Collateral Damage


Perfect example, perhaps, of the damage these measures wreak.  And people still vaguely claim benefit for the vaccines and thereby weakly encourage and legitimise the full extent of the coercions which are destroying everything.

I’d like to see the exact extent of these ‘benefits’ to set against the demonstrated destruction.

And to compare with the figures that demonstrate negative efficacy down the track.

It is often forgotten – always forgotten along with the fact that it is all about the Immune System really, not vaccines at all  – that infection and vaccines are time related.

i.e.  you get a vaccine today that kicks off your immune system.  But now to see the benefit you have to wait until you get the virus.  Else your ‘protection’  (which is simply an immune system on a false alarm) slowly wanes.

To where when people get an infection there’s clearly no benefit ascribable to the vaccination.

This is in a world where expected benefit is of the order of 0.1% in any case. So we’re largely playing with illusions in a world of vague definitions of ‘cases’,  ‘ICU needs’,  ‘infections’, ‘covid deaths’.

But despite the available slack in the figures they find themselves unable to claim any success whatever for the vaccine – and, of course, they would dearly like to and avail themselves of all available slack, headroom.

So they say we need to give a ‘booster’.  Which simple means ‘do it again’,  ‘kick the immune system again’.

To whom  To the people with an infection?  No. It’s useless to them.

To the people without an infection.  The people who are sitting around waiting to be attacked by the virus and then expecting to fight it off spectacularly courtesy of this miracle vaccine (which has merely prodded their immune systems into a premature start).

They want to kick all their Immune Systems again.

Now it is clear that this  kickstarting is not 100% effective.  It fails in some way to mimic the real thing. There is something wrong with it.

And it carries risks because of its nature.

Yet their answer to seeing it fail for him is to do it again to you.

And then again.

And then again.

I think they’re up to their fifth shot in Israel.

And never a mention of the real danger being faced – less than 1%.

Never a mention of the hero in the story: the immune system.

And therefore never a mention of how best we can help that hero: immune system aid and enhancement.

The word has been thrown around a lot. Cheapened by overuse. We see it and ignore it, for it has been used so much.

But what other word can we find?  It is insane.

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