Alarm and Despondency


I think what governments are doing now could have got them imprisoned when I was a child.

During the war it was an offence to spread or cause ‘alarm and despondency’.

And when you think about what our governments have done it is nothing else but that.

They have most certainly done their best to spread alarm and the natural corollary of that, intended or not, is despondency quite often.

When separated from your family and friends in, for instance,  a care home,  it’d take a strong spirit indeed not to get despondent.

There used to be a concept: ‘morale’.  I never hear any mention of it today.  But it used to be on everyone’s lips for all knew it was important at all costs to keep ‘morale up’.   For the sake of all.

There’s no attempt by our governments to keep morale up nor has  there ever been.

And once a war commenced then a large part of the intelligence effort was always the reports from the front line.  For that’s where they discovered what weapons and tactics worked and what didn’t.

In this scenario we have here the front line is completely ignored or even denigrated, even prohibited to be mentioned.  For the front line is exemplified by such ‘heroes’  as Dr Kory and his peers in the Front Line  Covid Critical Care Alliance  (FLCCC Alliance) where they’ve discovered their best weapon is Ivermectin.

Such morale boosting and heartening news is kept – deliberately kept – from the public.

This is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Outrageous lies are told as a matter of course,  the ‘enemy’ is never clearly described as to numbers and potency but it is always represented as being something like the Black Death.

This is not exaggeration. This is quite clearly the case.

Totally useless practices are adopted and even mandated in the name of combating this awful menace which makes it appear to be imminent at all times and all of us powerless entirely to do anything but obey.

This is spreading alarm and despondency in the clearest possible terms.

Out of morbid curiosity I did a little check and what do you know – I discovered that the Defence Force Discipline Act of 1982,  Section 18 provides for a penalty of 2 years imprisonment for spreading reports intended to ‘create despondency or unnecessary alarm’.

Which is quite clearly what the whole nation has been subjected to for the last eighteen months.

The Defence Force Act of course relates to Defence members or Defence civilians.

It would be my contention that when acting ostensibly to direct the defences of a State or Nation against an enemy such persons are de facto and by their profession ‘Defence Members’ and therefore notionally at least subject to the Act.


Of course, in the common view of the ordinary people there’s  no question:  the governments have been ‘defending’ the nation and the governments have spread alarm and despondency,  have ignored the intelligence from the front line and have been instrumental in a catastrophic attack on the nation’s morale.

It seems clear that both from a technical legal point of view and from a commonplace  point of view our government members are guilty of breaching s18 of the Defence Force Discipline Act.



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