How Wrong I Had It…

I have been loudly screaming for some time about the $1 Trillion debt the govt has rung up to saddle us with.

500 BILLION dollars per year I scream.  Over the last  two years of Covid.

Rubbish.  I had it all wrong.  We already had a large debt before the Covid thing. From somewhere I got the idea we didn’t.  I thought we were at taws. Nonsense.  Nothing like it.

Back in early 2019 we had a debt already of something like 400 Billion dollars.

The government has only more than doubled it.

They didn’t ring up $1,000,000,000,000  in the last two years at all.  I was completely wrong.  Sorry.

They only rang up $500,000,000,000.   HALF a trillion.  My mistake.

They only more than doubled the existing debt which had taken decades to build:  in two short years.  Two short years of producing nothing but constraint, restraint, madness, illogicality, unreason, deprivation, injury, harm, removal of democratic freedoms.

Sorry.  Let’s get the story straight, my mistake – the truth is:

  1. The government only more than doubled the national debt in two years.
  2.  So it now stands at 1 Trillion dollars.  With interest we must pay on it nowhere to go from here except up.
  3. So in two years they rang up 500 BILLION per year on lockyoudown crap.

That’s the truth.  Sorry I got it wrong.

I recommend checking this out to see for yourself:

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