Who’s Reckless Spending?

Today I got an email from Steven Marshall Premier of South Australia asking me to vote to put him back in office for another few years.

He quotes the ‘recovery’ which he says would be in doubt if he’s not returned.  He fails to say recovery from what.

But of course we all know. Recovery from the disaster his govt wrought on South Australia – as virtually all governments did everywhere.

In the name of an ’emergency’ that in fact does not exist, did not exist.

That ’emergency’ status is still in force as I write.  He doesn’t mention that.  He exhibits no shame, no apology, no concern for current inconveniences, restrictions, costs, damages or anything else.

He just say vote me back in otherwise Labor will engage in ‘reckless spending’

On the grounds that otherwise it’d be Labor and their ‘reckless spending’ !

From a member of party that has put the nation One Trillion Dollars in debt in a swift two years on a totally spurious claim of a non existent emergency they made no attempt to deal with in a proper manner!



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