Pauline Hanson and ‘No pandemic’


There’s a Youtube vid showing Pauline Hanson having got angry about the wicked stupidity of what they’re doing in Queensland,  and claiming, I think, that ‘there’s no pandemic’.

And this comment got posted there and i think it is correct:


no pandemic? that’s an understatement. there’s none of this is for real. It is all bull. Covid is not an extraordinary menace. It ranks with flu, in that area. Such as it has happened before many times (without stopping the world to deal with it) and it will happen again many times. It is a bullshit charade. There’s no menace beyond the ordinary. Just say: no menace. So there could be no emergency. There was no emergency out there in the world. Look past all the figures they’re scaring you with and check excess mortality, fudged figures, etc. etc.. And offset against that the proven clear to see well documented absolutely dead certain harm caused by the interventions. So we’ve got a vast illegality. For we’ve got govt ‘mandates’ predicated on a legislature declaring a state of emergency. Well the legislature has no right whatever to declare states of emergency when there in not one. For the legislatures prime responsibility is to preserve the wellbeing of the citizens and when your ‘state of emergency’ automatically brings harm, suffering, economic damage and even death to your citizens then you’re failing in your task and overstepping your authority. But the ultimate villain is us: the people. We shouldn’t be crazy enough to do these insane things no matter who tells you to do them. I couldn’t understand the ostensible idiocy of the population this last year. But I finally got it spelled out for me. A woman said: ‘better safe than sorry’. And suddenly I understood. And it made sense. It’s not that the people are stupid, en masse. I knew they couldn’t be, not that stupid for god’s sake. No. It’s that they don’t know what the truth is. They don’t know what works and what doesn’t. They don’t know who to believe. They simply don’t know. So they figure ‘better safe than sorry’ and do what the govt ‘mandates’ they should do. While we go barmy tearing our hair out at the sheer illogic, unreason, madness of it all. I think that’s about the guts of the matter. The liars have got the people so bamboozled they don’t know what to believe. So they say ‘better safe than sorry’. Which is leading us all into doom. Literally. All our treasured democratic rights and freedoms gone. Including the right to speak, including the right to mention things, even, and including the right to have a government that tells the truth and cares for you. So I think the thing to do now is stop trying to find more proof of how useless and unnecessary all these interventions are and how duplicitous all the government propaganda is. Stop It. It didn’t work. It hasn’t been working. It won’t work. Instead switch to the guts of the matter: ‘better be safe than sorry’ Which means: show them that they’re not safe show them this road is leading them into greater and greater peril. Show them the damage already done. Publicise everywhere and everyway every example we can find of damage being done and about to be done. Dramatically. Graphically. Sunetra Gupta’s site: collateral global does an excellent job of compiling dry statistics and it could be a source of stuff to be presented to people far more dramatically. Her site is dry, factual, serious, scholarly and without punch. We need to punch. Show them the dangers. And then say to them ‘better safe than sorry’ when they can see that ‘safe’ means stop this hysteria and blind obedience to madness.

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