Pathology Proof Of Spike Protein in the Brain.

Here’s a totally excellent little video by a pathologist showing his pathology findings.

The spike protein is without any doubt expressed in the brain.

We’ve been assured it does not pass the blood brain barrier and will not be expressed there.  Lie.  Misinformation.  Disinformation. Untruth. By those arbiters of truth.

What does it matter?  You don’t know?

Well the spike protein is seen as bad by the body.  Hostile. An enemy. As Toxic.  And that’s it: the spike protein is toxic to the body.

So the body’s immune system attacks it.  With lymphocytes, white blood cells.  Killer cells. Which is fine. Except such action often leads to inflammation and cell destruction.

You know that: you get an infected scratch and: inflammation.

There’s places in the body where such behaviour is particularly bad: the brain,  the heart, inside blood vessels, for instance.

That’s how I understand it.  Check it out.

So they say again and again and over and over this (untested) vaccine will not behave like that.

Well here it is.  The proof that it does indeed act like that.  With all the deadly effects that follow:

(p.s.  don’t forget to wear your mask to signal unquestioning obedience and don’t forget to vote them back in when they ask)

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