How To Recognise A Villain ?

What does it take to recognise a villain?

A liar?

A threat?

How about when trials reveal 1200 deaths and they persist with rolling out the vax when 25 deaths were enough to cause termination of the swine flu vax?

How about asking for 75 years to release documents in?  Claiming they ‘need’ 75 years to do it?

How about a ‘safety’ trial riddled with improper procedures and fudged figures?

This is no joke, you know. ‘Over it’ as you may be, the whole ‘covid’ thing.   People are still walking around wearing masks and damaging their health with them.  Really hurting children with them.  Twisting children’s psychology and understanding of the world to believe humans are dangerous and look like masked monsters.

Money is still being thrown away at great speed (Aus debt in two years: 1 Trillion dollars ! )

Businesses are still closing.  Trade is still crippled.

AND most important of all I guess: the unreported dangerous actions and effects of the vaccines are still there – in peoples bodies ready to come out and start causing trouble at any time, we just don’t know, because it was never studied.

But, for instance,  accumulated spike protein fragments and such in the ovaries – what future consequence of that?

It is all very serious.  And the villains can only force this insanity on the poor believing and humble and docile population under the guise of an ’emergency’ and with ’emergency’ powers – i.e. the powers of dictatorship.

There is no emergency except that.  It needs to be stopped. Call for truth and honesty and good governance and repeal of all states of emergency and no further declarations without proven good cause and written safeguards.

Lying Villains Unmasked

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