I Wonder How Fair Dink?

You can’t help wondering how fair dink the govt’s of Aus. are can you?

Because all the evidence points to, essentially, two things:

. Covid is relatively harmless ( i.e. much the same as other such)

. The lockdown are ineffective and to the contrary are criminally harmful to both the nation and individuals within it.

So why not admit the truth, promulgate the truth, drop the crap, improve things?

Well it’d be – or I mean you’d have to wonder if it wasn’t – because if the thing ran wild the truth would soon be out and they’d be exposed for the lying alarmist misdirecting obscurantists they are.

End of their careers. What a shocking shame. How ever to live it down?

To be exposed thus would be probably the worst thing they could ever imagine. Just the shame. But career ended too. But more: what about court cases for damages? Untold. Unending.

They can’t afford it.

And there’s hundreds of them. And they are all the people at ‘the top’. All of them.

But if they can spend another few million and terrorise and intimidate the nation another few months then they can force everyone to have a vaccination and it doesn’t matter a damn whether that vaccination does any good or not – the truth either way will be revealed that everything’s pretty harmless and handleable….

And they can claim the vaccine did it.

And a terrible fate was averted thanks to their exemplary handling.

Now you can’t help wondering, can you?

For it’s fairly unequivocal.

Either everything has been a colossal fraud of homicidal and criminal extent


they were totally right and covid running wild through your nation would cause untold horrible deaths to virtually everyone it touches.

Both Hollywood type scenarios. Far removed from ordinary experience.

You can’t help wondering, can you, which one it is?

Meanwhile the latest exposure of deliberate govt fraud in the USA:

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