The World’s Greatest Scam.


Can your doorbell put out a Fire?

Nope.  Can the Fire Alarm Bell put out a Fire?

Nope.  The Fire Brigade puts out Fires.

The best the  Alarm can do is give early warning.

Now if I’m selling Alarm Bells what is a 100% effective bell?

One that puts out every fire or one that always rings?

A 100% effective bell is one that always rings.  Isn’t it?

It never puts out a Fire.  Ever.

A 100% vaccine always Alarms the Immune system.

That’s all.

It NEVER ‘puts out a fire’ – cures, kills, stops a disease.


So there’s the World’s Greatest Scientific Fraud and Scam ever:  to claim vaccines ‘cure’ or ‘prevent’ diseases.

It is quite blatant.  Very, very blatant.  Pfizer argued their vaccine was ‘99.96%’ effective.

At what?  Alarming the Immune System?  Swinging it into action?  NO.   They meant at preventing or mitigating disease.

Whereas it did nothing but Alarm the Immune System early.

And that ‘early warning’ meant the  immune system instead of preventing 99.86% of disease now prevented 99.96%.

Either way,  before or after the vaccine,  the Immune System did it all.  The Vaccine did nothing.

Pfizer’s, anyone’s,  Vaccine should be 100% effective.


Effective at doing what it does: Alarming the immune system into early action.

100% effective at that.  And 0% effective at anything else.

Saying a vaccine is 95% effective and so on, as they’re doing all over the place now is a trick,  a conjuring trick,  a comparing of apples with oranges,  a segue from one place to another.

The vaccines are to be measured as being ‘effective’ at what they do:  prompt, rightly or wrongly, the immune system.

And the immune system is to be measured as being effective at what it does:  defeats pathogens.

The vaccines and the their manufacturers,  their enthusiasts, they stole the credit.  All of it.

A massive lie.  Massive.

If I sold doorbells on the basis that they’d put out fires I’d be locked up for fraud.

If I went around Fire Stations selling Alarm Bells as guaranteed to put out 99.96% of all fires I’d be locked up as insane.

But this is the story the whole world is swallowing and has swallowed since vaccines began.

Telling the story this way when you get sick you don’t  need to get healthy and strengthen your immune system:  you just need an alarm system.

Like if you’re burning you just need a bell.

Having gutted the human being and removed their insides, their immune systems, by totally ignoring them, humans became empty shells with no agency of their own, mere dumb passive spectators of an internal battlefield whereupon vaccines battled viruses.

A total absolute colossal perversion of the truth.  An absolute flagrant misrepresentation of human reality of infinite magnitude.

Told this way there was no need to consider, help and sustain the immune system for it was to be completely ignored.  This meant that in fact everything could be done that would hurt and  cripple the immune system:

keep away from the outdoors and healthy exercise,  from clean fresh uncontaminated air,  from sunlight and Vitamin D, ignore the need for adquate zinc levels, ignore the massive life giving effect of the human spirit of hope to fight back against illness, ignore the positive effect of meeting with friends and family,  of the feeling of empowerment when knowing one can do something and is engaged on doing it…

People were taught, abjured, forced,  to sit and hide passively in sealed rooms weeks on end, confined and locked away with nothing know they could do….   waiting a magic ‘bullet’ that simply does not exist….   a ‘bell’ masquerading as a ‘caped crusader’  to come and save the day.

A embattled and weakened immune system was denied any assistance from anti-virals that would work alongside it and help,  they were actually forbidden by law!

Everything was and is done to defeat the immune system.  The human immune system and the human spirit is being methodically crushed in every possible way while at the same time still being expected to 100% save the day!  And when it does the credit is taken by the ‘alarm bell’ !

This is science fraud on a staggering scale.

It is very simple as all the biggest lies are.  Make a motor car analogy.  ‘You’re having trouble with your car, doesn’t win races?  You need a new starter motor.’

There, see?  New starter motor and now your winning races.

See?  Our starter motor wins races!

Races are won by starter motors!!

Bullshit.  It is all bull.  Deep, deep, total, total bull.


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