The Cost Benefit Analysis Referred to In the Spectator Article.


For those who like to investigate a little more thoroughly here’s the serious work.

This document should be printed out and pasted on every MP’s office door,  sent to every one of their emails, posted on their facebook pages,  added to their tweets, shoved down their throats at every opportunity.

Are you getting what I’m getting?  Begging emails asking ME to finance their campaign for re-election?  When after I asked them for Ivermectin because it might save my life they said, by inference ‘Die you bastard’ ?

THEY want me to finance THEM?

$600 BILLION down the tubes in TWO years.  ONE BILLION per day !  To spread lies and disinformation, suppress doctors and medicine, break businesses and trade – even reach out as far as way overseas and prevent Australian’s return home from holidays etc..   Cost them thousands and thousands in money alone.

THEY want MY help?   Die you bastard.

Shove THIS down their throats:

The Spectator Stands Up


Here’s a good one by the Australia Spectator.  I actually know of no other publication in Australia game enough to tell the truth.   This is a good one.  Headed by the definitive picture of Aus. as it really is:  a gang of blackshirts in operation.

This is well worth the read.  Well worth.  And the Spectator on the strength of this alone is well worth subscribing to.

A Man Ahead of His Time.


Or a man for all times.
Excellent post by Robert Malone all about Thomas Jefferson.   Well worth looking at I think.

I especially like this quote:

“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”
― Thomas Jefferson

Because I think that’s exactly what the last two years taught us.  If we don’t participate by interacting with our reps constantly then the govt simply does whatever it likes.   That, in fact, is why many of them like being there: it’s a  private club safe from interference from outside.

How America Started A War

Supposedly how the USA could have prevented it.  Read it the other way round and it is ‘how they started it’.  They didn’t need to ‘prevent’ the war. They just needed not to start it.

And now they need to stop encouraging it.  Feeding it.

They are monsters.  Monstrous.

The US Could’ve Prevented This War Just By Protecting Kyiv From Nazis Caitlin Johnstone

Tell me the USA is not totally and absolutely Insane..


After the last two years there was little doubt.

But here’s the clincher.  Here’s the final proof.  Tucker tells it all.  The insane American ‘leaders’  are saying straight out that they’ve fighting Russia and they’re going to keep doing it until ‘they’ve won’.

Won what?  When? How?  When USA and Russia are both dead?

Long after all in Ukraine are dead.

Not a word in favour of peace.  I said it numerous times in the past and I say it now and it is still true:  No one wants peace.  No one.  Every death and injury in the Ukraine is there because NO ONE wants it to stop.

Hence: get ready,  it is going to happen.  When no one wants to stop it it’ll go until it’s far too late before it does get stopped, if it can be by then.

You’ll hurt.  We’ll all hurt before we get there.

This totally insane criminal tribe that have demonstrated over the last two years their total insanity and lack of concern for rationality and the fate of the people should go, go, go,  out, out out….

Only One Thousand Studies? Not Enough To Convince Our Govt, Eh?


We’ve seen the evidence of the total sham the covid ‘pandemic’ was.

We’ve seen the evidence of the ‘case number’  scam.

We’ve seen the evidence of the total ineffectiveness of ALL govt measures.

And now we see the evidence not only ineffectiveness but the actual Lethality of the vaccines.

Considering all that it is a bit of a pity we don’t have a government or any politicians or press or educators or medicos with an interest in truth and the health (physical and economic) of the nation isn’t it?

COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies

p.s.  The election is getting close.  Now listen: they’ve thoroughly enjoyed this last two years and they’ve learned a lot.  They’ve learned how they can lock you up, frighten you to death, close your businesses,  lose  your jobs,  stop the country’s trade,  make you eat poison,  stop schools,  make hospitals dispense dangerous medicines,  ban good medicines, ban doctors practicing medicine according to their training and conscience, make you report your location at all time, make you wear decorative masks AND – spend $600 BILLION dollars in two years.   Something like a BILLION dollars a DAY.

Now they don’t want to mention any of this right now.  That would be somewhat indiscreet, wouldn’t it?  A touch crude perhaps?  Not the ‘done thing’ in polite society.

But they would like you to remember that they have loved every minute of it and would dearly love to continue doing it:  so please vote them back into office.

Don’t forget now, will you?


The PCR test used cannot tell the difference between Covid and Flu.  And never could.  And THAT’s why flu ‘disappeared’ in the last two years.

And look:

1.  They either knew that – which makes it criminal to do what they’ve done all over the world and specifically for us right here in Aus  ($600 billion down the tubes in two years)   or:

2.  They didn’t know that – which makes them criminally negligent in the matter of due diligence: malfeasant.

Have it whichever way you like.   But never forget and get every last one of them out forever.

Covid Is the Biggest Lie in The World’s History and Prof Michel Chossudovsky proves it