Message To our ‘Premier’ (need a new name there)


Got the same email everyone got.  It is below this, my  yahoo mail ‘reply’ response.   I’d like to state clearly how I see it all.  And this just about does that.


Re: BREAKING: Stay at home order from 6pm tonight
From: dhawcroft (
Date: Tuesday, 20 July 2021, 2:50 pm ACST

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Dear elected representative of the people sworn to act in the best interests of the people….
Just like to get an exact measure on this madness.
So: if I drive out of my house and go stand on a hilltop, by my car, by the side of the road
and view this once beautiful country, Australia, without a mask on I can be:
. Arrested and fined for leaving my home outside of ‘permitted reasons’.
. Arrested and fined for not wearing a mask ‘in a public place’, i.e. the public highway.
Just want to get it straight. Once and for all.
This is precisely the insanity you’ve imposed?
i.e. we can no longer ‘go bush’ ?
We can no longer take a walk?
We cannot even stand outside our houses and breath the air?
i.e. we are imprisoned without charge, trial or conviction ?
We are no longer Australians in Australia. We are wee timorous beasties cowering in the
dark for fear of a wisp, a will-o-wisp, a rumour, a phantom that can’t stand the light of
scrutiny ? That’s how you want us to be?
If so I will remember. For sure. I will remember you. You’ll have made your mark.
So tell me, what is the answer – are these things right?

On Tuesday, 20 July 2021, 12:47:52 pm ACST, Steven Marshall <> wrote:

Yahoo Mail – Re: BREAKING: Stay at home order from 6pm tonight…

1 of 3 20/07/2021, 2:50 pm

Dear David

From 6pm tonight, a seven day stay at home order will be in place for
South Australia.
This swift and decisive action is based on expert health advice following the
detection of the highly infectious Delta strain in our community.
The next week will be difficult for many South Australians, but we must go hard
and we must go early to get ahead of this virus.
For the next seven days, we must at stay home. We can only leave home
for five reasons:

1. Care and compassionate reasons, such as taking care of a loved one
2. Essential work

Yahoo Mail – Re: BREAKING: Stay at home order from 6pm tonight…

2 of 3 20/07/2021, 2:50 pm

Steven Marshall MP
Premier of South Australia

SA Liberal Party
104 Greenhill Rd
UNLEY, SA 5061

Add us to your address book


Yahoo Mail – Re: BREAKING: Stay at home order from 6pm tonight…

3 of 3 20/07/2021, 2:50 pm

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