Gasmasks and Warfare


During WWII all the UK was frightened of gas attack and every  household had gasmasks.

And every schoolchild knew how to put one on, the same as they knew how to head for the nearest shelter at the air raid sirens.

But when bombs were falling 50 miles away they didn’t head for shelters.

And when there were no reports of gas attacks locally they didn’t put on gask masks, either.

In fact there were no gas attacks upon the UK during WWII and the masks were never necessary.

Ironic to consider they contained asbestos and it is reckoned thousands died because of asbestos contamination during the manufacture in the factories and an unknown number suffered asbestos related illness and even death from contamination by wearing the things.

The parallel with today is very strong.

Only today they make everyone wear the masks even when there are no air raid sirens and there are no reports of gas attack, not locally, not distantly.

Running a war this way would be seen as the ultimate folly and any general would be sacked immediately.  The waste of resources, the sapping of the army’s strength, the spreading of doubt, uncertainty, fear, misplaced effort, blindness to new techniques, new weapons:  any such general would be mocked as a fool at the very least.

This is because our ‘war’ is not being run by soldiers. It is being run by politicians who think they are all things to all men. They think they are soldiers capable of running any campaign, they think the are scientists, capable of comprehending and judging any science debate, they think they are doctors, capable of prescribing for any ills –

they are in fact none of these. They are merely actors. Their profession is acting.  They need a stage, a theatre, a cinema, a Play to perform.

In the absence of one they use the nation as their theatre and they act like the gods they think they are and the Play the ‘perform’ is ‘how I manipulated the world for its own good’.

They are deluded is the kindest thing we can say about them.

And about ourselves for letting them do this.

We need to stand up and take control of our own country.  Get some politicians who can do  the job. Define the job, get some people who can do it.  Not actors. Not megalomaniacs. Not egocentrics.  Not bullies.  Not liars.

You ought to read this. ‘They’ ought to read it.

Here we go. Daily we’ve got more to choose from. It’s getting like a flood. But they don’t listen. ‘they’.  Still. Gotta try don’t we.

try this one on them if you can get ’em to look:

why would they do it?

because they want us to buy their own expensive prophylactic medicine as soon as they have it to the market.

how wicked is that? fantastically so? yep.  ‘fantasy’.  You wouldn’t believe it. It has to be ‘fantasy’

Except we’re living it aren’t we?  we are living it.

check this:

What Should Be The Covid News?


It should be news of new treatments, new drugs,  new methodologies.  News of successes.  News of tests and trials into new therapies.

It should be news of TREATMENTS.   But instead it is news of PUNISHMENTS.

It should be a close monitoring of how well or badly we are monitoring our fight with the virus. Or, rather, the bodily damages commensurate with the virus.

But how much of our news covers that?

None.  Not one little, tiny bit.  None.

And it is another beautiful demonstration of what’s wrong.

For it is wrong in the first place, obviously.

In the second place it is obvious our governments are totally wrong by not bringing it about

In the third place the medical establishment, our doctors, etc..

In the fourth our ‘watchers’ – the journalists etc..

In the fifth ( or perhaps first ) us.  We are not even asking for it.

It is clearly the blind leading the blind.

Actually our hospitals ought to be competing with each other shouldn’t they?  Who has the greatest record of successes in treatment.  That sort of thing.

We never see it. They don’t do it. Publicly at least.

We generally don’t ask to see it. We’re enormously incurious about our treatments.  Having a sort of peasant attitude to the magic of the witch doctors who we think will heal us with that magic.

Time to change that, I’d think.  There is no magic.

We assume we’ll get, automatically, the best treatment available.

That’s not a valid assumption at all.  It turns out.

So much so that a  place in America they had to go to court to get a hospital to administer Ivermectin to a patient.   I suppose the patient’s family went to court.

And the court ruled  in favour.  Of the patient.  Instructed the hospital to give Ivermectin.  You know what happened? The hospital still refused.

I don’t know how it all turned out.

You know what hurts most and even kills you with covid is the flooding of your lungs.  Then you can’t breathe and it’s agony and it’s even death.

So in hospitals they ‘intubate’  you.  Put you on an oxygen mask at first so’s you’re breathing a much higher concentration of oxygen than normal and then if that fails they push a tube down your throat into your lungs and push oxygen down that.  Very crude.  But it’s all they know. In the absence of treatments.

You know it was months before some hospitals discovered that they could keep more patients alive if they simply lay them on their faces? Face down?  Prone?

Now during that time, before they got there, they were literally killing patients by not doing this.

And after they got there some hospitals didn’t know or didn’t care and they continued to ‘kill’ patients.

Postural drainage.  Been practiced for centuries.  They didn’t know. Didn’t think.

Point is you don’t know and  you don’t ask.

And often they don’t know and they don’t ask.

And often they won’t be told.

Don’t take my word for that. Take the word of hundreds and hundreds of doctors around the world claiming immense benefit for Ivermectin.  On the one side.  And the hundreds of doctors and hospitals on the other side who refuse to credit it.

Did you know there’s a war going on, sotto voce,  between two halves of the medical profession?

And that will decide what treatment you get if you’re in hospital with Covid?

And that could decide whether you live or die?

Treatment.  That’s what it is all about, isn’t it? Surely?

Never gets a mention.  Not a word.  I haven’t seen any words.

No. All I see is totalitarian dictatorial heavy handed stupid and incompetent threats and commands.

Often under the banner of ‘fighting’ this ‘thing’.

But, of course, there is no ‘fighting’ at all.  There is no ‘fighting’ in any of that. Except fighting and hurting, killing, your own people, your own nation.

‘Fighting’ is using  treatments that work.   Or you hope will work.  That you’re trying out.  That you’ve heard good reports about.  Live Ivermectin.  Hydroxychloroquine.  All the things they refuse to use.

Even a vaccine doesn’t ‘fight’. Think about it.  They are not supposed to ‘fight’. Think about what you know about them. Are they supposed to fight anything?  No.  They are supposed to attack the body and make it start up its immune system defences is all.

A ‘mock’ attack that can do no harm is the idea.  Jolt your army into action stations when there’s no real threat.

Your immune system does the fighting.

And it needs all the help it can get.

Does the government or anyone else say a single word about the help your immune system needs, could use, wants?

I don’t think so.

Do you ask?  In the main I think not.

So there’s a  big problem.   No one has any interest in treating the thing. Not even the people in danger from it.

We are subjected to videos of tearful distraught ICU nurses a their wits end, exhausted and saddened by seeing their patients die with covid. We’re told.

And the whole idea is to frighten us into getting a vaccine (which itself can put you in hospital dying horribly)

But no mention of the treatments that nurse could use to help her deal with those patients.  Or, rather, the doctors. Strange that we don’t see doctors in those videos.

No mention of the treatments that they were using that didn’t work so’s we can be informed and match with other hospitals, other doctors, other nations, other treatments.

But the point is those nurses (or doctors) need treatments now and tomorrow for existing patients.   Your supposed ‘saving yourself’  or ‘armour plating’ yourself with a vaccine is neither here nor there for them.

Not relevant.

It’s not you they’re interested in.  It’s their  existing patients.

That’s what they’re in front of the cameras crying about: the dying and the agonies of their existing patients.

Funny how it gets segued into the vaccine thing, a promotion for dictatorial, draconian unscientific impositions of compulsory vaccinations isn’t it?

Funny that the real immediate problem, fact, need, regarding existing patients is entirely ignored, isn’t it?

Why would that be?  It doesn’t make sense does it?

Unless you think it is to the producers and promotors of the video more important they they get their way than that a suffering patient be helped.  Would you think that?

So it seems that it must be that after her video session that nurse goes back to the hospital to do no more than she’s already been doing.  To continue her ineffectual treatments.

And after facing the world and broadcasting to it and never even asking for any help with treating the sick.

The producers of the video didn’t think if appropriate to bring up the question or the need for effective treatments.

The kindest thing we can say, I think, is that it was just a plea for you to not get sick.

Well thanks very much.

We don’t actually plan to get sick.  But we would like to know how to cure ourselves or how you might cure us if we did.

And we would like to know what we can do to avoid getting sick.

To avoid it.  Note, again, the vaccines don’t ‘avoid’ getting sick. They ‘prime’ your immune system so’s you will better handle it when you do get sick.

Hence treatments are allies of any vaccine.

Yet treatments get no discussion.

Except vilification.  They are vilified, denigrated, ignored, denied, bypassed and even outlawed.

The most regularly spoken of,  videod about, written about, vouched for,  officially vouched for by highly qualified doctors with important positions, highly trialled and sworn to be efficacious by hundreds and perhaps thousands of doctors.

Such as the FLCCC protocols which include  ivermectin.

And hydroxchloroquine.

In tandem with adequate Vit D levels (chronically deficient in our society). And zinc.    And so on. See for instance the FLCCC Alliance protocols.

Yes. It is strange.  There is NO discussion of treatments there is only denial and denigration of them.

You know what this is?

This is world domination.  That stuff of melodrama and Dr No. etc.  The whole world to be vaccinated like it or not with whatever they choose to use on whatever pretext at any time.

If that is not world domination by the drug companies and their allies – our craven governments – then what is it?






We must protect the vaccinated???


According to Tom Woods here Kamala Harris claims we ‘must protect the vaccinated ???

Protect the vaccinated?   How insane is that?  The vaccinated got vaccinated to protect themselves by being vaccinated!!  How the hell can anyone else protect them?

Only makes sense one way, I reckon.  Think psychology.  She means ‘to protect the reputations, the egos, of the vaccinated’.  See?

To protect them from embarrassment everyone must join them in their chosen route to ‘protection’ and then they can’t be mocked or shown to be wrong if it doesn’t work.  (as  is being shown everywhere is the case).

Could it be that childishly simple, that evil, that the whole world must bow to their will and suffer all kinds of injury and expense – simply to protect their egos?

You know what? After seeing American and British and Aus politics the last 5 years or so I think it well could be.

Because just look at what comes next:

Protect how?

By forcibly vaccinating all the little kids.  !!!  Kids !!! Completely out of danger from the beginning.  Force them into danger.  And ‘forcibly’ !!  Smash to bits all parental rights and responsibilities.  Over-ride  completely, without democratic discussion,  overwhelming force, brutal overkill, massive madness.

To protect the egos of the insane ‘ruling class’.

Now where’s our vaunted democracy?  Now where’s our ‘science’ and rationality and truth and sense? Now where’s our ‘advanced western world’?

I would like to emigrate to Russia.  I used to be frightened of totalitarian, dictatorial, freedom crushing, insane despotism.  I still am.  I want to run away to Russia.

Excellent Data Page Showing Typical Bias

There’s what appears to be an excellent covid data tracking page here from the NY Times.

But data from John Hopkins.  We ought to go straight there for it I guess.  But here’s this link for right now.

The ‘bias’ is how it’s presented without any definition of what a ‘case’ is.  We don’t know if it was decided on the basis of 40 PCR cycles or what?  Makes an enormous difference.

And how it is presented by default it appears as a story of enormous increases in cases – alarming.  Apparently meant to be alarming.

But when you turn to death rates, which at least are there, you find figures like 0.5 deaths per Hundred Thousand!

It doesn’t mean much if you’re calling everyone with a cold a ‘case’ and no one is dying does it?

But overall it is interesting, very interesting in many ways not least that it shows the ubiquity of the virus: which was/is to be expected.  It bears out the well known, decades old epidemiological knowledge of the behaviour of viruses.   Despite and regardless of anything man tries to do.

It shows the total similarily of experience everywhere despite differences in govt approaches.

Another part of the ‘bias’ perhaps is that there is no background, or context setting: i.e. we don’t know how these death rates fit in with normal death rates on the average.  And we don’t know if they represent additions to the accumulated all cause death rates beyond the norm or do they exist along with all others within the normal bounds?

And, of course, as always, we know nothing about the presence and nature of comorbidities.  Which you’d think everyone would be demanding to know, unless you expect people to be frightened to want to know.  But if you were old and it were killing  (at 0.5 per 100,000) only the old wouldn’t you want to know?  Or only the obese? Or only the diabetic?  Or only the Hypertense? Or only the anxiety ridden?

That’s context and we are as usual told nothing but are presented with figures intended to cause alarm.

Nor or we, of course, told anything at all about treatment. It makes an enormous amount of difference to severity and death rates if there’s immediate early home treatment we are assured by numerous doctors working ICU with the disease.  Some countries are adopting strategies that account for this: India, say.  Others are deliberately making it illegal: Australia, say.

These charts make no mention either way.

So these charts from John Hopkins and the presentation wrapped around them by the New York Times and the presentation wrapped around that by Taki mag serve as a good archive of the parlous state of the ‘best’ information available to us in the midst of this ‘global emergency’.

The Z Man on Taki Has it Right.


This is about the size of it I reckon.  Govts are not so much insane and evil as simple blind and deluded,  Blinded and deceived by their own sycophants as often as not z-man could have said I think.[0]=AT1zf_xZJWIrevJUt2KYz9Fk-P6ae3UdwfK9d-ceoEWpU1ANbGe2KnRTuYkp1FF8j3Loq_K9XXRgnCsxH0Vil1TMW3RKim5BkOrCHtbEwpkxt0PvByMKs_bbLzfkY9wqN14WrhFdBNQSSmvE6R6qeQqMh4T9vNYtPrf4Ce2AfSM7o04


Top News: Promising Drugs

New drugs in Israel showing great promise. They attack the coat of the virus rather than the spike protein.

Makes them better.