Maybe it’s Just ‘Us’ against ‘Them’.

Why won’t the mob listen to sense?

They couldn’t possibly be that blind, that deaf, that stupid, surely?

No, I don’t think so. Maybe it’s that they just loyal to each other.  They ARE the people.  They ARE the nation.  They KNOW that because look around.

So they feel they BELONG and therefore we of the different opinions must NOT be of the nation.  Must not be of the mob.  Must not be ‘of them’.  We must NOT belong.

And maybe that’s all that is about.  Those who belong refuse to listen to a word from those who don’t belong and they refuse to change their behaviour or their beliefs not one jot until word comes down to change – and then they will all change, overnight, with aplomb,  with equal certainty that they are correct, right, and doing the right thing.

And if the new beliefs and behaviour is to exactly what we’ve been telling them for two years that won’t faze the a bit.

There’ll be no  apologies. They’ll feel no shame.  For they’ll still know they BELONG,  the ARE the nation and we ARE NOT.

And it is true, isn’t it?

We pride ourselves on thinking for ourselves. For individually looking for truth and facts and reason.

We are what they accuse us of:  Selfish.  We are ‘self’ – ish.

We believe in the ‘self’ as the way to a better society.  i.e. we believe it is for every one of us each to find our own way and make of ourselves reasoning and sensible people.

And as part of that we can see that the team doesn’t move until every member is willing, shares the goals and methods, etc.

We have individual concern for each and every individual.

Just like in aboriginal societies.  Australian at any rate. Rule by consensus, not by edict.

But these now they favour rule by edict.  The mob acts as one. Like lemmings.  Like a flock of a thousands of birds moving as one.  Like a shoal of fish acting as one.

I’ve heard and seen the accusation many times:  ‘Selfish’ and thought it incongruous.  Why would a rabid lockdown vaxxer accuse a non-vaxxer anti-lockdowner of being selfish?  Where is the selfishness?

There’s a crude, a broad selfishness to be seen. If the govt says we can’t be ‘free’ until everyone has complied then you’re selfish if you don’t comply.  We’re all waiting on you.

But I think many times that doesn’t apply.  At least not totally. There’s a deeper selfishness that they’re objecting to.

and it is the ‘selfishness’ of seeking to think for yourself.

to their minds you’ve no business thinking for yourself. Or, if you do, then you should keep your thoughts to yourself and not act on them or urge anyone else to act on them.

It frightens them.  For they don’t want to think.  And they strongly believe we all should do the same.  Like a school of fish.  So if you are going to think does that then mean that they must think?

God forbid.  ‘Does me ‘ed in’.

I would like to get into their minds.  I wonder if they feel that they are such a ‘whole’,  such an integral mass of beings, that they actually come up with theirs thoughts as to what actions to take by some kind of mass ‘groupthink’ on a subliminal level so that magicly they suddenly all share the same though that ‘this’ is the way to go?

Or do they ascribe the directions to some levels higher  above themselves or some nucleus of themselves where ‘difference’  and ‘other’ IS permitted and thinking IS permitted and the thinking is done and is then passed on to them in the form of directives to be obeyed?

Perhaps neither.  Perhaps having either concept would call for more awareness than they care to have.

But there’s the basic thing, I think,  there’s the reason why reason and data and logic and observation, truth, sense just has no effect on them.  Because they don’t play that game.

They only play one game:  do what the mob does.

So we have to find how to manipulate the mob.

Manipulate them into understanding that we ARE with them. That they are with us.  That we’re all one.  That we have common interests.

I’ve no idea how to do that.

It’s all a headspace thing isn’t it?  When in doubt their headspace says ‘do what everyone is doing’ and our headspace when in doubt says ‘figure it out, what’s best’.

Even trickier because we use the ‘do what everyone does’ rule in the beginning don’t we?  Everyone does.  It is natural.  But we train ourselves to look for alternatives all the time.

Like in science they’re still testing Einstein’s Relativity because that’d their mindspace: to constantly test and check.

Well that’s more the kind of space we inhabit.

It is a kind of deliberate ‘otherness’,  a deliberate setting apart from the mob.

But at the same time with no desire to set self apart at all.  More a desire to become a better part of the mob, really.


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