Will They Cure or Kill in Hospital?


We should all be clear on just what treatment we’ll get at our local hospital for Covid.

Shouldn’t we?  But who is?  Who knows?

I asked the Department of Health and they don’t even bother to reply.

What could go wrong?

Well you could be – almost certainly will be in Australia – prohibited use of Ivermectin for instance,  Hydroxychloroquine or in fact ANY proven anti-viral.

You may well – almost certainly –  be prohibited visits and/or contact with friends and family.

You could even be sedated with Midazolam if old, badly stricken, in pain/distress for that’s scandalously been a favoured treatment apparently in the UK where it shuffles those patients quietly off into death.

Historically it seems you could be intubated and damaged from the intubation when a mere postural change would have been enough – this another well known, well documented scandal that gets no mention in these days when  murderous scandals are common.

You think not?  I’m talking sheer bloody nonsense?  Nope.  Just check, in many places, including Australia,  patients  with covid were forced out of hospitals and into care homes where all the frail elderly susceptible were crowded together in conditions of chronical staff shortage even to give normal care – that’s always and everywhere the plea in a care home which constantly has to function somewhere between the unfortunate necessity to be seen to be caring for patients and the driving happy desire for maximum profits.

So many died from this.  Many. We are talking tens of thousands.

You could find yourself disliked and shunned.  Hard enough at any time to get personal attention in a hospital isn’t it?  Imagine if you are vociferous about wanting Ivermectin and Vitamins and sunshine and, for instance, the whole FLCCC protocol or somesuch ?  Can you imagine that?  How popular would you be?

You would think we would have a right to know how they’d propose to treat us.  You would think they would want us to know.

But that’s in a sane society.  Ask and see what you get.



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