The Civil War In Ukraine


It is a Civil War in Ukraine.

No one mentions that. It is not reported from that point of view is it?

They report on “The Russian advance”,  ‘The Russians take Lysychansk” and so on.

But those fighters included many LPR and DPR brigades.  I guess  most people because of this inept and biased reporting don’t know what LPR and DPR are. Right?

They are the ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’  and the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’.

Breakaway States that broke off from Ukraine and established their own independent Republics with autonomy guaranteed by the Minsk accords, twice,  and each time ignored by Ukraine after first agreeing to them.

Now here’s the point:  if they are NOT independent States then this is a Civil War between Ukraine and breakaways, isn’t it?   A war that has been going on for eight years.  Did you know that?  Ukraine has been shelling these breakaways for eight years and has sworn repeatedly to eliminate them, wipe them completely out,  ban their Russian language, history, text books, novels, movies – anything and everything.  A cultural ‘ethnic cleansing’ and quite probably also a physical ethnic cleansing.

So that’s a civil war with Russia asked to help by those breakaways and Russia helping.

In which case it is not ‘Russia advancing’ and ‘Russia occupying’  but it is ‘breakaway States advancing’  ‘breakaway States occupying’ and so on

And get this: currently ALL of the real main fighting is right there: WITHIN those ‘Breakaway States’.  WITHIN the LPR and the DPR.

They are not ‘advancing’ into Ukraine, they are reclaiming their own land, their own borders.

This is not an ‘attack on Ukraine’,  it is a ‘fightback’ from the victims in a Civil War.

And if it is a Civil war there’s no reason whatever even in specious and dubious ‘international law’  ( specious and dubious because just like ‘war crimes’ it’s all really notional and ‘philosophically’ based and mostly has little connection with practical reality ) – to not have an ally from another country.  Quite normal and proper.

Now on the other hand it could be that it is NOT a civil war.  Which they would argue.

They want it seen as unprovoked vicious aggression by Russia. The same sort of thing as the USA (and its ass licking allies like UK and Aus) did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya for a small sampling).

So they would insist it is not a Civil War.

In which case the LPR and the DPR must be sovereign States just exactly as Putin and those States claim.

In which case Ukraine has been clearly making unprovoked war upon them for the last eight years.

And not only Russia but everyone should be coming to their aid.

But so hoodwinked and stupified are we by the American monster that we are urged – and actually are doing – to aid the aggressor!  The bully Ukrainian State that seeks to squash those tiny Republics.

You can’t have it both ways.

But, of course, having it both ways is exactly what our insane ‘leaders’ insist upon in these Kafkaesque Orwellian days.

Don’t think, is their message to us.  Do not reason.  Do not gather data.  Do not talk to each other.  Mainly: do not oppose us. For we are the almighty. We are the military/industrial/drugs profit making machine and you must take our drugs and fight our wars until you’re all dead and we inherit the earth, us and us alone with all our riches.

Which is totally insane of course. Mad.  If it were remotely possible what use to them to inherit an earth with no people on it?  It’s the people that make it an earth.  Perhaps they’d think to make ‘zombie people’.  Come to think of it that’s kinda exactly what they’ve got right now isn’t it?

Zombie people who take the drugs they tell them to take,  who docilely imprison themselves when told to,  who avoid each other when told to,  who mask themselves and stifle their own breathing when told to, who submit their little children for injections of mysterious stuff completely without any reason,  who avoid health giving medications when told to, who submit to censorships when told to, who isolate and denigrate anyone they’re told to AND: most important of all – willingly throw their bodies into the meat grinding machines of the wars they promote.

Yep.  Ukraine.  A civil war. Organised and promoted and sustained entirely by our noble leaders:  the US of A and lackeys.

And now being escalated by that same irrational, dumb, greedy, inhuman cohort to the level of global nuclear holocaust.

‘Zombies awake !’   Never going to happen, is it?

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