Reply To A Comment on ‘Fundamental Rights in the Age of Covid 19’.

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Comment on “Fundamental Rights in the Age of Covid-19”

It sounds like a welcome publication but my rapid reading through the article about it in Spectator seemed to indicate that nowhere in it does it address the question of exactly how dangerous is the virus? Perhaps they didn’t see that as within their remit and/or perhaps it is mentioned.

I see it as the missing ‘elephant in the room’. The government has everyone running away from what’s essentially a phantom.
‘essentially’. Not ‘exactly’. Of course it is an illness and it can kill if you’re weak enough for one reason or another.

But we have illnesses like that with us all the time and in varying degrees that vary according to season and year constantly.
And we, naturally, don’t feel obliged to act in this way. Thank god. We couldn’t.

The ‘phantom’ is that it is held to be such a dramatic evil that unprecedented measures must be taken that stamp all over all democratic rights and subject people to distinct harms and even which manifest as totally irrational absurdities.

Surely such a response would need to be justified by careful identification and categorisation of the menace? But no. There’s never a solid true statistic.

Commonly we’re presented with alarmist talk of ‘cases’ without what exactly a ‘case’ is ever being identified.

We’re presented with alarmist talk of ‘deaths’ without true cause of death ever being identified.

We’re presented with ‘IFR’ – Infection Fatality Rates’ – without either the definition of ‘infection’ or the definition of ‘fatality according to that infection’ ever clarified.

The same with ‘CFR’ – ‘case’ ‘fatality’ rates. And so on. The most obscure and loose and unscientific and irresponsible reporting one can imagine: and it comes as often as not from govt. sponsored channels!

Well there’s a word for that: propaganda indoctrination: brainwashing.

We’re presented with alarmist talk of all kinds all of which is met by sober scientists with facts and figures putting things back in their correct proportion – as, for instance, Dr John Ioannidis has been attempting to do from the earliest days of this thing – and those facts and figures are suppressed and ignored.

Alarmist ‘facts’ such as: ICU units at 90% capacity! When ICU units are often commonly at close to capacity, as are hospitals in days of dollars are king and ‘economic rationalism’ no administrator carries excess capacity.

But the politicians who instituted ‘reforms’ that forced hospitals and the system generally to slim its margins and reduce excess capacity are never held up as an alarming thing. No. the ‘alarm’ is that supposedly the virus has ’caused’ this.

Alarmist figures about American ‘excess deaths’ current right now. When in fact American deaths for 2020 were 1.12% higher than the previous year which is the lowest annual increase in 6 years.

With an actual death rate of 8.88 per 1000 which is a rate under 9.0 per 1000 which is where it has been since 1977.

The actual American yearly death rate has been rising since 2008. From 1977 it dropped below 9.0 and is still there but since 2008 it has been slowly rising with an annual increase of around 1.2 – 1.3. 1.2 being the lowest in 6 years.

Tell me I’m wrong. Look around. Are not the news channels filled to bursting with lurid screaming headlines about the total destruction being wrought on the USA by the virus??

But it is nonsense.

And a void, a dearth, of factual information. And what’s worse: no one apparently looking for it, calling for it, no governments actually searching, finding and using it. The public: dumb. Silent. Docile. Submissive. In home confinement and wearing muzzles when going abroad and constrained not to touch each other when outside. Having to check in at every office and shop. That is: confined, muzzled, tracked 24/7 and soon to be compulsorily injected. Like dogs. Pet dogs.

For what? A phantom. An undescribed, an undefined, an unfindable phantom.

Here’s a dry responsible compilation of studies and assessments on the harm being done: (on collateral damage from lockdowns)

and here’s the declaration thousands of scientists endorsed that condemns what is happening: (The Great Barrington Declaration)

and here’s one of today’s publicly available data sets that sets out the figures I presented above:

and here’s a collection of publicly posted opinions, analyses, figures, fact and so on…

Why I Dislike The Left.

That’s the American Left I’m talking about – plus any ‘left’ in any other country that seeks to follow the american model.

And that ‘american left’ is the Democrats.

It’s because I’ve been reading things like this for the last four years. This latest just another overwhelmingly convincing example:

Crazy America. esp re ‘black/white’

Here’s an article from this week’s Takimag about ‘race relations’ in the USA. It points out how insane they are with examples such as George Floyd being deified from a totally false conception of who he was and what happened to him while statues of Lincoln are torn down to appease.

All about black/white. But in fact it is not about black/white. Is it? There’s thousands and thousands of black skinned people in the USA that this all doesn’t apply to.

It is ‘african americans’ and – maybe – ‘anglo saxon americans’ isn’t it? I’m not sure about the ‘anglo-saxon’ but I rather think so. The ‘afa’s’ are not animose against the latino americans or the native americans , for instance, I think? Or the asian americans . Are they?

No matter. The point is the african americans. they are the problem, the trouble.

It seems. And for the press – the presumably white press – to keep referring to them as ‘blacks’ is to rob other races of their own rights, to submerge them in this disgraceful narrative.

And that seems to me to point to the hidden ‘elephant in the room’ here all the time: it’s all the doing of the whites. Though it’s not so hidden. Various times I’ve read various people point it out. For a long time. Most recently at the time of the Portland riots.

Whites at all levels. Down on the streets there rioting, in the universities corrupting, distorting and crippling education with false biases, in the courts and city councils. Everywhere.

We should be very much more aware of this I think.

Lord Sumption Said It All Back in March.

He summed up the situation way back then and since then no improvement – only worse. I think. Right? Or wrong? You see some improvement? You see some evidence that the threat is, after all, really large enough to warrant the death of a nation ? Let me know.

“I mean the tradition of policing in this country is that policemen are citizens in uniform they are not members of a disciplined hierarchy operating just at the government’s command. “

Exactly. Police are meant to be, in our tradition as I see it, citizens first and foremost. Not ‘arms of an authority that stands over us’. The latter is certainly what they were in the days of the formation of Australia.

But arguably, I suppose, not so in the England they came from. For though it may look like the police were decidedly the oppressors and mere ‘weapons’ of a brutal governing regime in fact the ‘Peelers’ of Robert Peel and early forces were clearly much desired by and much cooperated with by the citizenry because of the increasingly dangerous lawlessness.

This grew into perhaps the kindest era of British history at the end of the second world war when peace descended on the land, largely and the ‘british bobby’ became that placid and helpful reassuring figure strolling his beat with his admonitions ‘ello, ello, what’s going on ‘ere then?’

One has thought that our current police forces grow out of that ethos and in fact their publicity seeks to make that impression while their buildings, their arms, their uniforms and their conduct point in a different direction.

Point towards and American model of gun and brute force loving machismo, swagger, overwhelming force and clear and wide separation between the police and everyone, anyone else being as they’re claimed to be ‘officers of the law’ and serving this inhuman abstraction ‘the law’ which ‘service’ apparently gives them the right to break any and all laws at will.

Yes. So Lord Sumption’s remarks are very fitting. On a daily basis. Should be breakfast reading for many.

This is youtube vid but really there’s only a still photo to look at – the thing is really an audio recording. But it is good.

Any Sensible Truth Anywhere, I Wonder?

This is a good man to follow…. throws up a lot of sensible information. I’ve seen these vaccine data before. Somewhat incredible I thought.

Read somewhere that in fact the incidence of severe illness is so low with covid that it could (considering practicalities of collecting a sample group + a placebo group) be theoretically impossible to test a vaccine for efficacy on severe illness – whatever results you get always inevitably falling within the margin of error.

But on this ‘scientific’ evidence they are going to spend billions in Australia alone (I’m guessing it would get up to billions wouldn’t it? Exorbitant cost you can bet, just for the (incompletely, improperly tested according to tradition) vaccine plus immense cost of incredible refrigeration, plus transport, plus injection plus administration overheads – plus repeat it all in a couple of weeks! That’s not going to be peanuts. On top of the incredible costs already incurred.

But that’s not all. ‘Measures’ must be maintained during this period. They say. So the madness can continue.


USA Deaths Not Above Norm. Masks NO Good.

What more can a person do? Here, this one about Deaths Not Above Norm:

Looks like virtually no one can be bothered to read even information that could save their jobs, their health, their freedom, even their lives – so I’ll put an extract first in the hope of whetting appetite for reading and digesting. This would be of the essence of this report – a very authoritative report using ‘official’ figures:

“These data analyses suggest that in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.”

now read on to see how this possibly be:

And this about Masks, complete with copious references:

I’ll give you the conclusion first, encourage you to get into it:

By making mask-wearing recommendations and policies for the general public, or by expressly condoning the practice, governments have both ignored the scientific evidence and done the opposite of following the precautionary principle.

In an absence of knowledge, governments should not make policies that have a hypothetical potential to cause harm. The government has an onus barrier before it instigates a broad social-engineering intervention, or allows corporations to exploit fear-based sentiments.

Furthermore, individuals should know that there is no known benefit arising from wearing a mask in a viral respiratory illness epidemic, and that scientific studies have shown that any benefit must be residually small, compared to other and determinative factors.,to%20be%20transmitted%20by%20droplets%20and%20aerosol%20particles.

All of the above is totally damning of our govts draconian measures to the extent where they can only be accused of malice. None of the above is difficult for them to find and know.

Large chunks of it are common sense.

But it doesn’t matter a damn if people want to be sheeple. If you want to be locked up like a dog in its kennel and only allowed out with a muzzle and not allowed to play with the other dogs or touch them…..

if that’s what you want… you’ve got it and you’re promised more in the future on precisely the same pretext as this lot..

but if it is not what you want then bug your elected reps – bug anyone’s elected reps… bug all elected reps… and bug any authority figure at all for they have a say… from policemen through council officials to power and water meter inspectors….

tell them all: ‘Stop it.’

We are free.

We will meet the virus in a sensible way, without this crippling insanity.