Politicians are NOT stupid.

You know it’s one of the major things politicians have going for them that we generally think of them as stupid. And we write them off. Discount them. Ignore them. Think them not worth thinking about, interacting with.

We vote for them because we have to and as soon as that’s done we forget them as quickly as possible.

And whenever something really troubles us we go to the streets and organise marches etc, protest rallies, demonstrations – get it? anything except go to the pollies and tell them what we want of them.


But they’re not stupid. They are generally far above the common run in at least one kind of intelligence: manipulation, prevarication, opportunism, self interest.

So they’re not doing these criminal covid measures now out of a stupid inability to see the truths being presented all around and daily increasing as the situation goes on.

It’s not that they don’t understand the charts about lockdowns not working about masking not working nor the estimations of terrible damages being done or harms brought to people etc….

They’re not dumb. They’re not stupid.

And that’s why the constant shouting and iteration of the truths has no effect on them at all. Because you’re not telling them anything new. You’re not telling them anything they don’t know.

But they know something you don’t know because they are more intelligent than you in this direction, quicker, more capable.

They know this:

If you invent a phantom to frighten the people and rob them blind and destroy nearly everything how do you avoid being found out?

You need to kill the phantom.

With what? Anything. It’s a phantom. Anything can kill it.

But you need to convince the public that you have a lethal weapon and that your lethal weapon killed the phantom.

And that’s what they’re doing.

Keep the phantom active as long as they possibly can until their ‘weapon’ – a vaccine – is forcibly introduced and then the outcome has to be good.

Has to be. Because it was a phantom. It doesn’t matter if the vaccine works or not. It doesn’t need to work. It’s a phantom.

So when the measures stop and the wind drops and the turmoil ceases and we look around – all will be good.

And the pollies will say ‘see what we did’. And smile.

And big pharma will smile.

And lickspittle journalism will smile.


See? They’re streets ahead of you. They’re involved in the end game already while you’re still ‘protesting’ to each other and doing nothing, not even bugging the pollies, nothing.

So who’s the stupid one?

And so this should get written down in history as the greatest criminal coup of all time, exceeding by orders of magnitude, all things considered, the vast conspiracy of the Inquisition.

I Wonder How Fair Dink?

You can’t help wondering how fair dink the govt’s of Aus. are can you?

Because all the evidence points to, essentially, two things:

. Covid is relatively harmless ( i.e. much the same as other such)

. The lockdown are ineffective and to the contrary are criminally harmful to both the nation and individuals within it.

So why not admit the truth, promulgate the truth, drop the crap, improve things?

Well it’d be – or I mean you’d have to wonder if it wasn’t – because if the thing ran wild the truth would soon be out and they’d be exposed for the lying alarmist misdirecting obscurantists they are.

End of their careers. What a shocking shame. How ever to live it down?

To be exposed thus would be probably the worst thing they could ever imagine. Just the shame. But career ended too. But more: what about court cases for damages? Untold. Unending.

They can’t afford it.

And there’s hundreds of them. And they are all the people at ‘the top’. All of them.

But if they can spend another few million and terrorise and intimidate the nation another few months then they can force everyone to have a vaccination and it doesn’t matter a damn whether that vaccination does any good or not – the truth either way will be revealed that everything’s pretty harmless and handleable….

And they can claim the vaccine did it.

And a terrible fate was averted thanks to their exemplary handling.

Now you can’t help wondering, can you?

For it’s fairly unequivocal.

Either everything has been a colossal fraud of homicidal and criminal extent


they were totally right and covid running wild through your nation would cause untold horrible deaths to virtually everyone it touches.

Both Hollywood type scenarios. Far removed from ordinary experience.

You can’t help wondering, can you, which one it is?

Meanwhile the latest exposure of deliberate govt fraud in the USA:

More Truth… Ioannidis

An excellent youtube thing with Dr Ioannidis. Facts and figures everywhere. Not going to do any good at all with the present govt’s, we know. But by god putting stuff like this up everywhere you can every chance you can will prevent them ever saying ‘they didn’t know’.

John Ioannidis – Dealing with COVID-19: models, evidence, risk and choosing the best interventions

The Scam continues

The vaccines are unproven despite claim. The vaccines are only claimed to ‘reduce symptoms’. But what’s the point of that for an illness largely symptomless anyway? (ie. not an illness really).

In the UK yearly deaths are actually the same as they would have been anyway.

But more people are dying at home than otherwise would have – dying from untreated illnesses.

‘The number of people dying today is the same as it would be any other year’

The Insanity Continues.

got an email from our insane premier.

Dear Andrew,  I know the past few weeks have been challenging for many South Australians. From day one we have been clear that we do not want any restrictions in place for one day longer than they need to be. So I’m pleased to confirm that on Tuesday, December 1, restrictions in South Australia will be easing. These changes will only be in place for 2 weeks as we chart our course towards Christmas. The South Australian border restrictions with Victoria will be lifted completely from Tuesday, 1 December. I know this will be a huge relief to many families, businesses and communities as we head into the holiday season. But I continue to stress this point: we can and we must continue to act on the unequivocal health advice to keep SA safe and strong. We are lifting restrictions gradually and carefully in South Australia to stay ahead of this virus. These changes mean, from December 1, hospitality venues using the SA Government QR Code check-in system can allow: 1 person per 4 sqm indoors with seated consumption, and 1 person per 2 sqm outdoors with stand-up consumption. Working from home where possible remains encouraged during this two week period, as well as wearing masks in public places where it’s difficult to maintain a 1.5 metre distance. Full details about these changes will be available at www.sa.gov.au in the coming days. I am so proud that we have worked together to beat this silent enemy, and to get through this united.

signatures_steven_blue.jpg STEVEN MARSHALL

and it contained this gem:

Not a word about what we’re supposed to be frightened of. Not a word.

What it is, of course is covid – but what frightening bit of it? For 90% of us it is trivial.

For the remainder (which includes me) it can be dangerous unto death just as so many current virus’s – yep, even the common cold – can be.

So what’s so special about this? Not a word.

And not a word of justification for any of those ‘measures’ to justify proportions, sizes, no definition of the metric, nothing. And all clearly ridiculous as you look a them.

It is the work of a child. A primary school child.

Playing with people’s livelihood and in fact with their very lives!

I’ve been directing people all the time to Tony Heller because I’ve seen some very convincing Youtube videos of his.

But now I find if you go googling for ‘Tony Heller’ which I of course don’t usually do because I’m there already – you don’t get the stuff I’m looking at you get rabid hysterical hate filled stuff shrieking at you and claiming he’s a liar and all sorts of things.

So ignore Tony.

I’ll try to organise myself and dig out all the stuff I’ve found in the past on my way here during this charade. Meanwhile I’d say go straight to John Ioannidis.

And go to the WHO video pleading with us – with our governments -not to use lockdowns.

And go to that Great Barrington declaration and read it.

And get authoritative charts and figures and look over them yourself.

I think we should be getting those ‘authoritative charts and figures’ and printing them out and posting them up for everyone to see because the madness is just getting worse. They are institutionalising it now. They are planning that their madness will be with us, their police state control, their manipulation of the truth, their stoking of fears and distress – for years to come!

Meanwhile here’s some conscientious good factual reporting with some graphs and charts that adequately, more than adequately, make the situation clear.

In fact it is so thorough you get dismayed at the thought of wading all through it so I’d say don’t. Jump in and out of it. Get to know it. Over a few days perhaps. There’s a lot of meat in it.

airborne or not? they honest or not?

Where is the Reason? The Sense?

I saw people again today wearing face masks though none are demanded by the law.

And in situations where there’s no chance the mask, even if they were effective, would be doing anything. Saw them yesterday. Driving cars, alone in the car. Saw them again today, walking to the mall, through the mall, away from the mall, dozen yards from the nearest person.

Why? I don’t know. It would be very interesting to find out.

I noticed some had quite fancy embroidered and probably quite expensive masks. Perhaps vanity is part of it?

Anyway there’s coincidentally some facts recently published about the mask farrago to go along with what Tony Heller has been pointing out for months (Tony doesn’t try to baffle or convince with ‘his’ science as a ‘super intelligent know-it-scientist’ as so many of the ‘experts’ do – he just prints graphs and charts the above mentioned had produced and, in the case of masks, shows where they were introduced along the time line and we can for ourselves there was no effect at all… none):

Here’s a Danish recent study. All very technical but here it all is. The results might be best reported by this paragraph extracted from it:

Our results suggest that the recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in mask wearers in a setting where social distancing and other public health measures were in effect, mask recommendations were not among those measures, and community use of masks was uncommon.

which simply means the masks didn’t help.