America Today. Leading The Way.

This is the way we are all going.  You’d be keen to deny that.  Not here, not here,  you’d cry.  But look how the whole world is docilely accepting all kinds of covid stupidity.

From any corner of the world now you can see news clips regarding anything at all and  find standing around all over the place people with masks on.  In public places.  In the open air.  Far from everyone else.   I’ve even seen them in the jungle.

The world is mad.   As mad as it was in the witch trials.  As mad is the Aztecs were with their temples for sacrifice.  As mad as Mao’s china and Stalin’s Russia.

One lone voice telling it as it is – Ann Coulter

Derek Chauvin, Human Sacrifice

Plea To Politicians about Ivermectin

Made a plea to a couple of politicians today about Ivermectin.

Just for them to read about it and then do something to make it available to us, the people.

For it is a harmless drug used for treatment of parasite infestations and yet sworn by many , many doctors to be efficient in both prophylaxis and treatment of Covid.

But you can’t get it.

Because it is prescription only.

And the doctors I approached had initially never even heard of it.

They googled it.

And then turned away from it.

I gave one links to a bunch of other Doctors  who were publicly pleading for Doctors everywhere and the authorities, the politicians, the opinion makers, the journalists, anyone and everyone to have a look at their data, their studies, their testimony of their own treatments on their own patients and:

He wouldn’t even look.

Now how good is that?

Here’s an elderly population facing what they’re told is a horrible disease that might even kill them and the chance of life saver that at the very worst would at least be a harmless placebo is denied them!

Denied them with a flick of the wrist.

Denied them to save the trouble of a mouse click and a disinterested couple of minutes screen reading.

How good is that?

What’s that like for a commentary of the state of things today.

Remember Barry Jones? ‘Sleepers Awake’?

Yes, well.  Wake up.

Isn’t it time we all woke up?

Need Any More Proof????

Here’s a beaut page with 17 charts showing the ineffectiveness of lockdowns and masks.

Not here to argue the reasons why.  Not here to argue the science, the theories,  this, that or the other:  just look at the practical fact:  they have not worked and they are not working. They Do Not Work!

So people are suffering even unto dying For Nothing!!!


Post-Thanksgiving mask charts: Still no evidence that masks work

Would You Like To Be Patronising?

Then patronise Tiffany Poon. She’ll welcome it. You can be a patron of the arts. You can do more in your little way than all the big mouthing pretentious know it all snob types are doing.

Artists are suffering all over the world because of this Covid madness with concerts etc. cancelled and performance venues closed and performances prohibited or restrictions making them unviable.

Tiffany is no exception.

And Tiffany is no slouch. She’s been playing all her life. And she’s always played well. She was a child prodigy and is an asset to us all. An undervalued, ignored, scorned asset in today’s Pharasaic world.

This is the child at work:

She’s a big girl now and she still does it and does it better. That wonderful left hand is even greater.

And she busts her guts trying to help other musicians, devoting time and energy and giving of her own slender income to help them.

On this Patreon site, where we can ‘patronise’ Tiffany by giving and perhaps ‘pledging’ to future give any paltry amounts we care, Tiffany toils endlessly – truly, fair dink – to give everyone extra value, something ‘extra’ for their money….

As though being a patron of the arts and this artist in particular were not enough.

An on Youtube she pours out a constant stream of what she calls ‘vlogs’ – video blogs – or simply videos which record many things her life. The idea being to give us all a glimpse, an understanding of what life is like for a concert pianist.

She gives that to everyone and isn’t that kind of a wonderful thing? I think so. You see nothing else like it. It’s warm and human and true.

She’s a worker. And a talent. And a human. And a prodigy. And struggling.

You can be patronising. You can throw her a few dollars and skite about how good you are if you like, she won’t mind, she’ll thank you.

On patreon here:

And you want to hear some beautifully interpreted classical piano? I think you can’t go past Tiffany.

Tell everyone. I think it is disgraceful that such assets in our world have to struggle to pay the rent, buy food. I do.

The Disgusting, Disgraceful Dowright Dumb Democrats

A post today by Tom Woods demonstrates beautifully one of the reasons why over the last four years I’ve come to see the American Democrats as being beneath contempt.

They’re such two-faced, barefaced, opportunistic, stupid liars. Amongst other things. And this is a relatively mild but still very telling demonstration of just that. The ‘unmild’ demonstration is, of course, the impeachment of Trump which is not dealt with here but which is of course merely a ‘summit’ outcrop of this underlying ‘standard’ modus operandi.

Here’s the relevant extract from Tom’s post:

You may have read the stories about Andrew Cuomo and the nursing homes — apparently far more people died than the state admitted.

(Chris Cillizza at CNN ran this almost hilariously understated headline: “Andrew Cuomo’s Covid-19 performance may have been less stellar than it seemed.”)

In the wake of that revelation, a troll account on Twitter posted this:

“If you see anybody from the Cuomo Administration in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

If you’re sharp, you’ll remember that these are exactly the same words uttered three years ago by Rep. Maxine Waters, except about Trump rather than Cuomo.

Those words were met with yawns back then.

But when those very words are used to refer to the Cuomo administration, well, that’s just not acceptable!

Carl Heastie, speaker of the New York Assembly, responded: “This is appalling and dangerous. Encouraging violence must never be tolerated. Shame on whoever is behind this kind of garbage.”

Other New York assemblymen got snookered by it as well. Thus Kenny Burgos: “We need to stop this behavior towards elected officials and especially their staff. The seige of the Capitol empowered behavior like this and must be stopped at any moment it creeps its head out in any fashion.”

Same with Ken Zebrowski, who wrote, “This is dangerous, reprehensible and has no place in any public discussion. Oh, and spare me the ‘someone else did it too’ excuse. Someone else saying a variation of this doesn’t change the fact that this is seeking to incite violence against a public official and their staff.”

Then Jeffrey Dinowitz: “What’s wrong with you? Threatening violence against duly elected representatives of the people of New York is fascism. The hatred unleashed by Trump and his gang of thugs continues to reverberate throughout the country. Enough is enough.”

Then Jenifer Rajkumar: “This kind of incitement to violence against government leaders must stop. Especially after the recent seige at the U.S. Capitol, we must condemn these types of threats. They endanger our democracy. This is not who we are and we can do better.”

These Tweets are all still up. These geniuses still don’t realize they’ve been tricked into condemning Maxine Waters.

And here’s the link to Tom’s post:

collateral damage

Sunetra Gupta and co-authors have put up a web site compiling authoritative records of collateral damage known and expected from covid interventions. The forecast damage and very probably the existing damage far outweighs any damage the virus may have wrought.

And that’s talking only sickness and death. We care most about sickness and death and when challenged about our ‘over the top’ approach to ‘protecting ourselves’ we are quick to appreciate we don’t want sickness or death and are blindly willing to overlook almost any cost in order to do it. Money doesn’t matter, we say. We think. We like to think.

And we think the intervention ‘costs’ are ‘mere’ monetary costs – abstract ‘economic’ costs, perhaps a little heartbreak here and there with a failed business. Ah, too bad, we say, but better that than anyone gets sick or dies.

But the fact is the collateral damage measured in sick and dead far exceeds, far exceeds any covid cost. And that’s looking at current much disputed and certainly much exaggerated figures. No matter. No matter how exaggerated the covid figures they still don’t match the figures for collateral damage written up in various places and many compiled on the Sunetra Gupta site:

Not much of a title is it? You’d never think to look there. ‘’. Not a mention of Covid. Or SARS. Or even ‘damage’. Not exactly catchy. Or memorable.

But they are not thrill seeking sensationalists. Lurid journalists; click bait specialists.

They are serious sober scientists careful to print only that which they can believe is true and reliable and with a concern for their own reputations now and into the future.

Unlike bandwagonriders and followers of fashion and bee in the bonnet maniacs they are not printing facts about a situation they want to be true. They are printing facts they find to be regrettably true about the situation. Regrettable, awful, but true. And properly the concern of every person on the planet.

Here are some of the posts, only a small selection and mainly from the ‘health’ section of the site. There’s much more. :

BBC 50,000 extra heart deaths.

NYTimes Spain Undetected Cancer

Belfast Domestic Abuse

NY Times. Teenagers mental health.

BBC Babies Harmed and Killed

NPR Polio Campaign crippled.

Independent. Lost generation.

Unicef: Stillbirths

WSJ Death extend beyond covid victimes.

News MN. Domestic violence

Forbes: Pandemic Anxiety

NY Times. Farmer Suicides.

10,000 child deaths per month.

Economist. Long term effects on children

Belfast Live. Domestic violence tip of iceberg.

Oxfam 122 million brink of starvation

Oxfam 12,000 per day could die from hunger.

The Conversation South Africa mass hunger.

Guardian. Cancer patients miss out

UNAIDS Hundreds of thousands extra HIV deaths.

telegraph. Unicef warns 1.2million child deaths.

Irish Times. Rape and Child Abuse

Dr Sam Bailey On Authenticity of ‘Excess Deaths’ Due Covid Claim.

It is debatable whether there are any excess deaths at all. But Dr Sam Bailey of NZ posts a video on Youtube where she details the faults and shortcomings of trying to ascribe all ‘excess deaths’ to covid, even if there are any.

If there are none, as was suggested before, then Dr Sam’s remarks still remain pertinent of course for they pertain to the claimed death numbers for Covid in fact, whether part of an excess or not.

Dr Sam brings out these points that need to be considered and which mitigate against arbitrarily (which, of course, is the practice) ascribing supposed ‘excess’ deaths to Covid:

. Excess death can be, could have been, caused by massive medical malpractice in the early months of the infection. For back in those days phenomenal doses of Hydroxychloroquine were give in some jurisdictions to the most frail and elderly presumably in hopes of some miracle cure. But doses such that normal practice would call for emergency procedures to be immediately instituted if it were known a patient had received such a does.

There were, of course, many deaths. Drastic effect on the death rate.

. Patient care mismanagement and deaths due to lockdowns themselves. There’s no sensible dispute about this. Especially in the early days respirators were killing patients for instance. And no patients (perhaps to this day) were getting any basic immune system enhancements like Vit D. And it grows more and more into common awareness that locking down many people is prejudicial to their health even unto death. There’s direct death from things like suicide of the psychologically unbalanced and indirect death from failure to get diagnoses and treatments. It has even been observed that patients on regular life support treatments have failed to get that regular treatment: like kidney dialysis for instance. Incredible reports. Unfortunately it seems we must credit them.

. The ‘harvesting’ effect. A natural and recurring phenomenon wherein a succession of years of mild winter season with only mild flu attacks and such (bronchitis, general URT illnesses and such) eventually has the run ‘broken’ by a quite harsh season which ‘harvests’ all the prone from the earlier years.

. The famous ‘case’ problem. Never clearly defined in common alarmist use Dr Sam points out that the accepted WHO (I think it was) definition boils down to simple a PCR positive result. Well PCR positive means that particles of an RNA string to be found in the virus have been found. No more. No less. Well – a little bit ‘more’ – we can gauge from the number of cycles required to reach a perceptual threshold just how many of these particles were found. It’s generally accepted that if it takes more than about 24 (I think it is) cycles to perceive any particles then they exist in too small a quantity to be able to reasonably infer that they indicate any sort of infection. It is common in the USA to use as many as 42 cycles. No more need be said. Such ‘cases’ are suspect to the greatest degree.

. Reclassification from other causes. It is documented and Dr Sam provides references that many jurisdiction have cases redefined as Covid cases when under normal circumstances medical staff would have put the cause of death down as something else. It is widely known today think. People are written down as dying ‘of’ covid when they died merely ‘with’ detected covid. And when that detection was PCR 40 cycle detection we can see how we should view such statistics.

. incentive. Dr Sam records how in some US hospitals they were paid by govt. a $13,000 grant for a Covid admission. It that admission then proceeded to ventilator treatment the grant went up to $39,000. Senator Dr Scott Jensen in the USA brought all this to light. Dr Sam provides references.

All this is very, very pertinent to understanding what is happening with Covid.

The interventions are very, very expensive in every possible way and they are predicated on a supposed understanding of Covid. That supposed understanding would need to be enhanced and updated as frequently and as exhaustively as possible.

And the results widely disseminated amongst the public as both a right of theirs to know and an obligation on governors to act in the interests of the governed.

I think none of it is being done. I call that in this case far worse than dereliction of duty, far worse. It is conscious and deliberate in many instances, I’m sure.

Here is the video:

Dr Sam On Excess Deaths and What We Are Not Being Told

And she provides a good list of references. For convenience I reproduce them here:

This all basically means one main thing:

Covid is being reported as a monster that it is not.

and the corollary: the interventions are not being reported as the monster they are.

and the message from that: you’re/we’re being deliberately hurt by our own government.


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