Only One Thousand Studies? Not Enough To Convince Our Govt, Eh?


We’ve seen the evidence of the total sham the covid ‘pandemic’ was.

We’ve seen the evidence of the ‘case number’  scam.

We’ve seen the evidence of the total ineffectiveness of ALL govt measures.

And now we see the evidence not only ineffectiveness but the actual Lethality of the vaccines.

Considering all that it is a bit of a pity we don’t have a government or any politicians or press or educators or medicos with an interest in truth and the health (physical and economic) of the nation isn’t it?

COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies

p.s.  The election is getting close.  Now listen: they’ve thoroughly enjoyed this last two years and they’ve learned a lot.  They’ve learned how they can lock you up, frighten you to death, close your businesses,  lose  your jobs,  stop the country’s trade,  make you eat poison,  stop schools,  make hospitals dispense dangerous medicines,  ban good medicines, ban doctors practicing medicine according to their training and conscience, make you report your location at all time, make you wear decorative masks AND – spend $600 BILLION dollars in two years.   Something like a BILLION dollars a DAY.

Now they don’t want to mention any of this right now.  That would be somewhat indiscreet, wouldn’t it?  A touch crude perhaps?  Not the ‘done thing’ in polite society.

But they would like you to remember that they have loved every minute of it and would dearly love to continue doing it:  so please vote them back into office.

Don’t forget now, will you?

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