There is not ‘attack on Ukraine’ as such at all. There’s an incursion in support of one side in a Civil War.

. There is not ‘Ukraine defending itself’ for Ukraine is fighting itself in this Civil War, of course.

. There is no ‘Ukraine’ as used in all these narratives: a clear individual entity. For there’s four: Ukraine rump, DPR, LPR, and Crimea. Lumped together by such as Zelensky implicitly at all times and explicitly in his conditions prior to negotiation and always illegitimately, in fact.

. There is no ‘Russia gaining Territory’ for much the main part because it merely aids DPR and LPR recover their own ground hence Russia gained nothing. Evidenced clearly by the LPR, wholly reclaimed now and proudly LPR, not ‘Russia’.

. There is no serious attempt to clarify these issues anywhere not even amongst the Russia sympathisers but the ‘Russia v Ukraine’ narrative is adopted even by them.

. There is in fact no ‘Ukrainian army’ in a real sense at all for it is controlled, trained, directed by the USA. To its own detriment we find in the context of traditional Slavic warfare where the troops expect to see their officers on the front line with them but here do not because of US inspired and directed adoption of the US military model. Hence it is not even Ukraine fighting anything or anyone before we get to the detail re just what ‘Ukraine’ is and who they might be fighting.

. There is no American Aid being ‘given’ to Ukraine I’m willing to postulate without, admittedly, having the details. All will be attached to strings. There’s be repayments, there’ll be interest, there’ll be conditions and considerations.

. There is no responsible government for the American Government in good conscience to do business with. A fact totally beyond dispute. Meaning that the American Government (and all the other toadying opportunist governments, like UK and Aus for instance) necessarily ‘do business’ with corrupt and thieving career criminals, extremists, corrupt politicians etc. We could say, by way of illustration, they’re doing business with the Mafia.

. There is nothing to be gained by the Ukrainian people who’re putting their lives on the line. Should every Russian disappear from Ukraine in the twinkling of an eye we’d be left with a country hosting thousands of dead, widespread destruction, dispossession of multitudes and desertion to other lands and amongst this wreckage they would find, still persisting, not ‘cured’, not ‘settled’ , not ‘solved’ the question of Luhansk, of Donetsk and of Crimea. And a totally corrupt Kiev administration. That’s their ‘holy grail’. For that they die and get crippled. That is all that is held out to them as a ‘win’.

It is all a lie from beginning to end. Just as Covid was/is. And in exactly the same way there’s almost total denial of it.

Ukraine is at a minimum four different States we can see quite clearly. I don’t mean in political exactitude with constitutions, millions of documents and all that blah, of course. I mean in literal fact of the people who live there.

They fall into at least four disparate groups who each want their own way and are prepared to fight for it. Military type fighting seems to come easy to those people.

Those groups are clearly the Donetsk, the Luhansk, the Crimean and then remaining the ‘rump’.

It is noticeable and very significant that there is Donetsk and Luhansk. Two. Not one. Two. And adjoining. Adjoining. Why not ‘One’ in that case? If aversion to the ‘rump’ is the problem?

Well because aversion to the rump is not the (whole) problem, clearly. They have other motivations and desires and so they form two. And live together amicably. So far at least. Fight together right now.

So in fact Ukraine IS a Federation of Republics if it were allowed to be.

If all the interfering crooks and manipulators were to magically suddenly leave everyone alone they’d apparently organise themselves into, at least, four groups and coexist amicably, trading and working together: Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea, Rump.

Maybe they wouldn’t coexist so peacefully. Maybe they’d fight because as I say they seem to be so ready to adopt warfare. No matter. That doesn’t change the fact it merely demonstrates it all the more doesn’t it?

The Ukraine is fragmented.

This whole insane thing is predicated on a refusal to accept that fact.

Certain greedy and mischievous manipulators insist upon it all being ‘One’, so that they have a bigger heap to leech off, more riches to plunder, more people to hurt. And they are insanely angry at Crimeans going their own way and being happy, at Donetsk citizens doing the same, at Luhansk citizens doing the same.

And from that anger and refusal to accept this very obvious and very fundamental and real nature of he Ukrainian peoples they decree that Ukrainians shall die to the last man and fight with shovels if necessary before there will be any division.

‘Insane’ has been used so often in this last two years of Covid insanity and malevolent governments that we’ve become accustomed to its use and its lost its impact. We read it and feel nothing and move on.

But we shouldn’t. We should stop right there and reflect on that and act on that, on the truth of it.

It is all insane. Meaning not logical, not true, fantasy, untruth, misdirection, hallucination: madness.

We are being driven mad by the overwhelming deluge of fantasy and untruth.

Those thousands of Ukrainians dying on the battlefield fighting for nothing, with no hope of any personal gain whatever – there but for the grace of god go we.

There in verisimilitude go we. In our streets and towns, our cities, we are following precisely the same path. We ARE they. We as susceptible to being misdirected into our own graves as those poor Ukrainians are unless we start to look with the eyes of reason and think with reason and compassion and humanity.

How Much Does It Cost Me To Censor/Deceive/Brainwash Myself?

It just cost us $600 BILLION over two years to censor ourselves, brainwash ourselves,  isolate ourselves, deep clean ourselves, mask ourselves, isolate ourselves from working medications,  avoid all healthy measure, ignore all sound scientific advice,  uselessly mask ourselves,  inject ourselves with useless and dangerous chemicals and shift billions of dollars over to America and its ruling Corporations: Big Pharma.

$600 Billion.  And we just had a change of government and the fact still gets no mention whatever.

It is of no consequence, apparently. Just business as usual.

No one gives a damn. NO one.

It wouldn’t have been so in the days of Australia. Remember Australia?  What happened to it? When did it die? What’s this country now? Does it still go by the name of Australia? I think it does, doesn’t it?  Pretends to be Australia.

Doesn’t fool me.  Does it fool you?  Australia wouldn’t serve up one of its sons, bound hand and foot, for execution for the crime of revealing a crime.


Don’t know what to call this new place but it’s not Australia. I can tell you that.

‘New Place’.  Perhaps that is it: ‘New Place’.  This is the ‘New Place’ where people no longer matter.

Anyway, back to the subject: censorship, brainwashing, cost.

I happened to do what I think is a fairly normal human thing these days when I happened to browse across an interview with a guy who’d written a book. Caught my interest.  Apparently a book about the origins of Covid.

And apparently the subject of the interview is that the world of ‘mainstream media’ which is what they still call it,  is ignoring the book totally.

Which seems strange considering the importance the covid thing has in the world, according to that same ‘mainstream media’.

So yes all of that’s interesting but not what I’m on about here, that’s just the background.

What I’m on about is that there was a big window splashed all across the screen apparently courtesy of the Australian Government, i.e. my tax dollars and nominally in accord with my wishes, saying:  ‘Covid 19. Get the latest information from the Australian Department of Health’ together with a ‘more information’ thing in the corner.

Chasing up the ‘more information’ doesn’t clarify much.  It sort of makes it look like a Youtube initiative but then goes on to disclaim all responsibility on the part of Youtube, so I think not.

So I think there’s a very good chance the Australian government is paying for that with our money.  And if it is not then it is obvious it is not asking for it to be removed.

And it is clear censorship,  propagandising, ‘brainwashing’ and improper unasked use of our funds.

If that is not a clear example of ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ I don’t know what is.

Big Brother watching me and directing me to the same web of misinformation that prevents my doctors acting according to their training, their conscience and their oath, directs hospitals to wear ridiculous masks and deny access to people without them, failed for two years to give one iota of sensible advice to people – and uses my money to do it!

We don’t have a government. We don’t have a country.  We have ‘this place’ and ‘those people’.

Here’s what I saw:


Ostrich Blindness.

Our world, led by America whom our stooge politicians faithfully follow with total disregard of their own electorates,  remains stubbornly and completely blind to what’s happening in Ukraine.

For 8 years the Ukrainians attacked a portion of their own population.  The ‘breakaway’ Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.  Populations that found living with the rest of Ukraine too uncomfortable.

Populations the ‘breakaway’ of which was recognised in the Minsk accords.

Populations the majority of Ukraine didn’t at all mind having ‘broke away’ and gone their own way: the majority of Ukrainians simply seeking a quiet life, as we all do.

But  Nazi extremists and violent radicals prompted by the CIA of the USA engineered a ‘coup’ that ousted the President of that time simply because he was talking peace and had agreed the Minsk accords; they threatened his life and he literally fled the country.

And then they settled in to shelling the Republics for 8 years non stop..

And were on the verge of a massive invasion when Putin and Russia came to their aid.

It has always been about aiding those Republics.  But our narrative virtually never ever gives them a mention.

Bitter Ukrainians screaming hate at the Russians have screamed to me that ‘Ukraine has a right to exist’.   As though someone were threatening the very existence of Ukraine.  Which no one is.  Or was.

They have a very wrong idea of what’s going on.  Probably watched too much Western propaganda media.

But the point is, you’d note of course,  that if ‘Ukraine has a right to exist’,  then by the same token so also do The Donetsk People’s Republic’ and ‘The Luhansk People’s Republic’.

But the vociferous, bitter, angry and murderous complainer doesn’t make that connection at all.  And doubtless he’d willingly don a uniform and go die at the front,  in order to feed his misapprehension.  That’s nothing short of a tragedy and enormous shame.  But, I think, ubiquitous and all layable at the door of Western Press, politicans and, principally of course: the USA and its propaganda machine.

Even those making Youtube vids and publishing papers talking about the progress of the conflict are in the habit of referring exclusively to ‘Russia’ as achieving this, achieving that, advancing here, retreating there, gaining ground, losing ground.

But it is NOT Russia alone at all.  Nor even Russia’s project in Russia’s interest.  This is costing Russia a very great deal.  A very great deal.  But Russia is acting on principle.  A principle that they take very seriously, obviously. They protect Russian people.

This is a concept our leaders would not understand.  Witness Julian Assange and the abrogation of our rights and freedoms throughout covid.  But it is very important to the Russians, to Slavs everywhere I think maybe.

The radical extremist Ukrainian State didn’t just shell the Republics for 8 years they made war on the whole idea of Russia and the Russian language.  Look it up.  Russia was denigrated in every possible way. Their language banned, their literature,  their history: everything and anything.

So what we see now is an Alliance.  They are Allies:  Russia, the DPR and the LPR.  Allies.  And they fight predominantly to this day on THEIR OWN territory.   The Luhansk People’s Republic has just reclaimed, driven the Nazi Ukrainians out of, it’s own territory: the Oblast as was of Ukraine called ‘Luhansk’.

But the Donetsk People’s Republic remain occupied territory.  It is occupied by hostile forces that have been shelling it for 8 years:  extremist nazi infested Ukraine.

This is how it is.  This is the truth of it.

Of course this truth is denied by the nazified Ukraine and by their masters: the CIA and the USA who try to pretend a peaceful loving harmonious and good Ukraine was suddenly beset by a rabid Russian horde intent upon conquering the whole country.

A completely childishly ridiculous narrative absolutely at odds with any cursory inspection of the facts.  But, of course, there never were any cursory inspections of the facts.

Any more than there were when masks were mandated for covid.

Any more than there were when covid was claimed to be wildly virulent.

Any more than there were when distancing, et al, was claimed to be effective.

Any more than when the vaccines were claimed to be ‘99%’ effective.

Looking at facts is not something our governments or our Press does for us.

Rather they simply echo the USA’s propaganda which – just run your eye over history – NEVER tells the truth.

But here’s the point:  It doesn’t matter one jot whether it is the true narrative or not, does it?  The point is that it is the narrative that prompts Russia’s actions.

You cannot understand Russia, you cannot know what is going on, unless you understand that narrative.  Talking with them, negotiating with them, coming to terms with them, demands knowing that narrative.

Knowing that one and knowing the phony one our propaganda machine gives us.  The job is to match the two and make a join.

Our side is so completely and utterly illogical and unreasonable – to the point of utter insanity – that they deny us any knowledge of that narrative.

They simply do not want us to know ‘both sides of the story’.

They do not want us to know what it ‘is all about’.

This is where we live. Down at the bottom of a great pit of ignorance being crapped on from on high by our so called ‘leaders’ and our Press.

We badly need to wake.  We’re being covered in ordure.  We’ll choke and die of it soon.

Russia itself choked off and silenced, ignored as always by our ‘free press’ and our ‘democratic’ managers is trying its best to get the word out even while battling the whole world on many fronts.

What it has done is put a massive sign up right in front of the American propaganda State, it’s government and thus the whole world.

They have made it clear what it is all about and they’d appreciate, I imagine, some of us helping them with it – but they’ll go alone if they have to.

They have renamed the square within which stands the American Embassy in Moscow:  ‘The Donetsk People’s Republic Square’.

Meaning, of course, that America has to tell the world that the address of their Embassy in Moscow is:

The Embassy of the United States of America,  The Donetsk People’s Republic Square,  Moscow.

How could you make it more obvious?  It would take a deeply amoral and antidemocratic and soulless citizen destroying government and media to ignore that.

So how are we going so far?   Is anyone waking  up?

Good To See We’re Still America’s Stooge..


So we make secret visits to Ukraine and pledge ‘support’ and give money and materiel that can only lead to more Ukrainians dying.

Excellent. America’s stooge to the end.

Same paradigm as through the covid debacle: don’t do anything constructive, feed the population bullshit,  spend our money without consultation,  ignore facts, never gather  evidence, have flagrant disregard for human life.

You beauty. Advance Australia Fair.


The Civil War In Ukraine


It is a Civil War in Ukraine.

No one mentions that. It is not reported from that point of view is it?

They report on “The Russian advance”,  ‘The Russians take Lysychansk” and so on.

But those fighters included many LPR and DPR brigades.  I guess  most people because of this inept and biased reporting don’t know what LPR and DPR are. Right?

They are the ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’  and the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’.

Breakaway States that broke off from Ukraine and established their own independent Republics with autonomy guaranteed by the Minsk accords, twice,  and each time ignored by Ukraine after first agreeing to them.

Now here’s the point:  if they are NOT independent States then this is a Civil War between Ukraine and breakaways, isn’t it?   A war that has been going on for eight years.  Did you know that?  Ukraine has been shelling these breakaways for eight years and has sworn repeatedly to eliminate them, wipe them completely out,  ban their Russian language, history, text books, novels, movies – anything and everything.  A cultural ‘ethnic cleansing’ and quite probably also a physical ethnic cleansing.

So that’s a civil war with Russia asked to help by those breakaways and Russia helping.

In which case it is not ‘Russia advancing’ and ‘Russia occupying’  but it is ‘breakaway States advancing’  ‘breakaway States occupying’ and so on

And get this: currently ALL of the real main fighting is right there: WITHIN those ‘Breakaway States’.  WITHIN the LPR and the DPR.

They are not ‘advancing’ into Ukraine, they are reclaiming their own land, their own borders.

This is not an ‘attack on Ukraine’,  it is a ‘fightback’ from the victims in a Civil War.

And if it is a Civil war there’s no reason whatever even in specious and dubious ‘international law’  ( specious and dubious because just like ‘war crimes’ it’s all really notional and ‘philosophically’ based and mostly has little connection with practical reality ) – to not have an ally from another country.  Quite normal and proper.

Now on the other hand it could be that it is NOT a civil war.  Which they would argue.

They want it seen as unprovoked vicious aggression by Russia. The same sort of thing as the USA (and its ass licking allies like UK and Aus) did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya for a small sampling).

So they would insist it is not a Civil War.

In which case the LPR and the DPR must be sovereign States just exactly as Putin and those States claim.

In which case Ukraine has been clearly making unprovoked war upon them for the last eight years.

And not only Russia but everyone should be coming to their aid.

But so hoodwinked and stupified are we by the American monster that we are urged – and actually are doing – to aid the aggressor!  The bully Ukrainian State that seeks to squash those tiny Republics.

You can’t have it both ways.

But, of course, having it both ways is exactly what our insane ‘leaders’ insist upon in these Kafkaesque Orwellian days.

Don’t think, is their message to us.  Do not reason.  Do not gather data.  Do not talk to each other.  Mainly: do not oppose us. For we are the almighty. We are the military/industrial/drugs profit making machine and you must take our drugs and fight our wars until you’re all dead and we inherit the earth, us and us alone with all our riches.

Which is totally insane of course. Mad.  If it were remotely possible what use to them to inherit an earth with no people on it?  It’s the people that make it an earth.  Perhaps they’d think to make ‘zombie people’.  Come to think of it that’s kinda exactly what they’ve got right now isn’t it?

Zombie people who take the drugs they tell them to take,  who docilely imprison themselves when told to,  who avoid each other when told to,  who mask themselves and stifle their own breathing when told to, who submit their little children for injections of mysterious stuff completely without any reason,  who avoid health giving medications when told to, who submit to censorships when told to, who isolate and denigrate anyone they’re told to AND: most important of all – willingly throw their bodies into the meat grinding machines of the wars they promote.

Yep.  Ukraine.  A civil war. Organised and promoted and sustained entirely by our noble leaders:  the US of A and lackeys.

And now being escalated by that same irrational, dumb, greedy, inhuman cohort to the level of global nuclear holocaust.

‘Zombies awake !’   Never going to happen, is it?