We are talking about the firebell instead of the Firebrigade.

My idea nowadays is we should refuse to talk ‘vaccine’. The real factor here is ‘Immune system‘. we should always couch the debate in terms of the ‘immune system‘.

i.e. ‘why provoke the immune system with an unknown quantity that poorly imitates the real threat and therefore cannot initiate a full response?

or ‘why refuse to allow the immune system the things it needs to strengthen itself? Like sunshine, fresh air, freedom of movement, exercise, company of friends and relatives, etc. etc, etc… ALL the things the govt bans ?

or: ‘why refuse to help the immune system by providing potent anti-virals, chemicals that actually DO fight viruses rather than surreptitiously attack your system while depending upon your system to do the fighting alone ?’

or: ‘why keep prodding and prodding an exhausted immune system obviously incapable of responding adequately and probably due to an inappropriate prodding in the first place accompanied by a total lack of support in the second place?’

That sort of thing. It really is the issue, is it not? Our immune systems is where the ‘war’ takes place. That is where/what it is all about.

We are so hoodwinked, along with everyone else, by the spurious narrative of brain dead politicians and mercenary drug lords we’ve fallen into the trap of discussing vaccines.

I’ve put it this way. It is like the fire bell at the fire station that startles the firemen into action and the Fire Brigade itself.

The firebell is the vaccines. The Firebrigade is the Immune system.

A vaccine is merely a bell.  A warning. Something to prompt into action.

All the discussion and wasted effort is going into the bloody Firebell, the ‘alarm bell’.

No discussion, no help, no effort, no understanding going to the FirebrigadeThe Immune System

It needs help.  Help it and it will help you.

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