New Aussie Words.

The Spectator Magazine posted an article today about ‘new Aussie words.

Prompted me to write this comment which I’d like to put up here on my blog:

We’ve got a real opportunity to invent some words now don’t we?
We have leaders that don’t lead but cripple.
We’ve got a democracy that’s in fact a tyranny.
We’ve got an emergency that is no emergency.
We have terrible scourge virus that isn’t a scourge.
We have vaccines that ‘cure’ where vaccines never cure anything: the Immune System does that.
We have medical establishments that are not permitted to practice medicine according to their own skill and conscience.
We’ve got anti-virals prohibited on the grounds that taking them ‘might’ make you less likely to take an unproven vaccine.
We’ve got ‘responsible’ govt. hiding facts and truth and costs and consequences from the people they’re supposed to ‘lead’.
We’ve got people doing things in face of overwhelming evidence they’re not effective.
We’ve got populations believing in ‘95% effective’ vaccines when the immune system is already 98% effective.
We’ve got after two years of non-education, miseducation, censorship and lies a population that believes there’s only one hope: a vaccine and sublimely unaware that vaccines do nothing but provoke the immune system.
Immune systems that have been studiously ignored and abused by ‘leaders’ for two years.
We have a whole nation abandoned the finest social and political principles the human race has come up with in abject fear of a phantom enemy in deference to waiting for a phantom ‘caped crusader vaccine’ to come to the rescue.
We have a diminished, humbled, weakened, gutted, throttled remnants of a nation – what’s the word for that.
We have a bill never before seen, not even in midst of world war: monetary bill, social bill, health bill, education bill, infrastructure bill, social organisation bill…. it goes on and on and on…
We have complicity, a connection, with the rest of the world such as we’ve never had before, being directly responsible for possibly millions – millions ! – of starvation and stillborn deaths in the third world due to the international trade crippling brought about by our hiding in our caves trembling in fear, waiting for the ‘caped crusader’.
We have a press corps has never said a sensible thing in the last two years.
A medical establishment forced to its knees which never found a way to even anonymously grafiti words of protest or encouragement to the masses.
A legal establishment that saw our whole system illegally taken over: surely illegal to turn the whole system sworn to be for our good, in our interest, turned against our good, turned against our interest? without saying a word.
We saw jackbooted armed thugs in the name of the law enthusiastically pepper spraying prone old women.
We saw whole miles of sunlit immune system enhancing beaches banned, off limits, denied us.
Oh, we need a whole dictionary.
But we’re gob smacked.
Just gob smacked.

Stunned into silence.
Perhaps that the first word we need: a word for the covidmadness silence.

And here’s their article:

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