Tell me the USA is not totally and absolutely Insane..


After the last two years there was little doubt.

But here’s the clincher.  Here’s the final proof.  Tucker tells it all.  The insane American ‘leaders’  are saying straight out that they’ve fighting Russia and they’re going to keep doing it until ‘they’ve won’.

Won what?  When? How?  When USA and Russia are both dead?

Long after all in Ukraine are dead.

Not a word in favour of peace.  I said it numerous times in the past and I say it now and it is still true:  No one wants peace.  No one.  Every death and injury in the Ukraine is there because NO ONE wants it to stop.

Hence: get ready,  it is going to happen.  When no one wants to stop it it’ll go until it’s far too late before it does get stopped, if it can be by then.

You’ll hurt.  We’ll all hurt before we get there.

This totally insane criminal tribe that have demonstrated over the last two years their total insanity and lack of concern for rationality and the fate of the people should go, go, go,  out, out out….

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