Now I have something to say

Finally found something to say. I’ve been saying things about the Covid madness because you have to, don’t you? Even if no one ever sees it you simply have to go on record with your observations, protestations etc.

So I’ve been doing that on my facebook page and it has severely messed it up. It is supposed to be a page I like – ‘my’ facebook page for me. Put things on it that I like.

And visitors especially friends and family can come and see if they like, somewhat like dropping in at home. To a room I’m happy to put before them.

Something like that anyway.

But now it has mutated into a screaming sort of poster site or something, propaganda outlet, arguing, remonstrating, protesting….

Altogether too noisy and busy for what I want my facebook page to be.

So I’ll move all that stuff over here instead.

Sounds perhaps a bit back to front. This being my page on my domain this is more purely me, mine. If facebook goes down or I get totally sick of it then I’d be back here – this is the fallback place.

This is the more purely ‘me’, more realistically ‘my home’. So perhaps I should keep all that transient current affairs and (it’s even) ‘psychodrama’ out of here, keep it over there in that shambles arena of every man and his dogs opinions and pet loves/hates/obsessions: facebook.

Maybe I should.

But I’ve thought to do this now so I’ll do it. Maybe reverse it later.

Might even go incognito again, ‘pen name’ sort of thing. I always used to do that but one day I thought the seriousness of the situation is such that we all should stand up and be counted. Reveal ourselves.

So I did that. Messed up my facebook page. The thing is when you mess up your facebook page like that you mess up the pages of anyone who gets your posts, don’t you? That’s the biggest problem, I guess.

Doing it this way no one gets things dropped on their desk they didn’t ask far. I mean you ‘ask’ for facebook don’t you, by subscribing to someone, but you can see what I mean, you ‘ask’ for normal pleasant exchanges with your friends.

Not esoteric tirades concerning their obsessions that you may have no concern for.

Well this way it’s perhaps clearer.

I hope.

Nothing to say.

thought I should post something but I’ve nothing to say. this blog goes out under my own name. with public access. i am not a professional writer. not a journalist. nothing of the sort. no message to give. so what to write?

don’t know. what’s the thing even here for? don’t know.

that’s all i’ve got to say right now.