Masks Actually Hurt You, You Know?

I lost my original authoritative report on this and only today stumbled on another.  Here it is.  On the site.  A very sensible site indeed.

Save you the trouble of going there and reading it all I’ll post the extract for you. But I recommend going to the site.

The message though, is the thing: Stop the Madness: Masks Are Not Only Useless, They’re Harmful!

From this site.  Go to this link to see it.

Here is the text itself

September 21, 2021 at 9:24 am

If the worst thing about masks is that they are useless, I’d be very happy. Here’s some important info on maks.

Sporadic use of a mask, a few minutes here and there, is probably not a problem unless you are using one of those things that has been “treated” with all kinds of poisons, including potent pesticides or Zinc Pyrithione
Zinc Pyrithione
This italian guy received his in the mail from the health authrities in the Piedmont province.

He checked to see what kind of product was that and was duly horrified.

He said, so now I have to buy a second mask to protect me from the mask these assholes sent me.

But really the big problem is prolonged use of masks, (especially if combined with toxic masks as above)

A good place to start might be this site
Especially Part 3 of Volume I (hypoxia, hypercapnia and physiological effects).

The person who created that site, Colleen Huber, used to be on twiter, regularly censored for posting about the dangers of masks, until her account was nuked.

One of the first things that made me realize the sinister nature of this covid operation was that if you googled anything having to do with oxygen intake and masks, or CO2 and masks etc. the first thing you’d see were pages and pages of debunkers and fact checkers and videos of supposed doctors assuring you there was no reduction in oxygen intake, no hypoxia, no dangerous levels of CO2 and so on.

There are many videos measuring those things. Anybody can do it. Within 15 seconds or less of putting on the mask, the oxygen content of the air under it drops from the normal 20.9 % or so, to the 16-17 range. In one test I saw done by a firefighter testing several masks, the drop with the most common mask was from 20.8 to 15.5. I lot of people take this to mean a 5.3 % reduction. But the actual reduction in oxygen intake with every breath is 5.3/20.8 which is more thatn 25% less oxygen.

The deceit in the fact-checkers videos was that attempted to fool the viewers by measuring oxygen saturation in blood, with that gadget on your finger for a few minutes. Of course there is not drop for a good while because your body tries to keep O2 saturation steady by breathing a bit harder, a bit faster, and perhaps increasing heart rat too a little bit. But this cannot be kept indefinitely. Depending on what shape you are in, O2 saturation will begin to get into hypoxic territory within 1-2 hours. And in the meantime your kidneys will be doing also extra work to eliminate the acidity from theCO2 build-up.

Because regarding CO2, the air under the mask goes from the normal (about 400 ppm) to over 10,000 in a matter of seconds.

A funny thing is that OSHA 5,000 ppm the maximum allowed and only for limited periods.

OSHA also considers that any atmosphere below 19.5% Oxygen is considered an “oxygen deficient atmosphere” and special measures and regulations apply.

Basically the mask mandates are ordering millions of people to live and work in what the government’s safety regulators consider illegal conditions.

CO2 under mask

Oxygen under mask (firefighter testing various masks)
Oxygen under mask

Oxygen under mask!/v/markdgold99/QmTMUUEmA7BCKLcvj9Vswp96gL2jAAPYJxLkpETt8Dv3co

OSHA Oxygen standards

OSHA CO2 standards

Brain fog from masks is not a myth.
Look at this lady in a gas station

Two OSHA whistleblowers talk about masks
All things considered masks are silent killers. Hypoxia and hypercapnia, which inevitably occur during prolonged mask use, are conditions under which all kinds of cancers and various serious illnesses feel very cozy and happy to develop.

——  So that’s it.

Then he goes on and makes this claim about the virus. I don’t understand it.  There’s a few make the same or similar claims.  So where do the sicknesses come from then?  I wonder.

Sounds made.  I’ll maybe follow a couple of these links tonight and try to figure out just what they’re trying to say.

But the mask thing: cut and dried, settled an true.

here’s his later ‘weird’ bit:

“By the way, there is no special virus, neither natural nor man-made. The whole thing is fraud. Just like with the swine flu and the various other killer viruses they keep making up.

On this topic Jon Rappoport has many articles.
You can also check the work of Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman.

The virus is a fraud. The operation is quite sinister, though. ”

Hmm.  So there you go.

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