Ostrich Blindness.

Our world, led by America whom our stooge politicians faithfully follow with total disregard of their own electorates,  remains stubbornly and completely blind to what’s happening in Ukraine.

For 8 years the Ukrainians attacked a portion of their own population.  The ‘breakaway’ Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.  Populations that found living with the rest of Ukraine too uncomfortable.

Populations the ‘breakaway’ of which was recognised in the Minsk accords.

Populations the majority of Ukraine didn’t at all mind having ‘broke away’ and gone their own way: the majority of Ukrainians simply seeking a quiet life, as we all do.

But  Nazi extremists and violent radicals prompted by the CIA of the USA engineered a ‘coup’ that ousted the President of that time simply because he was talking peace and had agreed the Minsk accords; they threatened his life and he literally fled the country.

And then they settled in to shelling the Republics for 8 years non stop..

And were on the verge of a massive invasion when Putin and Russia came to their aid.

It has always been about aiding those Republics.  But our narrative virtually never ever gives them a mention.

Bitter Ukrainians screaming hate at the Russians have screamed to me that ‘Ukraine has a right to exist’.   As though someone were threatening the very existence of Ukraine.  Which no one is.  Or was.

They have a very wrong idea of what’s going on.  Probably watched too much Western propaganda media.

But the point is, you’d note of course,  that if ‘Ukraine has a right to exist’,  then by the same token so also do The Donetsk People’s Republic’ and ‘The Luhansk People’s Republic’.

But the vociferous, bitter, angry and murderous complainer doesn’t make that connection at all.  And doubtless he’d willingly don a uniform and go die at the front,  in order to feed his misapprehension.  That’s nothing short of a tragedy and enormous shame.  But, I think, ubiquitous and all layable at the door of Western Press, politicans and, principally of course: the USA and its propaganda machine.

Even those making Youtube vids and publishing papers talking about the progress of the conflict are in the habit of referring exclusively to ‘Russia’ as achieving this, achieving that, advancing here, retreating there, gaining ground, losing ground.

But it is NOT Russia alone at all.  Nor even Russia’s project in Russia’s interest.  This is costing Russia a very great deal.  A very great deal.  But Russia is acting on principle.  A principle that they take very seriously, obviously. They protect Russian people.

This is a concept our leaders would not understand.  Witness Julian Assange and the abrogation of our rights and freedoms throughout covid.  But it is very important to the Russians, to Slavs everywhere I think maybe.

The radical extremist Ukrainian State didn’t just shell the Republics for 8 years they made war on the whole idea of Russia and the Russian language.  Look it up.  Russia was denigrated in every possible way. Their language banned, their literature,  their history: everything and anything.

So what we see now is an Alliance.  They are Allies:  Russia, the DPR and the LPR.  Allies.  And they fight predominantly to this day on THEIR OWN territory.   The Luhansk People’s Republic has just reclaimed, driven the Nazi Ukrainians out of, it’s own territory: the Oblast as was of Ukraine called ‘Luhansk’.

But the Donetsk People’s Republic remain occupied territory.  It is occupied by hostile forces that have been shelling it for 8 years:  extremist nazi infested Ukraine.

This is how it is.  This is the truth of it.

Of course this truth is denied by the nazified Ukraine and by their masters: the CIA and the USA who try to pretend a peaceful loving harmonious and good Ukraine was suddenly beset by a rabid Russian horde intent upon conquering the whole country.

A completely childishly ridiculous narrative absolutely at odds with any cursory inspection of the facts.  But, of course, there never were any cursory inspections of the facts.

Any more than there were when masks were mandated for covid.

Any more than there were when covid was claimed to be wildly virulent.

Any more than there were when distancing, et al, was claimed to be effective.

Any more than when the vaccines were claimed to be ‘99%’ effective.

Looking at facts is not something our governments or our Press does for us.

Rather they simply echo the USA’s propaganda which – just run your eye over history – NEVER tells the truth.

But here’s the point:  It doesn’t matter one jot whether it is the true narrative or not, does it?  The point is that it is the narrative that prompts Russia’s actions.

You cannot understand Russia, you cannot know what is going on, unless you understand that narrative.  Talking with them, negotiating with them, coming to terms with them, demands knowing that narrative.

Knowing that one and knowing the phony one our propaganda machine gives us.  The job is to match the two and make a join.

Our side is so completely and utterly illogical and unreasonable – to the point of utter insanity – that they deny us any knowledge of that narrative.

They simply do not want us to know ‘both sides of the story’.

They do not want us to know what it ‘is all about’.

This is where we live. Down at the bottom of a great pit of ignorance being crapped on from on high by our so called ‘leaders’ and our Press.

We badly need to wake.  We’re being covered in ordure.  We’ll choke and die of it soon.

Russia itself choked off and silenced, ignored as always by our ‘free press’ and our ‘democratic’ managers is trying its best to get the word out even while battling the whole world on many fronts.

What it has done is put a massive sign up right in front of the American propaganda State, it’s government and thus the whole world.

They have made it clear what it is all about and they’d appreciate, I imagine, some of us helping them with it – but they’ll go alone if they have to.

They have renamed the square within which stands the American Embassy in Moscow:  ‘The Donetsk People’s Republic Square’.

Meaning, of course, that America has to tell the world that the address of their Embassy in Moscow is:

The Embassy of the United States of America,  The Donetsk People’s Republic Square,  Moscow.

How could you make it more obvious?  It would take a deeply amoral and antidemocratic and soulless citizen destroying government and media to ignore that.

So how are we going so far?   Is anyone waking  up?


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