The Cost Benefit Analysis Referred to In the Spectator Article.


For those who like to investigate a little more thoroughly here’s the serious work.

This document should be printed out and pasted on every MP’s office door,  sent to every one of their emails, posted on their facebook pages,  added to their tweets, shoved down their throats at every opportunity.

Are you getting what I’m getting?  Begging emails asking ME to finance their campaign for re-election?  When after I asked them for Ivermectin because it might save my life they said, by inference ‘Die you bastard’ ?

THEY want me to finance THEM?

$600 BILLION down the tubes in TWO years.  ONE BILLION per day !  To spread lies and disinformation, suppress doctors and medicine, break businesses and trade – even reach out as far as way overseas and prevent Australian’s return home from holidays etc..   Cost them thousands and thousands in money alone.

THEY want MY help?   Die you bastard.

Shove THIS down their throats:

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