Why They Want Everyone Vaccinated…


The reason might be that they know the mass vaccinations are conducive to the development of ‘superstrains’ that can only live in vaccinated people.

So virulent that they kill unvaccinated immediately.

Can only live and spread amongst vaccinated people.

Just like Marek’s disease in chickens, you know?

No?  Well there was this chicken virus that they developed a vaccine against and mass vaccinated.

So that didn’t stop the natural development of viruses and a more virulent strain developed.  So virulent it will wipe out one of our mass chicken houses in ten days.

Killing every bird.  Thousands of them.

So now the only possible way to keep their birds alive is the vaccinate each and every one.

A ‘natural’ chicken simply cannot live any more.

We didn’t know it – I didn’t know it – but our chickens are all entirely ‘unnatural’ now, because if not vaccinated the whole of their (short) lives they’ll die to the extra virulent strains that the vaccinations have created.

And it looks like that is what they are trying to do with the human race.    Or if they are not ‘trying’ to do it we can see that nevertheless it is what is happening.

I learned about that here, interesting read:


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