How Much Does It Cost Me To Censor/Deceive/Brainwash Myself?

It just cost us $600 BILLION over two years to censor ourselves, brainwash ourselves,  isolate ourselves, deep clean ourselves, mask ourselves, isolate ourselves from working medications,  avoid all healthy measure, ignore all sound scientific advice,  uselessly mask ourselves,  inject ourselves with useless and dangerous chemicals and shift billions of dollars over to America and its ruling Corporations: Big Pharma.

$600 Billion.  And we just had a change of government and the fact still gets no mention whatever.

It is of no consequence, apparently. Just business as usual.

No one gives a damn. NO one.

It wouldn’t have been so in the days of Australia. Remember Australia?  What happened to it? When did it die? What’s this country now? Does it still go by the name of Australia? I think it does, doesn’t it?  Pretends to be Australia.

Doesn’t fool me.  Does it fool you?  Australia wouldn’t serve up one of its sons, bound hand and foot, for execution for the crime of revealing a crime.


Don’t know what to call this new place but it’s not Australia. I can tell you that.

‘New Place’.  Perhaps that is it: ‘New Place’.  This is the ‘New Place’ where people no longer matter.

Anyway, back to the subject: censorship, brainwashing, cost.

I happened to do what I think is a fairly normal human thing these days when I happened to browse across an interview with a guy who’d written a book. Caught my interest.  Apparently a book about the origins of Covid.

And apparently the subject of the interview is that the world of ‘mainstream media’ which is what they still call it,  is ignoring the book totally.

Which seems strange considering the importance the covid thing has in the world, according to that same ‘mainstream media’.

So yes all of that’s interesting but not what I’m on about here, that’s just the background.

What I’m on about is that there was a big window splashed all across the screen apparently courtesy of the Australian Government, i.e. my tax dollars and nominally in accord with my wishes, saying:  ‘Covid 19. Get the latest information from the Australian Department of Health’ together with a ‘more information’ thing in the corner.

Chasing up the ‘more information’ doesn’t clarify much.  It sort of makes it look like a Youtube initiative but then goes on to disclaim all responsibility on the part of Youtube, so I think not.

So I think there’s a very good chance the Australian government is paying for that with our money.  And if it is not then it is obvious it is not asking for it to be removed.

And it is clear censorship,  propagandising, ‘brainwashing’ and improper unasked use of our funds.

If that is not a clear example of ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ I don’t know what is.

Big Brother watching me and directing me to the same web of misinformation that prevents my doctors acting according to their training, their conscience and their oath, directs hospitals to wear ridiculous masks and deny access to people without them, failed for two years to give one iota of sensible advice to people – and uses my money to do it!

We don’t have a government. We don’t have a country.  We have ‘this place’ and ‘those people’.

Here’s what I saw:


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