More Demonstrable Total Barminess.

It’s alright for me to just call it ‘barminess’  like it’s some silly joke.  But it’s no joke.  These mandates are hurting, even killing people. And adherence to the false belief that they do some good is steeping people in madness: false belief is madness in the end.

It really is no joke.  We, being healthy etc., can afford to laugh I guess but for instance the frightened old granny living by herself can’t.  Nor can the starving poor sods in the third world who’re getting hit by the trade halt.

This is a good couple of graphs Tom shows here.  One annotating the ridiculous claims the ‘oh so proper and superior’ snotty nosed experts make and the other from King Liar himself: Fauci.  The first claim a couple of times we’re looking at evidence of the validity of the measures, when time is showing right here the opposite and Fauci is shown yet again to be making another of his specious forecasts.

That’s the Iceland graph.

Then the other graph shows a representative bundle of American States that represent a mix of strategies:  mask, no mask, lockdown, no lockdown,  etc.  and they all follow identical disease trajectories.  You wouldn’t know which is which.

Nothing new here.  We’ve been seeing this for well over a year now.  But always interesting and in itself proof it was always thus and still is.

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