The Old Rotten Lifebelt Analogy


I like to find analogies.  Helps me think.  Me and millions more. I think it is how most of us think.

So here’s an analogy:

There’s a bloke drowning in the water before you and he sings out ‘throw me that lifebelt’.So you look at the lifebelt and it looks an old  rotten belt to you.

So you say ‘No.  That belt’s no good’  and you won’t throw it.

And he says ‘But I want it.  I believe in it.  Thousands of people have used belts like it and it saved them.’

And you say ‘I don’t believe that.’

And he says ‘well doesn’t matter, I do,  just throw it’

And you say ‘No’.

So there’s someone standing nearby and he says ‘I’ll throw it mate, just hang on.’

And you say ‘You hang on, mate, I’m the law, and I’m saying you are not to throw that belt.’

And he says  ‘But I’m a lifeguard. It’s my job to throw belts’

And you say ‘ I don’t give a damn. I am the strength and the power and I’m saying if you throw that I’ll get you sacked and even locked up’.

So he doesn’t throw it.

And the guy drowning you say to him ‘mate, swallow this, it’ll make you 0.1% more buoyant’

And he says ‘what’s in it? what could it do?’

And you say ‘we haven’t finished checking it out yet but don’t worry, mainly we’re fairly sure it’ll make you 0.1% more buoyant,  just take it.’

So the drowning bloke took it but he drowned anyway.  He wasn’t in the 0.1%.

How about that for an analogy?

Can you figure out what it is about, I wonder?

It’s about the people and Ivermectin and doctors and government.

It is a horror story.

Is there anyone, anywhere, can help us with this horror story?



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