The Madness Has No End

Got this in my inbox today.  A report on a UK ‘report’.

Here’s the link with my comments prefacing it:

english report that criticises UK behaviour on a background of totally endorsing the conventional narrative =
i.e. no mention of real fatality rate, excess deaths, deaths/damage due to interventions, failures of vaccines,
failure of educating about and issuing early treatment home kits etc…
This is sleight of hand. This makes it look like critical appraisal when it is in fact uncritical endorsement.
The serious error throughout the western world has been to treat the thing like the black plague and fail to
protect the susceptible (or anyone else) and let the thing run in order to quickly burn out. Just as Sunetra Gupta
and other serious scientists have been saying for more than a year.
Now we have ADE vaccines and vaccine nurtured virulent strains.
And billions of dollars mis-spent.
And millions harmed in the West.
And democracy destroyed in the West
And the ‘collateral damage’ in the rest of the world is just almost beyond belief.

How many realise what the plan is from here?  It seems virtually no one.  So close to it they can’t see it without squinting hard.

Well it is for everyone in the Western World to be vaccinated numerous times every year for the foreseeable future.  Just like battery hens in a battery chicken farm.

With this vaccinated status enabling the cultivation of ever more virulent strains.

The only people that will survive these strains will be the vaccinated.

Who will survive at the cost of being vaccination dependent for the rest of their lives.

A new kind of human.  An artificial human totally dependent on chemical treatment throughout its life.

We are already fully dependent on electricity, we know.  And now on communications, we know.  And now on computer communication, we know.

And the next step: to be totally dependent on our chemists and vaccinations.

If the strains we cultivate in our Marek’s disease imitation are virulent enough they may even wipe out a significant portion of the rest of the world.

Natural human beings being wiped up by the ‘vaccine clone’.  You could handle that?

I suppose so. Here we are, Kings of the earth, everyone else either wiped out or begging for our vaccines.

I don’t know that’s anyone’s plan.  I don’t know that’s any wicked conspiracy. I just know it is the plan.  Plain to see.  No one is hiding it.

No one is hiding what they intend to do to us – vaccine after leaky vaccine, forever chasing new variants ‘cooked up’ in our vaccinated bodies.

And nor is Marek’s disease unknown.  It is known by everyone from the highest epidemiologists and microbiologists to the lowliest chicken farmer.

But putting the two together seems to be beyond everyone.

But tell me, how else can it play out?  It hasn’t played out any other way for the chooks.

There is a way.  Virus specific medicines.  Like Ivermectin.  Merk has just come up with one.

That might save the whole ballgame and make the above terrible scenario a nonsense.  That’d be good.  That’d be great.

And it would then highlight the total evil of hiding, obscuring and preventing access to Ivermectin, for instance.

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