Youtube Censorship Again


I posted this link a little while ago.  It points to a long discussion.  So I tried to put a small part of it up on Youtube.  I got censored.  Threatened with being banned.

They are quite shameless, I found.  They tell you straight out that you’re not allowed to say anything at all contrary to the prevailing words and attitudes of the WHO.

That, of course, is virtually the whole basis of our society, our democracy. The right to free speech.  Freedom of opinion. The right to hold whatever opinions you come up with and to be able to express them.

Famous old line, isn’t it – ‘I don’t agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death you’re right to say it.’ ?

Isn’t that right?

Proudest boast of democracy.

Now I find out for myself what many, many have experienced and known full well for quite some time now: that freedom is dead in our society now.


Which is bad enough. What’s worse?

No one seems to care.

Everyone should sit through this, I think:

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