Anyone For Truth?


Not much demand for truth these days is there.  In fact there’s demand it not be told and demand untruth be told.

And that’s fair comment isn’t it?

My truth is that my govt will happily kill me and the proof of that is the gratuitous Ivermectin ban.

My truth is my govt will kill me as quick as look at me.  How’s about them apples?

Here’s the old Tom Woods with some pure honest facts.

And here’s a couple to precede Tom:

. There is no emergency and never was we’ve dealt with worse than this before with committing hari-kari.

.  If there was an emergency this would be no way to deal with it.

.  But there is a disaster and it is wholly constructed by government.

.  Every single govt measure has been prejudicial to our immune systems yet everything depends upon them.

. In normal life everything depends upon them.

. They work constantly interacting with the sea of organisms within which we live – and are mainly comprised of, in fact.

. Yet govt seeks to hide the fact and convince you there’s a massive vicious evil villain – the covid virus – and a caped crusader with a terrible swift sword coming to the rescue and in fact your only rescue, your only hope..

Just how childish are you prepared to be?

Here’s Tom:

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