Jeremy and Vaccines and Stuff

You know, amazing though it sounds, the more you look into this vaccine thing the  more startlingly like a major misinformation, disinformation and outright scam it looks.

You wouldn’t believe that, would you?

Well start here:  all the diseases supposedly  eradicated by the ‘miracle’ of vaccines were nearly gone already simply because of the belated rise of hygiene and clean water availability.

Them Victorians was pretty dirty. Took a while to get over it. Massive influx of peasant peoples into the cities that didn’t have room for them.

There’s undisputed graphs showing that.  There is.  True.

So here’s  Jeremy Hammond.  Banging his drum about it for quite some time now. Like a lonely little drummer.  An ‘anti-vaxxer’ you think and turn away from him without a glance.

Nope.  Well worth a glance and a bit more.  Well worth it.

Especially right now.

Could start here:

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